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Young Gloucestershire's early-intervention, drop-in service provides information, advice & support to 16-25 year olds to improve the employ-ability of those who are disadvantaged for a host of reasons. Open since 2012, funding is to end soon; a devastating potential loss to young people in Glos.

April 2018 - March 2019

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  • Need


    Nearly a quarter of all children and young people living in the City of Gloucester are living in poverty. According to the Council’s Indices of Deprivation 2015 report, there are 10 neighbourhoods in Gloucester in the most 10% deprived in England and the associated effect of living in areas of deprivation create additional challenges for the City’s young people. Serious concerns remain over youth and long-term unemployment with 18-24 year olds representing over 25% of those claiming JSA.


    The Link is currently open 30 hours per week. Typical activities include:
    • Information, advice and guidance on issues such as housing/homelessness, relationships, finance etc
    • Access to professional mental-health counselling
    • Training workshops on sexual health, domestic abuse, substance misuse, welfare/benefits
    • Maths & English functional skills, online employ-ability qualifications
    • Mentoring & work-experience
    • Access to other YG programmes including Prince’s Trust Team, NCS & DofE

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Young people will increase employ-ability skills resulting in more young people entering work


    » Youth workers will resolve underlying issues eg homelessness, debt that hamper a young person's ability to job-search

    What success will look like

    Outcomes are measured in a variety of methods including session plans, registers, certificates, session evaluations, observations, needs analysis and a quarterly reporting.

    Aim 2

    Young people to show improved mental health, emotional wellbeing & confidence/self-esteem.


    » We will provide professional 1-2-1 mental-health counselling to those who display self-harm, self-neglect and destructive behaviour patterns.

    What success will look like

    The scheme to be followed will be a developmental model shown to have more long-term beneficial effect i.e. seeking to help young people develop themselves as whole.

    Aim 3

    young people to have better circumstances reducing their involvement in risky/anti-social behaviour


    » YP value the support which keeps them on track in meeting one goal at a time through a clearly established and mutually-agreed pathway.

    What success will look like

    Young people will have increased awareness of where to access information & advice and will improve the content of CV’s enhancing their knowledge and professional conduct.

  • Impact


    Last year 2,684 visits were made by young people, an increase of 26% on the previous year, which has required longer opening hours and improved facilities and services - mentoring & mental-health - which have shown excellent prospects for further development. There is not a similar service elsewhere in Gloucestershire and without a service to support them, young people get bounced around fragmented services and are more likely to disengage further.


    Lack of replacement funding - a planned restructure/re-budget shows there is limited funding in place to allow the service to operate until end of March 2018. We've undertaken a substantive review of the service to identify what have been the most successful outcomes and which outcomes were costly and not proven long-term. We've used this information to re-design the service so that is more cost-effective to run. There were several (Lottery-funded) targets that will not be continued.


    Young Gloucestershire see the Link service as a core piece of delivery for the organisation and funders will receive regular individual reports on the outcomes delivered. The Link's reporting is a significant part of YG's annual review and donors will also receive a copy of this.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £135,814

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      Amount Heading Description
      £102,926 Salaries Youth-workers
      £13,308 Programme costs Equipment, qualifications costs, resources, volunteer expenses
      £19,580 Utilities Rent, rates, water, electricity etc

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Qualifications £15,000 Guaranteed
    Drugs & Alcohol post £27,984 Guaranteed
    Going Extra Mile (hardest to reach) £19,320 Guaranteed
    Mobile Link grants £12,000 Guaranteed
    Mentoring grants £23,328 Guaranteed
    Individual grant £9,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Gloucestershire boasts many “above-average” returns for some young people particularly in relation to educational attainment but for those living on the margins, it can be very tough especially for young people having to face multiple complex challenges which restrict their life opportunities.

    The Link is based in Gloucester which means that it highly visible and attracts many drop-in queries and has facilities for confidential meetings, group activities and free computer/internet access.


    National research shows that young people aged 16-25 and living in poverty are more likely to experience limited opportunities, a poor education, increased health risks and will engage in risky behaviour. Since the Link opened in 2012 we have learnt that barriers to Gloucestershire's young people are far wider than just employment needs. These problems are often only indirectly linked to employ-ability and often more related to their personal, social and mental health.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    YG has always helped young people achieve their potential by providing practical education, training and social development opportunities to help them find the confidence and to develop the skills they need to get on track and into work, education or training.

    YG are the provider in Gloucestershire for Prince's Trust's 12-week 'Team' programme and we work specifically with typically hard-to-engage and disengaged young people who face complex challenges in their lives.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Youth Workers

    YG has a diverse staff team from a range of disciplines - Youth Work, Social Work, Teaching, post-16 education etc.

    Mentoring Volunteers

    Our volunteer mentors, from industry, are matched with young people with a interest in that area of work

    Mental-Health Counsellors

    We work in partnership with another local charity; Infobuzz, who offer therapeutic services for young people