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Toilet block for 300 children in a Mombasa slum

MSP are building a school for 300 poor children in a Mombasa slum. Our current school (now 250 children) is providing quality education for all with excellent results. We desperately need to complete the toilet block and kitchen which includes separate private toilets for our older girls.

Four weeks

Charity information: Mustard Seed Project (Kenya) (MSP)

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  • Need


    Primary Education for 6 - 14 year olds has been free in Kenya since 2003 but only for those who can afford books, uniform, exams etc. No new money was allocated and children are in classes of 100+. Academic results are very poor with fewer than 50% of ten year olds achieving the grades expected of a seven year old.
    Older girls have an additional problem. Many have no sanitary protection and are forced to stay home during menstruation. They fall behind academically and many leave school.


    MSP's completed school building will accommodate 300 poor children and will be available to the community in the evening. The ground floor is almost complete and next year will house 150 children if the toilet block and kitchen is completed. (the other 125 are in a rented building).
    Next year approximately 45 girls will have reached puberty. With separate private toilets with washing facilities they will be able to keep themselves and their washable sanitary towels clean in a safe environment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To complete a toilet block and kitchen for 300 primary school children in a Mombasa slum


    » Raise the money! The shell is constructed, there is a bore hole, a cess pit and soak-away. The contractor is ready to complete the building.

    What success will look like

    Long term, 300 children will be housed in this building.
    95% of older girls will remain in school throughout the month and will maintain their high grades.

  • Impact


    The school will remain full (maximum of 30 children in a class).
    Academic standards will remain higher than all government primary schools.
    Academic standards will be equal to or higher than neighbouring private schools.
    All but the least able will succeed in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education to enable them to gain a place at secondary school.
    The building will be used for adult education and the community in the evening and during holidays.


    The money may not be raised.
    The contractor may pull out. This is a very slight risk and should this happen we will engage another contractor.


    Donors will receive monthly reports until completion of the project and will thereafter be added to the circulation list to receive regular updates from trustees when in Kenya in February and October.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,100 walls/plaster block walls for cubicles an plastering
      £1,900 Terrazzo flooring Floor
      £2,000 Tiling Toilet walls
      £1,100 Vanity units toilets/washbasins
      £1,200 Piping and taps piping and taps
      £1,200 Joinery hardwood doors to toilets
      £900 Paint Walls and ceilings
      £600 electrics lighting etc
  • Background


    The school is in Mgongeni on the North Coast of Mombasa. Forty years ago this was a leafy suburb but as people flocked to the city for work it became increasingly overcrowded. Whole families now share one room and share a toilet with five other families. The people are very poor and regular employment is unusual. There are many one parent families. With drought and inflation malnutrition is rife. For many children our feeding programme provides their only meals. Our clinic keeps children well.


    The children, families and community served by the school. 1500+ people.
    Poor children living in the vicinity of our school are admitted on a first come basis first served basis. We aim to take 25 children in a class with an absolute upper limit in the older classes of 30. All children must attend regularly or their place will be withdrawn. Almost all families are very committed and involved in the school. Quality education benefits both children and families helping to break the poverty cycle.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The founding trustees, Rita and Geoff have spent 14 months working in this community in the last eight years.
    Geoff is a Civil Engineer with experience in both large and small construction work. He oversees the project when in Kenya. We have regular Skype meetings with the contractors when in the UK.
    Rita is a trained nurse and primary school teacher. She gives in-service training to the teachers and oversees progress and standards in the school. She is in regular contact with Kenyan staff.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Prolity Engineering Ltd (Herman And Peter)

    Contractors building the school. These two men are delivering a high standard of work.

    Irene Changawa

    Headteacher. Irene's enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to learn and take on new ideas has made the school the success that it is.