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Project information

FULL-G Functional Literacy & Livelihoods for Girls

FULL-G builds on community assets to create access to education for disengaged girls in the rural community of Tolon in Northern Ghana. Working with local partners, FULL-G will deliver literacy, vocational, and life skills enabling girls to reintegrate into school or progress into training or work.

April 2018 - March 2019

Charity information: International Service

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  • Need


    In Tolon many girls are out of school (OOS). Northern Ghana is poorer and more rural than the south, risk factors for exclusion – with 37% of the poorest children OOS (UNESCO). Reasons include traditional beliefs, disability and poverty. OOS girls are denied their right to education, and are at risk of child labour, early marriage or pregnancy, and poverty in adulthood. OOS girls face challenges integrating into mainstream education due to lack of confidence and skills like literacy .


    FULL-G will tackle immediate barriers to education by providing literacy classes to OOS girls in a peer group setting, and coaching girls for formal education. Girls education prevents poverty and gender inequality being passed down.

    The project will also contribute to solving the problem in the longer term through vocational and complementary skills training. Educated, economically empowered women’s children are more likely to attend and complete school, preventing recycling of poverty.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support 30 out of school girls to be equipped for formal education


    » Literacy classes with groups of about 15 girls to a class
    » Coaching and mentoring, done in group and individual settings and provided by community members not involved in teaching/training the girls
    » Community sensitisations to build community support for the importance of girls' education

    What success will look like

    We will be successful if 30 girls are still engaged at the end of the project, and of these 40% enter formal education.

    Aim 2

    Train 30 out of school girls in vocational and complementary skills


    » Accessible, skills based training. Market analysis will affect focus, but possibilities include tile laying, catering, sewing and IT administration
    » Skills practice sessions to develop competence and confidence
    » Training in complementary skills such as marketing and business administration

    What success will look like

    Of the 30 girls engaged at the project end, we aim for 80% to complete at least one of their vocational training courses.

    Aim 3

    Equip 30 out of school girls with life skills and knowledge supporting freedom from poverty


    » Life skills development in reproductive health and rights, hygiene, self-confidence, and career planning to support them to access their human rights

    What success will look like

    A short knowledge and behaviour survey at the start and end of the project will establish the change in life skills and personal development, target improvement for 75% of girls.

  • Impact


    We will use a 6 month follow up visit to measure longer term changes including:
    1) Number of girls from the project still in school
    2) Number of girls in work based training
    Other long term changes we hope to see include:
    3) Passing on knowledge & values – girls/young women who were engaged in the project acting as role models and mentors to other girls
    4) Increased enrolment for girls outside of the project due to increased community support for education


    Recruitment challenges for hard to reach girls (e.g. poverty, disability): we will ensure adequate resources are invested to “leave no girl behind”
    Girls leaving the project: we will overrecruit and aim 40 girls at the start to retain 30 girls by the end
    Community opposition over the role of girls: we will involve the community, build support, and raise awareness about girls' education
    Safeguarding risks: we will use our existing comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures


    We will write a quarterly update for our donors, including pledgers, champions and online donors. These will include updates on progress, stories of change, and notification of any minor changes to the project. We will also produce an end of project report and a 6 month follow up report.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £5,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,625 Literacy classes A programme of literacy classes for 2 groups each of around 15 OOS girls
      £1,500 Skills training Training in vocational, complementary and life skills for 30 girls
      £250 Coaching & mentoring Individual and group support for girls
      £500 Community Sensitisations Engagement and awareness events with community members to build support for girls education
      £500 Volunteer expenses Travel and subsistence for volunteers
      £125 Monitoring & Evaluation Quarterly updates, end of year report and 6 month follow up
      £500 Administration Staffing and administration including Big Give fees

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Donation from Enterprise Car Hire £1,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Tolon has one of the lowest literacy rates in the Northern Region, with around 70% of adults unable to read or write. It is a rural district with little access to services.
    In the region, traditional practices and authority figures hold a lot of influence. There is only one rainy season – there are two in the south – reducing agricultural production and extends the lean dry months. The rapid economic growth experienced in the south has largely left the more rural, poorer north untouched.


    OOS girls between 13 and 15 will be main people to benefit, including the most marginalised girls, such as girls with disabilities. The benefits to them will be improved educational outcomes, improved confidence and skills, and an improved economic situation.
    The community more widely will benefit as girls’ education is valued and girls’ school enrolment increases. Future generations will benefit from the girls’ education

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    International Service is an International Development charity with a nearly 65-year history of empowering people to access their human rights. We work with local partners to deliver innovative programmes aimed at the most marginalised people and have strong local partnerships in Tolon. We have a proven track record on women’s economic empowerment, educational inclusion, youth development, non-formal and vocational education.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rene Dah

    Rene is our Country Director for Ghana. With our local partners Rene developed the concept for FULL-G and will oversee in country delivery.

    Kerry Jones Kensah

    Kerry is our Director of International Programmes. She has overall responsibility for the delivery of our programmes around the world.

    Caleb Rowan

    Caleb is our Business Development Manager, supporting programme design, reporting and accountability.