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Project information


CommuniSkills will equip 120 disadvantaged, disengaged & socially excluded young people with a variety of confidence & job readiness skills such as soft skills, communication, oratory & social/emotional skills; in order to ease their transition to the workforce & provide stability/personal growth.

January 2018 - August 2018

Charity information: Teen Action

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  • Need


    Our YP come from low income, disadvantaged homes & have failed in school academically & socially. This leads to a lack of self-esteem/confidence and emotional problems which prevent them from moving on in life & securing employment.
    Its a vicious cycle, where YP don't achieve, resulting in a lack of confidence in their abilities & then less motivation to try once again.
    Our users are unable to take the skills learnt at Teen Action and secure employment due to this blockage


    CommuniSkills will tackle the underlying reasons behind YP lack of confidence and low motivation as well as weak chances in employment, by challenging barriers to employment. We will empower them with the all important soft skills which are highly valued by employers. We'll also tackle issues such as attitude, communication skills, social/emotional development and team working.
    We will give YP the tools and practice needed to break free & gain employment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Develop and improve employability skills and increase work experience opportunities.


    » 120 Communiskills sessions covering topics such as proper speech and communication, vital soft skills, building confidence, working as a team...
    » A full day TeamProv workshop using games/activities to build focus, trust, proactive listening, teamwork, creative thinking and more.
    » A full day of simulated job interviews with 8 professionals from the field.
    » YP will work towards an AQA Unit Awards Scheme Level 3 - Introduction to communication skills, which is a vital skill for the workforce.

    What success will look like

    YP will be tested on their communication, team building & soft skills through participating in TeamProv & simulated interviews. We'll contact YP later to see how many are employed

    Aim 2

    Enable YP to overcome confidence and self-esteem barriers.


    » 120 Communiskills sessions covering topics such as identifying negative emotions & tackling them positively, building confidence, social norms...
    » YP will increase confidence through work towards and achieving an AQA Unit Awards scheme at Level 3.
    » YP will gain confidence through participating in simulated interviews with professionals and receiving positive feedback.

    What success will look like

    YP will complete surveys at the start & end of the course rating different aspects of their confidence/self-esteem. The tutor will also complete observations of YP at 3 points.

    Aim 3

    Support YP to de-stress and diffuse emotional blockages in an optimal healing environment .


    » 120 Communiskills sessions covering topics such as identifying and fixing negative emotions and positive self talk.

    What success will look like

    YP will complete surveys at the start & end of the course rating different aspects of their emotional health. Tutor will also note this on the observation forms.

    Aim 4

    To give YP on the social fringes a new chance to build healthy and lasting relationships


    » YP will meet new people in an accepting/warm environment & will have chances to build relationships during discussions/group-work throughout sessions
    » TeamProv games day will promote working together and building relationships in an enjoyable manner.

    What success will look like

    We will monitor and record how many YP are able to make new friends as a result of joining the course and ask them about this too.

  • Impact


    Communiskills will give 120 YP the skills needed to increase chances for employment and be excellent assets in their chosen fields, through sessions on soft skills and communication/speaking skills. This will be demonstrated in the in the amount of YP who'll secure employment thereafter.
    It will also improve self-esteem through the sessions and achievements; which will be evident when YP are able to step up to interviews and contribute during TeamProv exercises during the course.


    Lack of interested users. However this is unlikely and easily mitigated as it is our users along with other local YP who requested this project. We have a large network and excellent publicity strategies so that we can target more users.
    Safeguarding. All staff will be DBS checked and trained in safeguarding to ensure the safety of the YP. We will adhere to our Safeguarding policy at all time.
    Health and Safety risk on site- we will do a risk assessment of premises.


    We will send a mid and end of grant report along with pictures, quotes from YP, results of surveys and tutor feedback on the sessions.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £17,920

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      Amount Heading Description
      £9,600 Tutor Fee 120 sessions (30 sessions for 4 groups) @ £40 per hour for 2 hours each.
      £1,800 Refreshments Refreshments for 120 YP at 50p per session for 30 sessions each.
      £960 Simulated interviews 8 professional interviewees @ £120 each for a full day
      £1,000 TeamProv Equipment and activities for TeamProv workshops
      £1,800 Admin Admin fee at £30 p/h for 60 hours
      £984 Advertising & Printing 8 adverts @ £98 each and 1000 flyers @ 20p each
      £1,776 Accreditation AQA accreditation for 120 YP at £14.80 each
  • Background


    Our young people are all from Hackney and Haringey –two of the most deprived boroughs in London (“Over 44 per cent of children in Hackney are living below the poverty line – more than double the national average” -Hackney Post). London Poverty Profile research suggests there are improvements but still 41% in Inner London did not achieve five A*–C GCSEs including English and maths and therefore lack a Level 2 qualification. The area is known for lower than expected levels of achievement.


    120 16-18 year olds who reside primarily in the London boroughs of Hackney and Haringey. The employment rates are low in this area compared to other London boroughs.
    We want to ensure every young person will go on to secure employment.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Teen Action is established already a decade within the local community right at the heart of the problems & is very familiar with the local people and the issues they face. We have excellent networks with local schools and other organisations. We've been awarded a Gold Level London Youth Quality Mark, a quality assurance scheme, a programme accredited by City & Guilds and are working towards gold. We therefore have the experience & expertise necessary in order to run this project successfully.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mrs Esther Hoffman

    Safeguarding Officer and Project manager.

"The hard skills get you the interview, the soft skills get you the job!"