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Project information

Continuation Funding

To further support the ongoing conservation work of previous Whitley Award winners. We have a network of over 190 conservation leaders in the world's most remote, under-resourced and biodiversity-rich places on the planet. This programme enables us to continue to support their onward journey.

2-3 years

Charity information: Whitley Fund for Nature

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  • Need


    With each passing year new Whitley Award winners join the network. After winning their initial Award, we stay in touch, competitively repeat funding the most effective via Continuation Funding to support project expansion.

    Demand for grants greatly outstrips resources and what we can give is limited by how much we are able to raise. We want to continue championing winners to help build a strong partnership for conservation.


    We have the set up, capacity and know how to scale up our grant giving capability. Our winners have an entrepreneurial spirit and we have seen many of them go from succeeding at the local and regional level to achieving national and even international impact. The investment boost from future Continuation Funding grants will enable Whitley Awardees to deliver crucial projects to bring about lasting change for threatened wildlife, local communities and the environment they share.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    We wish to grant two fifths of the funds requested by our previous winners seeking support


    » We are looking to friends old and new to join us in new partnerships, investing further funding in the amazing global network we have built together.

    What success will look like

    By measuring the proportion of previous winners who we are able to give funds to.

  • Impact


    The world’s most biodiverse countries are unfortunately some of the poorest and least able to support conservation efforts. Rather than flying in foreign experts, WFN believes that local conservationists are best placed to enact change and have a positive impact on the environment whilst working closely with communities. One way in which we demonstrate this through compiling our winner achievements, which we publish annually.


    By using rigorous methods of application screening involving an expert academic panel and international reference checks, by Interviewing Whitley Award finalists before selecting winners, ensuring we know and trust the individuals to whom we give funds and by maintaining close contact with our international winner network we are able to have confidence in who we are funding, limiting the risks.


    Emails from Continuation Funding winners with updates on the project’s progress.
    Newsletters with the latest from the Whitley Fund for Nature, including this project.
    Invitations to attend inspiring talks by visiting Whitley Award winners.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £70,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £70,000 Continuation Funding Grants WFN enables previous Whitley Award winners to expand their effective conservation work through its C
  • Background


    We attract applications from individuals in remote locations where international funds are hardest to raise, most needed, and have the largest conservation impact. We find and fund effective local conservationists from biodiversity-rich, resource poor countries that are spearheading work to deliver lasting impact on the ground.


    Our support boost the national and international profile of winners to encourage action to address the serious challenges facing biodiversity worldwide.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We now have the set-up, capacity and know-how to scale-up our grant giving, and are limited only by what we can raise. With each passing year,
    new winners join our network. We now have
    190 conservation leaders working in some of the
    world’s most remote, under-resourced and
    biodiversity-rich places on the planet.

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    Alison Rosser

    Alison looks after the grants administration for our Continuation Funding programme and assists with the Whitley Awards application process.