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Light Up A Life

Light Up a Life matches volunteers to charities struggling to find volunteers during the Christmas holidays & also educates volunteers & members of the public to the concepts of gratitude & appreciation, especially to the emergency services for all the good that they do in local communities.

6 months

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  • Need


    During the winter holidays, voluntary & service sectors contend with staff shortages as regular staff are away or with family over this period. That, together with a particular increase in initiatives specifically for the festive period, means that community-facing organisations need more volunteers to support their work at this time. Organisations, ie Shelter & Crisis, go into overdrive during the Christmas period, & have many more teams out on the street, requiring more volunteer support too.


    We will identify and bring on board new charitable organisations with short-term, stop-gap volunteering needs & recruit & match volunteers for seasonal shortfall periods. We will lead on developing a web-based resource to facilitate sign-up of both charitable organisations & volunteers, & act as single point of contact for both organisations & volunteers. We will also build up a bank of 'supporters' in different geographic areas, to be called upon in future emergency/stop-gap situations.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support charity/voluntary organisations/care workers during festive season to carry out their work


    » Recruit 40 voluntary sector orgs, 1,200 volunteers, for 300 activities: cover in hospitals, serving in soup kitchens & delivering food parcels

    What success will look like

    Increased volunteers in charitable organisations, when they need more volunteers to be running activities, providing cover, supporting care workers & bringing seasonal cheer

    Aim 2

    Provide sustained channel for people to 'give' back to their community at this time & times of need


    » Establish a web-based resource for sign-ups of both charities & volunteers to facilitate matches & streamline the whole process

    What success will look like

    Increased numbers of charity partners & volunteers signed up by Christmas 2018 (60 charities & 2,000 volunteers) reaching 8,000 beneficiaries

    Aim 3

    Show gratitude & appreciation for people who 'care' for us throughout the year


    » Educate & promote values of kindness, gratitude & appreciation, & to set real & tangible examples of goodness & giving to others

    What success will look like

    More acts of kindness/expressions of gratitude, captured through case study, feedback & anecdotal stories from volunteers, charity partners & beneficiaries

  • Impact


    After the recent terrorist atrocities in Manchester & London, & also the Grenfell Tower fire, we saw a real outpouring of support, even in Manchester, where we have no real base. Local people wanted to show their support, & even several weeks on, still want to do something more than make a donation. LUAL's experience in London & the South shows that expanding our programme to other areas would be a suitable long-term vehicle to channel that desire to continue to support others.


    Charity partners not signing up – 2016 saw 38 partner organisations with many more requesting support at Christmas time for next year.
    Volunteers not signing up – 2016 saw 1,230 volunteers, including 329 children, giving over 1,500 hours to support the organisations.
    Lack of resources to manage the drive for more partners & more volunteers – the website resource will facilitate the sign-up process for charity partners & volunteers.


    We report annually to donors & include direct feedback, quotes & case studies, showing the impact of our work on the charity & their beneficiaries. “Thank you so much for helping us out with has been great to have extra pairs of hands.” Elena Millis, Handel & Hendrix, London.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £42,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £19,000 Volunteer & Outreach To ensure effective coordination & widespread programme reach
      £9,500 publicity, promotion, printing Marketing materials to recruit partners & volunteers
      £2,000 Volunteer costs Expenses & training
      £7,500 Website Resource Development
      £2,000 Supervision Contribution towards supervision, admin, HR, IT, rent, etc
      £2,000 Project Overheads Contribution towards admin, HR, IT, rent, etc
  • Background


    The project takes place in locations across London & the South – hopefully soon to be extended to Manchester, the North West & other areas across the UK. Our charity partners all work with disadvantaged people; disadvantaged by age, disability, socio-economic situation, circumstance, geography, poor health or mental health. Our volunteers support our charity partners to deliver their programmes at Christmas time in their premises, on the street or wherever their service is needed.


    Our project beneficiaries are:
    -Volunteers (see Ruth below) x 1,200
    -Partner Charities x 40
    -Charity Beneficiaries (through the partner charities work) x 4,000

    'At first, wasn't quite sure why I was there, but then I realised what was needed. I was a patient, considerate carer & I was pleased to have brought a smile to their face & some dignity to their mealtime.' Ruth, LUAL Volunteer.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Many charitable organisations seek volunteers & some even match volunteers to organisations, eg Do It, Volunteer England, vInspired. However, we are the only organisation in the UK working with charitable organisations to uncover short-term volunteering gaps, at times of year when they struggle most to keep programmes going, & which specifically recruits volunteers to fill these gaps. LUAL volunteers spread positive messages, needed now more than ever, & show altruism & goodness in others.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt / Staff

    LUAL founder, experience in informal education, positive mental health & wellbeing, engaged & inspired many thousands of people

    Julian Fraser / Staff

    Projects coordinator, brings experience from business, marketing & logistics, important with increasing volunteers and charity partners

    Elena, Joe, Paul / Partners

    Elena, Joe, Paul & other representatives from the organisations that need the support from our volunteers during the seasonal period

    Ruth, Dan, Belinda, Marilyn / Volunteers

    Ruth, Dan, Belinda, Marilyn & many more volunteers like them who give their time collectively to support 1000s of people during the Christmas period