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South Sudan Teacher Training Project

Education is the best way to lift individuals and countries out of poverty. In war-torn South Sudan, jobs for young people build peace, by preventing them from joining rebel militias. Our Big Idea trains young teachers so they have a qualification and a job, and can educate the next generation.

January 2018 - December 2020

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  • Need


    There is a huge lack of trained teachers in Northern Bahr El Ghazal Internal Province in South Sudan. Frequent wars in South Sudan before and after Independence have seriously interrupted the country’s education system. Most young people either joined the rebel movement or went to the North for work. Those who did go to school in the North did so in Arabic. The language of instruction in the independent South Sudan is English, so even those who have had some education cannot teach in schools.


    This project will enable young people who have completed secondary education, or who are in the latter stages of secondary education, to work as teachers while studying for a Diploma in teaching.
    We are working with the St John’s College of Theology and Development in Wau, South Sudan, which launched a three-year Diploma in education in January 2016.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The aim of this project is to train 50 Teachers from the Northern Bahr El Ghazal Internal Province


    » For a three year period, these teachers will teach in schools in the mornings, and study for a Diploma in the afternoons.

    What success will look like

    We will record the number of teachers who complete their first year of training, the number completing the Diploma programme, and the number who enter employment.

    Aim 2

    To contribute to peace building and conflict transformation in South Sudan.


    » By providing job opportunities for these young people, we are preventing them from joining the armed rebellion as a source of livelihood.

    What success will look like

    By recording the above, we will be able to show that these teachers have not joined rebel militias.

  • Impact


    This project will have a long-term impact on the teachers who are recruited, since it will provide them with a qualification and the potential for long-term employment.
    This project will also have a long-term impact on the children in the region, since it will produce qualified teachers who are able to teach children well. This will improve the quality of education in the church and state schools in the region.


    There is a risk that ethnic conflict may erupt. Security is good at the College, but if necessary, the College can be temporarily relocated to a safer location until peace is restored.
    The Dioceses and States may lack the funds to pay for the teachers’ transport, feeding, medical care and pocket money, and the teachers may lack funds themselves. The Diocese of Wau is prioritising employing teachers who are studying at the College so that they can support themselves during their studies.


    One month after the completion of the first year of training (in January 2019), we will provide data on the number of teachers entering and completing the training, and a full report outlining the events of the year.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      £10,000 Cost of first year of training tuition, accommodation for teachers and students, and support for College administration costs
  • Background


    South Sudan has been affected by years of conflict between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in the South and the Northern based Islamic Government. These wars have prevented development in all sectors of society, especially in education.
    The present civil war within South Sudan has reached Northern Bahr El Ghazal province, although Wau, as a district capital, is under the protection of the South Sudanese Army.


    50 people from the five Dioceses in Northern Bahr El Ghazal Internal Province will benefit from being trained as teachers. Ten teachers will be trained from each Diocese, five from Church schools and five from Government/community schools. They would not be able to attend university.
    The children in these provinces will also benefit as there will be more, qualified teachers in their schools.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Global Care has worked for over 30 years with East African partners, in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, delivering education projects to help vulnerable children. We have significant experience in working with grassroots partners via small-scale initiatives.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Right Revd Moses Deng Bol, Archbishop Of Wau.

    He oversees the project. He is a strong advocate for education and has worked to bring community leaders together to build peace.

    Alenya Ceasar

    He is Principal of the St John's College of Theology and Development in Wau, the college which will deliver the teacher training.