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Rescue an academic by Christmas

Today, we are trying to cope with the consequences of several overlapping crises. Across the globe, but particularly in the Middle East, university staff and students are being attacked and killed.

Help us to free one more academic, and his/her family in time for Christmas

August 2017 - December 2017

Charity information: Council for At-Risk Academics

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  • Need


    Cara was founded in 1933 by many of Britain’s foremost academics, in response to Hitler’s decision to expel many scientists and scholars from German universities. Our early work helped to rescue some of the 20th century’s scientists and thinkers .
    We have helped thousands more in the decades since. In that time, many things have changed; but too many things have not. Persecution and violence are still disfiguring many societies; free speech and free thought are still under threat.


    £25,000 will rescue one, post-doctoral, academic and his/her family from immediate risk and find them a role in a UK university.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Save academics from war and persecution.


    » Identify and qualify the individual, help with visa, travel, accommodation, work in UK university and ongoing care and attention.

    What success will look like

    By rescuing one academic and his/her family, bringing them to the UK, accommodating them and placing him/her in a role in a UK university

  • Impact


    Most of those we help do not see themselves as ‘refugees’. They are committed to return home when circumstances allow, to help rebuild. But in the meantime, our support helps them to recover from their ordeal and to develop the skills and the networks in the wider academic and scientific community that they will need when they go back.

    This project will have a profound impact on the individuals we save but also on the communities they rebuild when the fighting stops.


    What we do is fraught with risk.

    A country could (and does) invalidate passports, bomb a university, sack all academics, conscript an academic into the army by force or kidnap and torture an academic because of his/her ethnicity or beliefs.

    Our team of five Fellowship Officers endeavour to rescue as many academics as possible and prioritise those most at risk.


    Cara has a backlog (a waiting list) of at-risk academics but not the resources to tackle them all.

    If this campaign is successful, Cara will rescue one extra academic (and family) who would otherwise remain in peril.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Visa related fees Tier 5 visa, IHS, Fast track – for a family of 4 for 12 months
      £1,400 Flights Beirut – London Single for family of 4
      £21,100 Living expenses For a family of 4 including rent, 12 months
  • Background


    Cara has a team of five Fellowship Officers who work out of a cheap, open-plan office in Elephant & Castle in London.


    The beneficiary will be an academic who could be anywhere in the world but at risk of persecution, torture, death or incarceration.

    The academic's family will also benefit as they will be brought out of harm's way too.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Cara have been rescuing academics since 1933 so we have the knowledge and the infrastructure.

    There is not another organisation in Europe doing as much as Cara

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Andrew Mahon

    This person will establish the applicant's level of risk, find a university placement, arrange accommodation, help with visas and book flights.