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Y.K.O.P.S. (Youth keeping Older People Safe)

Helping to keep Older People safe!

Y.K.O.P.S. is an intergenerational project that engages young people to help. The project is innovative in its approach and has been piloted in 3 Schools, 2 Junior & 1 High School. In the pilot delivery the Older People's Commissioner said after visiting it

6 months over the darker nights

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  • Need


    The project aims to reduce the number of victims who are targeted by cold callers. The project aims to improve the safety & wellbeing of older & vulnerable people. Helping to prevent them from becoming a victim of doorstep crime or cyber crime.
    Bogus callers come in all shapes & sizes, Men, Women, even Children. They pretend to be officials, charity workers, tradesmen, property repairers & the like. The effects that this can & does have serious consequences.


    In trying to reduce the problem we know that this can be achieved by helping people to understand what they can do ie such as how to deal with cold callers & who to report to.
    The training & resources (ACE Detective resource pack) provided to Young People (YP) gives them the tools & information to be able to help older/vulnerable people, through the information & target hardening items that they are given by the YP to the residents, via workshop delivery to Older People's groups.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To engage young people to raise awareness on the needs of older/vulnerable people to help


    » Present to peer group in community and or school setting
    » implement training and awareness workshops to understand the principles of prevention of crime and how to support older/vulnerable people

    The will be demonstrated through audit, evaluation & feedback forms. Use of media such as pictures/video to capture success of improving safety & wellbeing of people

    Aim 2

    Using our mapping system & partnership relationship identify locations & people of need


    » Present the project delivery to group settings in identified areas of need
    » Workshop deliveries involving young people to carry out survey, present package of resources & arrange referral for home safety check by agency

    OWL Mapping system will identify the areas & locations of the residents to be supported. Creating a report of the outcomes of the projects delivery

    Aim 3

    Delivery of prearranged home safety check, fitting of equipment in the homes of older/vulnerable


    » following workshop delivery & completion of survey check arrange appointments with residents to carry out home safety assessment
    » Deliver the home safety visit checking safety & security of resident & home, fitting equipment, referring for additional services to help if required

    Quantitative & qualitative evaluation and feedback from the delivery will be collected & recorded via audit & end of project report

  • Impact


    Improved safety of older/vulnerable people. Reduction in cold callers and increased health & wellbeing of residents involved so they can continue to live safely at home.
    Increased skills and abilities with young people to help them in their future careers.
    Increased trust and confidence between generations
    Helping all generations to live together, respecting each other and building on our ethos of good neighbouring.


    Risk would be lack of funding to provide the management delivery & coordination of the project from beginning to end & the funding for the tools for the young people including their crime prevention training packs and the equipment and safety packs for the older/vulnerable people


    We will report via a number of methods using social media, involving press to increase publicity of the project's delivery. Involvement of key people to highlight the projects delivery. provision of an end of project evaluation report & presentation if required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,875

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Older People's resource packs Provision of crime prevention information & equipment packs per household
      £1,300 External signage street signage to include planning application, provision & fitting
      £1,500 ACE Detective packs provision of training packs, Ace Detective equipment to include, Ultimate marking kits, demo packs
      £875 Training Workshops 6 workshops for young people
      £1,850 Safety events 6 safety & security events
      £850 Safety kit bags 2 types of kit bags branded for both age groups

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    OWL Watch £2,500 Conditional
  • Background


    North East Wales (two District Council authorities Flintshire County Council & Wrexham County Borough Council - rural and urban areas


    Older & Vulnerable people
    Young People
    Community centres
    Flintshire & Wrexham County

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The charity has a credible award winning history of engaging young people in crime prevention interventions. The charity has a strong history and values of supporting the safety & wellbeing of older & vulnerable people.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Denise Edwards Staff

    Chief Officer /Management and overseeing of project from implementation to end including training/engagement of all ages & reports

    Jackie Lee Staff

    Administration of the project, including audits & participation in the delivery of the home safety checks

    Flintshire County Council Wardens

    Support of team to assist in the delivery of the home safety checks

    Susan Griffiths - Volunteer

    Susan will assist in the delivery of the home safety checks and supporting the young people in the delivery


will provide a Young Persons ACE Detective training pack

“An amazing project - I have no doubt that as a result of the young people's work with older generations there are people who have not been robbed or even worse, attacked . A model that could and should be rolled out. Amazing young people, who were so mature and wise. Getting it right in everyway.”

Sarah Rochira - Older peoples Commissioner for Wales