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Project information

Tackling malnutrition sustainably with goat's milk

We believe that providing sustainable help to families in Darfur will transform lives in the long term. Our Kids for Kids Goat Loans give nutrition to children and provides mothers with income to pay for medicines, food, schooling and emergencies: helping people help themselves sustainably.

January 2018 - October 2018

Charity information: Kids for Kids

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  • Need


    Our communities tell us that families simply cannot afford to feed their children. Drought, prolonged conflict and inflation are devastating lives. A recent UN report in May stating that “nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition.” Undernutrition mixed with an illness is a recipe for disaster for little ones, acutely so in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. We see the early signs of malnutrition in the children in Darfur.


    The Kids for Kids solution is simple and effective. We provide a family with a loan of 6 goats. Mothers explained to us how goat’s milk provides virtually their only source of protein, vitamins and minerals to combat malnourishment. After 2 years, they pass on 6 healthy kids to another family. We provide basic veterinary care and supply them with a revolving veterinary drug package. Over 2 years the family will have built up a small herd which provides the mothers with a livelihood.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To save children and families from starvation and severe malnutrition in villages in Darfur.


    » Our Goat Loans provide 6 goats and training to a family. The goats milk transforms the children’s health and the flock provides income for the family.

    What success will look like

    Our model is proven. UNICEF has reported there is no malnutrition in Kids for Kids villages. Villages report to us regularly, all goats are accounted for, and impacts are tracked.

    Aim 2

    Improve the life-chances of Children and Families in Darfur, and give them a better future.


    » The Goat herd grows and excess milk can be sold. This provides the children’s mothers with an income to help pay for health care and education.

    What success will look like

    We receive case studies from the villagers as well as data from the committees. One lady has worked hard to make the most of her Goat Loan and now has 2 children at University!

  • Impact


    Our intention is to save children’s lives by helping prevent malnutrition and susceptibility to illness.

    This project will help restore the livelihoods of families through sale of goats produce and thereby enable them to stay in their villages, support their families. pay for schooling, water, seed and prepare for emergencies, such as medicines when children are sick. By ensuring that goats are passed to a new family every two years, our project impacts vast pockets of poverty over time.


    There is a risk that animals could suffer poor health. We address this by training paravets and giving all beneficiaries training in animal care. Our local programme manager based in Darfur is a trained vet who accurately assesses the goats for ill health and ensures the correct care and treatment is given. Because goats are seen as of less importance than sheep or cattle there is less chance of them being looted. We brand our animals however so that they can be easily identified.


    We report back to our donors twice a year on the progress of villages and occasional emails with major updates in between. We also disseminate news via our website and social media. We give presentations to groups bringing them up to date so they see exactly how their funds have been spent

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £52,602

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      Amount Heading Description
      £34,880 Goat Loans 6 goats per family, given to the 15% poorest of families
      £3,000 Loan Training provided to the animal loan committee to ensure they understand the process and allocation of loans
      £4,440 Paravet Training training of paravets to ensure the good health of goat herds
      £2,500 Emergency fodder emergency supplies of food for the goats, incase of drought/failed harvests ensuring healthy goats
      £900 Donkey for paravet transport for the paravets to be able to check all the goats
      £2,100 Rotating veterinary drugs veterinary drugs to maintain the good health of the goats.
      £4,782 overheads overhead costs (10%) to ensure staff can oversee the successful delivery of the programme
  • Background


    Kids for Kids works in the remote villages of Darfur, Sudan. This is a desert landscape, and children walk miles for water across the burning sand. There is conflict here too, soaring inflation. There is no health care, only limited or basic education, no electricity. Transport is on foot or by donkey.)
    Incomes are so low that for many months, protein in any form has been unaffordable.


    The families we help have no livestock and little income. Our Goat Loans are the only help available, they are so isolated.
    The focus for this project is the 5 villages adopted in 2017, where we need nearly 900 goats to help the poorest 15% of families. Identified democratically, they will have children under 5, no or few animals, may be a disabled/elderly/frail member of the family, however must be able to look after the goats, few possessions, often single parent families are identified.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Kids for Kids is able to work in Darfur where all others have left due to the troubles, or have been asked to leave. Our model is unique because we communicate effectively with local leaders and empower and teach local people to run the projects for themselves, so the impact is long term and sustainable. This has meant we are able to work with only a small team in the field for training and monitoring, and administration is kept to an absolute minimum in the UK.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Patricia Parker MBE

    Patricia is our Founder, CEO and Chairman of Trustees. The Goat Loan is one of the first projects she researched and implemented

    Dr Salim

    Dr Salim is a vet and our Program Manager in Darfur. He works closely with Patricia to plan, deliver and monitor projects via village committees


£40 will buy a little goat that will be transformational for a child's life.

"One of our beneficiaries (the poorest in her village) looks after her goats really well and wanted to help. Now she brings goat's milk to the school. From having nothing to becoming a herd owner and acting as a donor giving back to her community is almost unbelievable."

Dr Salim, Programme Manager, qualified vet