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Promising Starts: Pears Mothers & Babies Centre

Food, a safe home and good health are fundamental to a child's development. However, when a mother dies in childbirth or is a child herself, these 3 fundamentals are often threatened.

Sister Jane has devoted her life to ensuring every child in her local community has the chance of survival.

This is an ongoing project.

Charity information: AfriKids

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  • Need


    Around three quarters of families in Sister Jane's community live in poverty, resulting in complex issues which put babies and young mums in life-threatening positions.

    Limited access to healthcare information and services mean young mothers often suffer fatal complications during childbirth, or lack sufficient knowledge of adequate childcare. Unfortunately, this results in a number of babies suffering from malnutrition and unintentional neglected.


    Sister Jane is a local hero with 30 years’ experience and a true understanding of the issues facing her community. Guided by her knowledge, the Pears Mother & Babies Centre treats both the symptoms and root causes of the complex issues it’s tackling.

    Provides nutrition, shelter and medical care to babies at risk of losing their lives. Mothers/guardians receive training on childcare, including nutrition, hygiene and basic healthcare. Outreach in the community promotes healthcare and education.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide lifesaving support for around 70 babies a year


    » Sister Jane provides a home conducive to the needs of at-risk babies, including a safe space to sleep and play
    » Babies are provided with nutritious meals to help them grow stronger and healthcare support, including access to a clinic or hospital where necessary

    What success will look like

    Success would be fully equipping the Centre to support around 35 babies over a six-month period to ensure they are safe and secure.

    Aim 2

    Prepare mothers and guardians to care for their babies beyond life at the home


    » • Sister Jane provides educational workshops on cooking nutritious meals for children, hygiene and basic healthcare
    » • Volunteers from the Ghana Health Service provide knowledge on children’s health, family planning and where and how to access healthcare

    What success will look like

    Success would be preparing the families of babies so they can sufficiently take care of their children and themselves beyond life at the home.

    Aim 3

    Promote the importance of good health and education in the local community


    » Outreach workshops held in the community improve local knowledge on healthcare and the importance of education as a route out of poverty

    What success will look like

    Reducing the levels of maternal mortality and infant mortality (currently 1 in 16) in this region through outreach work led by Sister Jane.

  • Impact


    This project ensures more children in this remote community have the chance to flourish, whilst supporting families to better care for their children and themselves. The local community benefit from increased school enrolment and a reduction in maternal and infant deaths.

    We will monitor children who leave the Centre to ensure they have a stable home that supports them to be happy and healthy, whilst their rights are upheld and they have access to education and brighter future prospects.


    This is an ongoing project that AfriKids has supported for more than ten years with few major risks that have threatened the running of the project.

    The primary risk we have identified is the food supply for the Centre. A small farm run by Sister Jane is used to grow food for the families supported. Over half the food needed for the project is grown on this farm, which means if there is a bad harvest the running costs for the Centre increase and AfriKids must cover these costs at short notice.


    AfriKids are committed to ensuring every donor knows where their money goes and the impact it has made. Each donor will receive detailed feedback in the months following the appeal, so they can see the difference they are making and can fully understand the power of their philanthropy.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Staffing Includes salaries (6 months) for Sister Jane, caretaker, farm workers, security & community workers
      £1,000 Utilities 6 months of utilities bills for the Centre including electricity
      £1,000 Maintenance 6 months of maintenance costs for the Centre including servicing the generator and water pump
      £5,000 Feeding 6 months of food supplies for the Centre, primarily baby milk as the farm grows much of the food.
      £3,000 Transport Includes fuel, transport and maintenance costs for six months
      £2,000 Outreach Includes Health and Education outreach workshops in rural communities
      £1,000 Daily needs Soap, toothpaste, sandals, extra bedding for the home
      £1,000 Health Registering families on the National Health Insurance Scheme so they can access free healthcare.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Major donors £12,000 Conditional
  • Background


    The Pears Mother & Babies Centre is situated in a remote community in northern Ghana, where 74% of families live in poverty compared to 34% across Ghana.

    Whilst Ghana has shown itself to the international community as a shining light in Africa for its stability and commitment to development, the northern regions significantly lag behind the development of the South. A lack of infrastructure or sufficient education and healthcare systems result in a clear disparity between north & south.


    Babies, who without intervention are likely to be at risk of losing their lives, will benefit from the support of the Centre and Sister Jane’s lifesaving help. The families of these children will also benefit from a better understanding of how to care for them and where to access healthcare services in the future.

    The project plays a vital role in promoting good health and the importance of education, which gives children the opportunity to escape poverty and help transform their communities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    AfriKids have supported children across northern Ghana for over 15 years. Led by a dedicated local team, who truly understand the issues faced by communities, we tackle both the symptoms & root causes.

    Our award-winning work is built on a unique model of listening to what local people tell us they really need and empowering them to make sustainable changes themselves.

    We have success in tackling complex child rights issues where other organisations have struggled to see long-term change.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sister Jane

    Sr. Jane has dedicated her life to protecting babies and children from harm. Her 30 years of knowledge and experience drive the success of the Centre.

    David Pwalua

    David - Director of Programmes - oversees all of AfriKids’ projects. His passion and knowledge ensure the successful delivery of AfriKids’ work.

A message from Sister Jane


with matching = £50! This helps provide the children & mothers with nutritious meals for a week

“Not every child here has the support they need at the start of their life. Without food, a safe home and good health their chances of survival are low.”

Sister Jane, Project Manager