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Teachers Convention

A teachers convention and symposium to further develop and expand teachers pedagogical skills. Ensuring their imparting of knowledge to children is of a high standard

To empower teachers with skills to help children from disadvantaged and low socioeconomic backgrounds achieve the maximum.

A weekend retreat. Two months preparation.

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  • Need


    Children should have the best opportunities to make progress when teachers have better understanding and practice, of teaching and pedagogical methods.

    Children should feel confident with their teachers and SLT, that they are being understood and their wishes are taken into account in decision making when pertinent to them.


    Professional and experienced educational advisers and child psychologists of repute, who have a proven track record of leading and transforming educational institutions, will guide teachers on how to best give over knowledge, and ensure they have the best tools for teaching at their disposal.

    Symposiums and group discussions facilitated by professionals ensures teachers have a deeper understanding of how to implement the best practice in education, to ensure the best outcomes for children

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Teachers should have the tools to best explain so that children absorb knowledge easily


    » Lectures by professionals in their respective fields.
    » Group discussions and role play.

    What success will look like

    Teachers will be assessed at at a later date to gauge their competence of acquired skills. Model lessons with role-play, will also be run at the weekend.

    Aim 2

    That teachers know how to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children reach their potential.


    » Symposium
    » Panel of professionals - group activity

    What success will look like

    Professional will attend the teachers respective schools and will engage children both in class settings and in informal discussions both in public & private, and will report back

  • Impact


    Children especially from low socioeconomic backgrounds lead a more fulfilling school life. The teachers rapport with pupils will be greatly enhanced. The schools and the teachers professional conduct and pedagogic skills will enhance the schools reputation -a winning strategy for all.

    this will be gauged via feedback forms and a general survey of teachers, students and school bodies involved in this project. Teachers will receive a general outline of this feedback with any recommendations


    Teachers may not participate fully or may just pay lip-service to the professional guidance.
    We will deal with this risk by encouraging teachers to fully participate and that they will be able to assert their opinions, reservations or disagreements with the leadership team ensuring full participation for the benefit of all. Teachers will be give an email address for any further queries, which in turn will be given over to the professional/s who have run this event.


    We will summarize the key points of the event, as well as provide photographs and video excerpts of the event to email addresses provided. At a later date teachers feedback whether in name or anonymous will be emailed to donors. A full breakdown of costs and expenses will also be sent out .

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,500 Accomodation Residential accommodation
      £3,700 transport coaches and petrol for cars
      £5,800 food food, drinks and all catering
      £5,000 speakers professionals and tickets
      £2,700 audio and reading audio visual and reading material, books
      £1,400 gifts gifts and awards for teachers
      £900 misc. miscellaneous
      £3,000 event organiser professional event organizer and coordinator
  • Background


    In a rural countryside setting, in Great Offley near Hitchin Herdfordshire

    The site has opportunities for secluded outdoor settings


    Teachers will enhance their skills and children's well being and overall feel-good will be greatly enhanced. Parents will benefit too.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As we are a school based charity, we have the knowledge and keen understanding of teachers needs and what will best ensure their continued professional development. We have a proven track record of success in teachers training and child welfare. Our professional connections ensures the right people will be there to run this retreat.

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    Mr Meyer Halpern

    Project Development Manager

    Mr Pesach Taub

    Leader of Teachers Convention