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Project information

Challenger Activity Days and Pilot Programme

Summer Term 2018 Out of Classroom Activity days for up to 3,000 young people, alongside a pilot Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop programme. Working with schools we will deliver a bushcraft, athletics and performing arts day activity & also pilot a workshop in schools around mental health.

April 2018 - July 2018

Charity information: The Challenger Trust

The Challenger Trust logo
  • Need


    To give young people equal access to effective character development programmes, instilling character traits such as as self-confidence, resilience, ambition and determination.

    Athletics, bushcraft and performing arts for 1,000 children at each event - as part of the ongoing measurement of the impact and efficacy of The Challenger programme. A pilot mental health and wellbeing workshop in five schools to involve young people and their teachers in an innovative, interactive session.


    Delivering activity days, piloting a mental health and wellbeing programme and researching the outcomes and impact with a controlled study across the Summer Term, we will be able to demonstrate to future funders the case for support. We have lots of anecdotal research and advocacy from heads, parents and pupils but research that we can repeat with the same group of students will give us a longitudinal study to inform future programmes and funding bids. We have ambitions to extend the programme.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To deliver large scale events for 3,000 pupils and to measure outcome and impact of involvment.


    » Bushcraft activity for 1,000 young people in the summer term. The experience gives children courage, resilience and a totally new environment.
    » Performing Arts experience, theatre trip and workshop for 1,000 young people. The chance to perform and experience live performance is unforgettable.
    » Athletics day at a sports stadium for 1,000 young people. Participation and a spectacle for all involved creates a memorable day changing outlooks.

    What success will look like

    Success will be a large group of students and teachers engaged in activity days along with research into the impact on building 'character' and improving outlook and ambition.

    Aim 2

    Pilot an emotional health and wellbeing workshop with groups of year 10/11 students and teachers.


    » The programme gives the schools the means to build sustainable capacity by providing training and guidance and access to counsellors.

    What success will look like

    We will be able to refine the workshop, enabling schools to repeat the activity and also to learn from the pupils and teachers involved about the format and support needed.

  • Impact


    The overall aim of the charity is to support schools currently underachieving in areas of ‘character education’ to give pupils in these schools equal opportunity. The funded activity and pilot wellbeing programme gives the schools the means to build this sustainable capacity by providing expert training and guidance to allow school staff to deliver their own programmes making the project enduring and transformational. The programme therefore has the capability to create systemic change.


    The risks are transport to the venues, pupils behaviour and attendance, along with weather. We have experience in running the activity days previously and are well versed in the logistics we also find that pupils are engaged and tend to improve their behaviour often becoming great advocates for the programme. Researching the activity, and ensuring we get the right insight and outcomes to shape future programmes, will rely on working closely with the research team.


    We will provide written reports of the activity days with photos and quotes from the young people involved. We will share the research undertaken and also a plan for the pilot mental wellbeing programme going forward, again with quotes and comments from the participants.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £18,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Counselling Workshops Pilot Mental Health and Wellbeing in schools, 150 young people in groups of 10.
      £5,000 Athletics Day A sports day for 1,000 young people to participate and spectate in a stadium environment.
      £5,000 Bushcraft Day A 'Bushcraft' experience for 1,000 young people to experience a new environment.
      £5,000 Performing Arts Day The opportunity for 1,000 children to take part in a workshop, rehearsal and watch a performance
  • Background


    The Challenger Programme runs in schools across the country but we will run the activity days in Nottingham, Bedford and Stoke to reach the young people in these disadvantaged areas. The schools chosen to participate are situated in areas of extreme socio and economic disadvantage, with a significant number of pupils at risk of suffering acute deprivation and poverty. Some of the schools will transport pupils to the events with each area hosting one of the mass participant activity days.


    Young people from primary and secondary schools in the areas we have identified will participate along with their teachers. The activities are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the children and young people that have been identified as struggling socially or emotionally displaying poor behaviour, low self-confidence, being disruptive or withdrawn, but are also accessible to all pupils within the schools selected.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Challenger Trust is a UK registered charity that has been working with some of the most socio- and economically- deprived areas of the UK for nearly 20 years. We help young people to raise their aspirations, develop vital character attributes and learn lifelong skills that will improve their academic achievement and future employment opportunities, whilst meeting Ofsted criteria. We see the development of a mental health and wellbeing pilot in schools as key to supporting pupils in future.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Michelle McDonald

    Operations Director Michelle will oversee delivery of the activity days, co-ordination of schools involvement and engaging professional facilitation.

    Karen Morris

    Head of Fundraising for the charity - Karen will co-ordinate the research and compile the summary for funders and the Trust.

    Charlie Rigby

    Founder of The Challenger Trust; Charlie will guide the activity and pilot health and mental wellbeing programme.

    Tanga Wanda

    Educational Facilitator delivering the programme in schools and communities, Tanga has specialisms in Philosophy, Hip Hop and Japanese Martial Arts.

“I was totally stuck, thinking it was impossible. I screwed up my courage and moved my foot; then the other handholds and footholds opened up in front of me and it wasn’t’ impossible at all. I think life might be like this.”

Josh Previous Bushcraft Participant Aged 14