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Changing Lives for Children & Young People

To create, develop, grow and sustain the venue's Children's & Young Persons arts participation and performance programme - Youth Theatre, Creative Play, Dance, Young Producers, Dreamland Drama and more. Including opportunities for disadvantaged young people within the community and all ages.

February 2019 - February 2020

Charity information: Lincoln Arts Trust Limited

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  • Need


    To ensure that all children and young people have access to good quality arts participatory activities within their local communities. This includes everything from theatre to dance and literacy development sessions. The programme will ensure that we are able to respond to need and develop acordingly the best activities in order to help Children and Young People to overcome any challenges and barriers that they face, such as language, isolation, lack of access and providing a safe environment.


    The programme offers something for different age, and ability levels. Engaging those from different cultures, with physical or learning needs. We will also deliver activity out in the community. The arts participatory programme will create safe, welcoming environments in which children & young people can flourish, building confidence, skills sets, enabling physical activity through theatre and dance, providing sessions in which they can learn, explore and make friends despite barriers they face

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Changing Lives - Engagement with the arts can lead to better health, wellbeing and social skills.


    » Under 7's & family play - This includes weekly Creative Play sessions (Stories, music and dance), Tiddlers Drama and a Diddy Disco.
    » Taking the lead - activity for the older age group includes Drama Groups, workshops with professional artists and Evolve Music development project.
    » Overcoming challenges - activity includes Dreamland Drama and Butterfly Club for children and young people with disabilities.
    » Outreach - Taking arts activities out into community settings such as SEND schools, YMCA and community centres.

    What success will look like

    Success will be increased engagement levels in the arts participatory programmes from all areas of the community.

  • Impact


    Increased awareness of our growing arts engagement programme on offer within the communities. Our ability to be able to sustain the programme in addition to responding to the need for any change or challenges that our young people have. The need for the programme continues to grow, as such funding will help secure the future and growth ability so we can respond to need. One is the need for activity to take place in community spaces not just the venue. Case studies and evaluation will be used.


    Changing environments - the activities will be closely monitored and adapted so that we can respond to any needs and changes within our communities and participants alike. As such the programme will be adjusted accordingly - this may mean changing a time, date, artist, or making a shift to the type of activity in order to ensure the best benefits to children and young people.


    Donors will receive monthly update reports on project activity and attendance numbers, in addition to a 6 monthly report on feedback and evaluation in terms of making a difference to young lives. They will also receive invitations to any public performances the young people are giving.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Artist Fees Towards the cost of providing artists for workshop activities throughout the year.
      £1,000 Marketing Contributions to marketing materials to reach communities (inc print and digital)
      £1,000 Admin Contributions to admin costs such as management, project staff and technicians
  • Background


    Lincoln faces many barriers including - Deprivation - three wards falling into the 5% most deprived areas of England. 8 wards in the top 10% most deprived. Life expectancy is low, with below average wages, increased multi-cultural communities and poor transport infrastructures all mean that access to good quality and engaging arts activities, that are known to have a direct impact on health & wellbeing are crucial. The Drill Hall has been a central community arts centre for 14 years.


    Local artists and project workers will benefit increasing work opportunities.

    Children and young people and their families and friends will benefit from increased participatory activities, ability to develop their artistic and social skills and grow in confidence improving their health and wellbeing.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Lincoln Drill Hall has always been a central focus for the community of Lincoln - its direct wards and beyond. Prior to the re-development into an Arts Centre it was a thriving community space and was re-opened due to an extensive petition. The venue works with other providers in the community and is a fully accessible space situated within an ideal location in the city centre. Over the past 14 years we have worked to build strong and secure relationships with the community and artists.

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    Chris Kirkwood

    Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Lincoln Drill Hall

    Alice Kinloch

    Workshop Leader - Fishtank Youth Theatre, Butterfly Club and Caterpillar Club outreach programme

    Kirsty Mead - Rhubarb Theatre

    Local theatre company undertaking storytelling and theatre - involved in the under 7's programme development