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Supporting Struggling Families Wakefield

There are currently a greater number of disadvantaged families in the Wakefield area than Homestart is able to support, this project will extend our support to these families by offering them a trained volunteer to visit them at home.

January 2018 - December 2018

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  • Need


    Currently there are a greater number of disadvantaged families in the Wakefield area than Homestart are able to support. The main issues in the area are around Health Deprivation and Mental Health issues where 60% of children and young people are suffering from health deprivation and a greater number of adults than the national average. Around 6000 children and young people are engaged with mental health service at any one time. Many of the families referred to us are facing multiple issues.


    Homestart Wakefield provides trained volunteers to visit families in their homes on a weekly basis. We have a track record of monitoring the progress of the volunteers in supporting these families in gaining independence in accessing the services they need. This additional project will enable us to provide support to 4 of the most marginalised families and get them to a position where they are able to cope and manage the challenges they are facing. We will train 4 additional volunteers.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Families completing the programme will be confident, resilient and able to engage with services


    » Recruit and train 4 additional volunteers through our tried and tested programme
    » Provide support for 4 of the most marginalised families, with supervision/ quality monitoring, to enable them to cope without support in the future

    What success will look like

    Homestart Wakefield has been operating since 1991 and has well embedded systems to track the progress of families and management information in place. Outcomes will be captured.

  • Impact


    The project will support 4 families, approx. 6 adults and 10 children, to cope with the challenges that are facing them. Enabling them to increase their resilience and ability to cope independently with future challenges they may encounter. This project will connect these families to their community and improve the quality of their friendships and relationships, reducing the likelihood of need to access services in the future. We will record and report the outcomes for each family.


    The main risks that the charity is facing relate to continuity of funding streams. Homestart Wakefield is pursuing a Go Digital project to support increased levels of fundraising from donations and income generation which will support the charity with sustainable sources of funding going forward. This year we have significantly improved our forward looking income strategy. To increase our ability to attract volunteers we are increasing our digital presence.


    A full report of the outcomes of this project will be provided. This will include the number of families, adults and children supported, number of volunteers trained, feedback from the families. The Young Lives risk and resilience framework will be used to assess families progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,344 Volunteer Manager costs This resource trains and supervises the volunteers to ensure that families progress well
      £380 Travel costs covers volunteer manager supervising volunteers
      £300 Volunteer training training course costs for volunteers
      £500 Volunteer expenses volunteer travelling costs to the families homes
      £70 Volunteer Accreditation training accreditation costs for volunteers
      £32 DBS checks costs fo DBS checks
      £374 Management costs Increase management costs of extending the service including evaluation and reporting of outcomes
  • Background


    Our charity covers all areas within Wakefield Councils area. This includes Castleford and Pontefract and several rural areas. The Wakefield area has higher levels of health deprivation than average where 41.8% of adults are in the most health deprived 20% versus 19.8% in England on average. 60.9% of children and young people are in the most health deprived 20% compared with 19.9% in England on average. At any time around 6000 children and young people are experiencing mental health issues


    The additional 4 marginalised families will benefit from the project comprising approx. 6 adults and 10 children. Homestart looks at the family as a whole and the challenges they are facing, records their position at referral and records the improvement seen when the family are able to cope independently. The 4 additional volunteers that are trained will also benefit from accredited training. Following volunteering with Homestart many volunteers progress to employment or further education

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Homestart Wakefield has been operating since 1991. We have robust procedures for capturing the effectiveness of our projects and feedback from the families we support and using this to improve our service. We have been selected in the area to provide other specialised projects on post-natal mental health and maximising family income due to our reputation in the area. We have completed a review of the effectiveness of the charity as a whole and are using this insight to continually improve.

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    Hazel Bell

    Manager / Senior Co-ordinator. Hazel is the overall manager of the charity and will be responsible for ensuring that the activity is completed.

    Belinda Colton

    Senior Admin Asst. Belinda organises data collection and reporting for the project.