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Older Londoners Enrichment

Enhance general wellbeing of older Londoners, increasing activity, mental stimulation and reduce isolation by offering a vibrant, diverse programme including classes, exhibitions, hobbies, encouraging them to engage with Jewish arts, culture and heritage, healthy eating and fulfilling volunteering.

January 2018 - December 2019

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  • Need


    Older people are at risk of loneliness and isolation, this can lead to a lack of motivation to find opportunities to increase mental and physical activity. It requires effort to seek out new interests, new friends, often financial constraints impact on the ability of older Londoners to pursue hobbies and recreational activities. With increasing age, and vulnerability people find it reassuring being in a culturally specific environment, understanding their values, history and religion.


    By engaging older Londoners of all cultures and beliefs in a wide range of activities, in a safe, secure, supportive environment. Participants engage with arts, culture and heritage, regardless of previous knowledge, take up hobbies, learn new skills, debate, socialise, eat a healthy meal. As one visitor put it

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To increase the activity of older Londoners, by encouraging them to engage with arts and culture.


    » Opportunities to explore and engage with Jewish art and culture regardless of prior knowledge, utilising a variety of mediums and themes.
    » A range of classes promoting engagement in a wide variety of classes to provide mentally stimulating opportunities to learn new skills.
    » Volunteering via a co-ordinated accredited programme, utilising the skills base of volunteers and placing them in appropriate, stimulating roles.

    JW3 will obtain baseline data from visitors, regarding number and range of activities undertaken, and carry out evaluation throughout the project to monitor the success.

    Aim 2

    Promote general wellbeing and health by maximising opportunities to socialise reducing loneliness.


    » Accessing a wide range of classes, courses, activities and exhibitions, culturally sensitive to their background, meeting like-minded people.

    We will compare questionnaires at the commencement of the project with outcomes achieved during the course of the project. These will be visitor self-assessments of wellbeing.

    Aim 3

    Increasing Motivations to cook and eat healthily, impacted by loss of job/spouse/sense of purpose.


    » Cookery demonstrations providing a range of exciting and healthy cooking styles to promote healthy eating, tapping into cultural interests.
    » Inhouse restaurant and cafe offering a wide range of healthy food in an environment which encourages socialisation and getting together.

    By data collection of numbers attending cookery demonstrations and self-assessment of participants regarding impact of this on their eating habits, both at home and at JW3.

  • Impact


    The project aims to increase and diversify activity by engaging participants in arts and/or cultural activity, promoting engagement in other activities, courses and classes. Data will be collected from entrants to the project at the outset, and, by means of obtaining feedback during the course of the project, focus engagement promotion on the most effective means of achieving take-up. Evaluation at the end of the project will cover long term change, and future commitment to these activities.


    Arts and cultural activities are a subjective area and the specific courses, classes, exhibitions may fail to attract sufficient numbers of participants. To minimise the risk, JW3 will promote the intended activities three months ahead of schedule, to be able to gauge via ticket sales and enquiries the likely take-up. In addition, by playing to the strengths of shared culture, background and religion, there is greater prospect that sufficient numbers will be attracted.


    Uptake, key successes and popularity of events will be uploaded to the JW3 facebook pages and other digital media. These aspects will be noted in internal reports and inform future programme planning. Donors requiring formal reports will also receive these as requested.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £154,457

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      Amount Heading Description
      £36,272 art and culture activities Holding a varied programme of arts and cultural activities, speaker events, live performances, etc
      £8,842 Holocaust surviv Holding a series of specific activities and day trips for Holocaust survivors and refugees
      £10,654 Health and Fitness Weekly activity classes for older visitors
      £5,345 Cookery presentations Healthy food demonstrations/classes
      £8,188 Skills, Pastimes and Hobbies Weekly sessions across the year by term
      £32,448 Language Classes Weekly classes across the year by term
      £17,474 Festival programmes Specific Cross Team events at particular points across the year
      £35,234 adult education weekly classes across the year, by term
  • Background


    The project takes place at JW3's bespoke building at 341-351 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6ET. The building is fully accessible, with disabled parking, available to those who book this in advance. It is well served by public transport. It is designed to accomodate a wide range of art and cultural classes, courses, exhibitions, and inhouse acclaimed restaurant and cafe, is warm, welcoming and accessible to all.


    The benefiaries of the project will be older Londoners who come to JW3, or encouraged to come to JW3 to experience the wide range of art and cultural activities available. The number of visitors attending JW3 across all ages and cultures are approximately 4000-5000 people per week, a signficant proportion of whom are older visitors. The aim of the project is to attract more visitors who can benefit from the range of activities available, promoting greater mental and physical activity.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    JW3 has since its opening in October 2013 maintained impressive high quality programming, much of it groundbreaking in its breadth and achievement. It attracts world-class speakers, and taps into the enormously diverse and rich cultural heritage of Jewish history. This shared experience and background promotes engagement. There are a variety of mediums to engage our visitors, regardless of background or previous engagement, attractive to those seeking the popular or esoteric.

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    Raymond Simonson

    Raymond is the CEO of JW3.

    Head Of Programming Appointment To Be Confirmed

    Head of Programming

    Judy Trotter

    Head of Adult Learning

    Mekella Broomberg

    Head of Arts and Culture Programming