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Play it Safe

All children, and more so children with disabilities or disadvantaged, deserve the freedom, fun, and growth engendered by outdoor play. We want to provide the children in our care with the full outdoor playground experience not hindered or compromised by their needs and limitations

It will take two months to build the garden while the use and benefit will last decades.

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  • Need


    There is little in the conventional playground that can be fully enjoyed by a child suffering from severe disability. Physically compromised children's inability to enjoy playgrounds and most outdoor fun is due to the equipment not being fully accessible.

    It is an unfortunate problem because it deprives them of health benefits, denies them childhood fun, and most importantly, because something should and can be done to solve this problem - give them their own accessible playground!


    Bayis Sheli will develop a custom playground designed to delight and educate disabled children. The proposed scheme will simulate common scenes like shops and road traffic for the children to mimic basic behaviours and interactions, teaching them vital life skills.
    The equipment and child-sized representations will provide sensory stimulation and include therapeutic features, as well as magical and adventurous elements for a stimulating experience of outdoor enjoyment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide the children with a playground that is safe, fun and ACCESSIBLE


    » The playground will be made by a company experienced in building bespoke playgrounds accessible to disabled of all levels.

    What success will look like

    Success will be seeing that every single disabled child is able to access, engage with, and enjoy the playground. Bayis Sheli will monitor use-time of the playground daily.

    Aim 2

    To provide the children with a playground that is safe, fun and advantageous to their development.


    » In order to make it a most beneficial experience for the user, the playground is carefully planned to be stimulating, sensory and educational.

    What success will look like

    Success will be moving some of our ongoing sensory and behavioural therapy sessions to the playground, utilising the suitable elements therein to enhance the sessions.

  • Impact


    Childs Play will provide a high needs disability-friendly playground, sorely lacking, in the borough of Hackney. Residents of Bayis Sheli as well as other disabled children in the community will be able to enjoy this basic element of childhood fun.

    We will publicise our playground to other local organisations serving disabled children, and anticipate strong interest and use. We hope to demonstrate project success by hosting the 100th child to enjoy the garden within 3 months of opening.


    Play it safe is expensive and risks not drawing the full funding. We take a multipronged approach to ensure that we don't rely on one source and tap into all resources.

    Another risk is ensuring safety to begin with and that exposure to the elements not damage the equipment and compromise safety. For that we have chosen the very best producers with experience, warranty and a host of happy customers to produce a playground of the highest durability, safety and quality.


    Donors to Play it Safe will get monthly email updates of production progress and then, for the first 3 months, the count of children enjoying the playground and feedback from parents, carers and therapists.
    They are welcome to visit and see first-hand the beauty and benefit of this venture.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £53,370

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      Amount Heading Description
      £13,595 Street scene A new façade to the northern fence boundary only, featuring a street scene of various types of build
      £13,625 Rabbit tunnel A rabbit tunnel with movement sensitive lighting and sounds
      £12,214 Bridge A bridge with lights, buttons and sound
      £1,845 electrician installation
      £2,840 Traffic lights 4no. different traffic lights with sound and voice
      £2,430 Street lights 4no. different street lights with sound
      £3,163 Petting area Animal petting area with vegetable seat, fencing and carrot
      £3,658 Road Road layout and zebra crossing
  • Background


    Play it Safe it to be built in the spacious garden of Bayis Sheli situated in Stamford Hill in the borough of Hackney.

    Bayis Sheli Residential and Short Break Resource Home is a custom built, state of the art building that contains a host of services that no one else in the uk is able to provide. The home is in close proximity to a variety of local resources and facilities, including shops, a library, leisure centre and parks.


    Bayis Sheli Residential and Short Break Resource Home is situated in a busy and multi-cultural community that is close to central London. It is the only home in the UK that is able to take care of any child with severe and multiple disabilities.

    Bayis Sheli has disabled children residing on premises, whose needs are too extensive to be cared for at home. They also offer recreational and therapeutic facilities and activities from which disabled children from the community can benefit.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Bayis Sheli’s board of trustees ensures that its members bring a range of relevant skills and knowledge. That is why the board includes 3 members who are or have been parents of a severely disabled child. We know these children, we love them and we help them.
    We have built an institution using the needs of the disabled, community and country as our blueprints. Bayis Sheli now provides a unique service not matched by anyone else, thus having the greatest concentration of

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    Philip Craig

    Registered manager. Philip ensures that the home provides a high quality service and the staff team are equipped to deliver good outcomes.