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Gorgie Workshops Refurbishment

We desperately need to upgrade and improve access to our creative workshops that support over 200 adults with learning disabilities.

A new lift, with accompanying improved access features, will increase the number of people that can use our facilities as well as helping those that already attend.

1 year

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  • Need


    Our Gorgie Workshop is in desperate need for refurbishments that go above and beyond a 'lick of paint'!

    We sadly have to limit the number of people with physical disabilities that can use our building as we don't have effective access or escape routes.

    This failing also limits members and staff that currently attend our workshops and deprives them of their independence as they often need support to move around and go to the toilet etc.


    By installing a lift our building will immediately became much more accessible and open to everyone, regardless of their physical or learning disability.

    Our members will be able to enter and access the building much quicker and easier and they won't require the same level of support which will allow them to regain their freedom and independence.

    It will mean that our current members, and future recruits, will be able to join our bakery, woodwork or tool repair workshops without restriction

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improve Accessibility to our Gorgie Workshops site


    » Build an external lift that enable our members to access the building as well as move around it without support.
    » Build a new disabled access toilet with more space and improved accessibility.

    What success will look like

    Through case studies of current attendees that struggle with movement around the building.

    Figures showing increased usage of the site by people with physical disabilities

    Aim 2

    Create a more welcoming environment for members, visitors and guests whilst also improving security


    » Upgrade the reception area so that everyone is welcomed and monitored on arrival.

    What success will look like

    Recording the thoughts and impressions of visitors.

    Demonstrating the number of people welcomed to the building through the new reception area

    Aim 3

    Enhance the Confectionery Workshop.


    » Moving the confectionery into a larger currently empty space will improve the scope of their activities whilst allowing us to upgrade the equipment.

    What success will look like

    Case studies of people currently using the confectionery and comparisons with experience of new site.

    Figures demonstrating increased productivity.

  • Impact


    Improved access and movement will improve the confidence and happiness of current members. This will be recorded through our regular review system.

    It will increase the number of people that can attend the building and allow us to recruit a larger number of people with severe physical disabilities. That will be shown through our recruitment figures.


    Lack of funding - we have hired a new fundraiser especially to help raise capital campaign funding.

    Lack of preparation - we have a project lead with experience of previous refurbishments and building work. We also have an architect on the board who is assisting with project development.

    Time - we have given ourselves a relatively long period (1 year) to plan and fundraise for the refurbishment though we have plans in place should we be able to start quicker or require longer.


    Through regular email contact and social media.

    By organising a series of open nights welcoming them to see the current site and demonstrating how the improvements will impact on our members.

    Through a final report once the building has been completed and the impact is being felt.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      £5,000 Vital Public Contribution Please make a donation to contribute to the overall cost. Every £1 will bring us one step closer...
  • Background


    We are have sites across Edinburgh but the specific building in need of love is in Gorgie.


    Over 200 people with learning disabilities use our workshops that support them to learn new skills, build confidence and live happier lives.

    We recruit about 20 new members each year and currently we have to restrict some of our services to people with severe physical challenges.

    This refurbishment will improve the lives of people who currently attend as well as those hoping to join us.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Our workshops have supported people with learning disabilities since 1969.

    We have successfully doubled in size in the last 4 years and now support over 200 people with learning disabilities.

    Our staff are all well trained in support whilst also often having degrees or qualifications in a variety of art and creative skills activities.

    We are highly rated by the Care Inspectorate and regularly receive 5* (Out of 6) ratings.

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    Mike Casey


    Neal Mackay

    Business development manager and Project leader

    Darren Pike

    Capital Campaign Fundraiser