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icare Project

Provision of ICT, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, employability skills for disadvantaged young people in BME communities of Gorton, Manchester UK.

October 2017 - September 2018

Charity information: Vision 2020 Leadership Initiative

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  • Need


    Lack requisite ICT, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, employability skills; low
    levels of literacy, alienated due to age, the length of residence, cultural factors,
    suspicion or reluctance to engage disadvataged young people age 16-18 by businesses and companies.
    We identified the need for the learning activity we want to fund after series of questionnaires administered on selected young people in the community, surveys and outcomes of our pilot project also attested to this.


    icare Project provides ICT, Online Radio skills training, entrepreneurship, social
    enterprise, employability skills training for 30 young people for 2hours every Mondays;
    Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
    Venue: 1 Matthews Lane Leveshulme M12 4QW Manchester
    Date: Monday 2nd October 2017 – Monday 3rd May 2018 (12months)
    Project accreditation: AQA Accreditation up to level 2 is awarded at V2020 Institute of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Studies. AQA Accreditation Centre.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce barriers in creating own businesses and finding jobs due to lack of ICT skills etc.


    » ICT, Online Radio skills training

    What success will look like

    Participant’s self-confidence and esteem is raised through ICT, social enterprise skills training and exposure to online job search

    Aim 2

    Provide entrepreneurial, employability skills and also create volunteering roles for young people


    » Entrepreneurship, social enterprise, employability skills training

    What success will look like

    5 volunteering roles created; volunteers acquire skills training in ICT, entrepreneurship, social enterprise and Health & Safety, First Aids, etc

  • Impact


    30 beneficiaries acquire entrepreneurship, social enterprise skills, knowledge, and competencies to develop, start their own businesses and secure jobs and improve their talents/skills.
    75% gain ICT, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, employability skills, information on business and job opportunities also provided.
    AQA certifications provided as proof in relevant business and job-related skills as proof.


    Inability to access qualified participants within the local area posses challenges to project success.

    Ensuring that participants record 100% attendance also possess challenges to project success.

    To deal with these risks we hold group meetings and seminars to expose the project to concerned group showing opportunities that abound provided they attend the programme, and also refer them to the success stories we have had on previous and similar projects on our social media pages.


    Portfolios (written account/photographs), daily diaries, personal video, and presentations
    illustrating job-related skills, actual learning outcomes, observation and
    questioning model, rated against more detailed statements; scale 1 to 5 in line
    with skills with Evaluation Report sent to donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,600 Project Co-ordination Project management, supervision, evalutaion, scopping, mapping etc @ £800.00 per month * 12months
      £5,200 2 Trainers 2 Trainers @ £25:00per hour * 2 hours * 52weeks
      £3,000 AQA Accreditation 30 AQA Accreditation fee @£100:00 per parx
      £1,000 Advert 2 pop-banners @ £250:00 1,000 flyers @ £500:00
      £3,000 Computers 6 project laptops @£500:00 per unit
      £1,300 Entertainment £25:00 per week * 52weeks
      £1,500 Stationery Handouts, certificates etc
      £400 Photocopier 1 Photocopying Machine
  • Background


    Venue: 1 Matthews Lane Leveshulme M12 4QW Manchester


    icare project is a skills training programme for 30 disadvantaged
    young people age 16 - 18 from BME community of Gorton, Levenshulme and
    Longsight Manchester; to acquire ICT, Online Radio training, entrepreneurship skills,
    apply learning outcomes in securing employability, self-employment, social enterprise,
    create social capital for themselves and their communities, be mentors and coaches to
    others youths in the communities mentioned above.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    V2020, has 6 Trustee members, 3 management team members and 10 volunteers who commit an average of about 22.5 hours of their time weekly.

    The British Council recently conducted an audit of V2020 processes, procedures including financial prudence and was given a pass mark for adopting strict financial and good practice processes. V2020 delivered on agreed project terms of reference on all projects supported at various times by funders.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Ayodeji Olofintila

    Programme Co-ordination, Project Management, Mapping, Scoping, Evaluation, Reflection, Training etc

    Olumide Amosun

    Project ICT Trainer, Web designing etc

    Oladipo Ajaja

    Project Support, logistics, sessional support, project record keeping etc