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Project information

Zambia prisoner rehabilitation - round 2

Workaid will provide tools to vocational training projects in prisons, to enable prisoners to learn skills they need to earn a living and stop re-offending. Ex-offenders in Zambia are often unwelcome in their villages so frequently re-offend out of necessity - we aim to help break this cycle.

6 months

Charity information: Workaid

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  • Need


    Zambia still has over 20,000 inmates in 76 overcrowded prisons, mostly unskilled. On leaving prison they are often ostracised by their home communities, do not have the financial means to survive or the skills to find work. As such, re-offending is often driven by necessity.

    Zambia has made strides in reducing recidivism rates (2nd best in Africa after Uganda) following government decision to emphasise restoration rather than punishment, and Workaid wants to continue to support this.


    In 2013 we started supporting Zambia NGOs with tools for vocational training projects for prisoners. We want to focus most of the next two containers we send on projects focused on current and ex-offenders, having seen the difference it makes. The projects we support provide recognised TEVETA certificated courses. 450 people have so far received this qualification after using Workaid items and with Big Give funds we will be able to significantly increase this impact.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide tools to enable 1,500 current/ex-offenders gain certificated vocational training skills.


    » Our partner in Zambia identifies suitable training projects & their needs. Workaid refurbishes the required items and sends to him for distribution

    What success will look like

    Our Zambia partner monitors the projects we support and will collate data on the number of offenders and ex-offenders who successfully graduate.

  • Impact


    By providing offenders and ex-offenders with vocational training skills we contribute to a continuation of Zambia's improving recidivism rates. In turn this will enable government and NGO resources to be directed more beneficially. We will be able in due course to identify how many of the graduates of the programs are in employment and so will be able to compare that with local unemployment rates to better assess the difference we are contributing to making.


    Main risks are that Workaid has insufficient tools to provide to the Zambia vocational training projects, and that the projects we select are not viable ones. The first risk is mitigated by our stability - strong funding and volunteer base, and the project is only 10% of total output. The second risk is mitigated by the M&E carried out by our partner on the ground in Zambia - we have robust criteria for evaluating which projects we support and monitor them after supporting them.


    Our local partner will monitor numbers of graduates from the projects we support and will provide case studies as appropriate that we will publicise on social media and the website. We can provide bespoke reporting to major donors if required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,875 Container Purchase of container to ship refurbished items
      £10,625 Shipping Cost of shipping refurbished items, and local taxes
      £3,000 Refurbishment Consumables used during refurbishment
      £1,500 Maintenance Upkeep of refurbished items for 2 years after sending
      £3,000 M&E Monitoring and evaluation costs
  • Background


    There will be a number of vocational training projects in correctional facilities located within a 200 kilometer radius of Lusaka.


    Prisoner and ex-offenders will be the direct beneficiaries, who will learn skills that will reduce the necessity they may feel to re-offend. Indirect beneficiaries will be the broader community who suffer lower crime rates, and family members who benefit from the contribution to family income.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have 32 years' experience of identifying projects to support, and have a long-established relationship with a partner in Zambia who will ensure that the prisons and prisoners we work with make effective use of the items we send. We have been sending items to prison projects in Zambia since 2013.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Emmanuel Zulu

    Emmanuel is our partner in Zambia who identifies the projects we support, distributes the tools we send, and monitors their use.

    Richard Fitzgerald

    Richard oversees the process through which the tools requested are collected, refurbished, packed and sent to Zambia