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The Girls' Network School Sponsorship Programme

The Girls' Network inspires and empowers girls from the least advantaged communities who face the double disadvantage of gender and wealth inequality. Help us change the lives of these girls via our award winning programme that connects them with a mentor and network of positive female role models.

January 2018 - January 2019

Charity information: The Girls' Network

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  • Need


    Girls from the poorest communities face the double disadvantage of gender and wealth inequality. Many come from more than three generations who have not worked, and thus do not have the knowledge or access to opportunities that their more wealthy peers have, nor the essential role models needed to break this trend. Compared to their male peers and wealthier female counterparts they are less likely to do well at school, less likely to go on to university and less likely to enter the world of work


    Our programme aims to empower and inspire girls to be ambitious, achieve their potential and create a better future for themselves. We match them with a female mentor to develop their knowledge, skills, outlook, confidence and resilience. This is supported via a calendar of workshops (e.g. confidence building, dealing with anxiety, industry deep dives), career roundtables, work experience and leadership training, deepening skills development and ensuring access to our wider professional Network

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improve girls' confidence, curiosity, resilience, communication skills, motivation and self belief


    » Mentoring: girls are paired with a professional female and meet ten times over the course of one year focusing on the soft skills and employability
    » Workshops: girls attend at least two workshops and/or training opportunities. Eg confidence training, dealing with anxiety, public speaking.
    » Career Roundtables and other networking events: opportunities to learn about different careers and learn/practise important communication skills.
    » Work Experience: we endeavour to facilitate work experience for girls on the programme where possible to embed key skills.

    What success will look like

    We ask the girls, and their teachers, to complete a questionnaire at the beginning, middle and end of the programme to assess how these skills have developed

    Aim 2

    Expand girls professional networks


    » Mentoring: Mentors help open up networks to the girls
    » Workshops: girls attend at least two workshops where they have the opportunity to meet professionals from diverse industries
    » Career Roundtables and other networking events: another opportunity for girls to meet men and women from across professions
    » Work Experience: we endeavour to facilitate work experience for girls giving them sustained interaction with new professionals

    What success will look like

    The girls complete a short survey to illustrate their professional network at the beginning and end of the programme so that we can track how they have expanded.

    Aim 3

    Girls become part of our Ambassador Network and continue to draw from, and add to, the Network


    » Calendar of activities including workshops, socials, career roundtables and work experience to deepen and broaden the girls skills.

    What success will look like

    We monitor all activity (attendance, type of activity) Ambassadors have with our Network and track outcomes.

  • Impact


    Our Programme will reduce the likelihood of these girls becoming NEET given improved employment and education opportunities.
    We track this by surveying our Ambassadors, asking them to update their employment or education status.
    We hope in time that our Ambassadors will become mentors and our Network will self sustained.
    Via peer effects and family interactions, the impact of our Programme will have much wider benefits to society.
    We share learnings and best practice to further widen impact


    1. School sign-ups: school sign up may be impacted by budget implications of government cuts. By diversifying our funding base we can help reduce the cost to schools of the Programme.
    2. Mentor sign up: in some regions we have struggled to find suitable mentors but this has not been an issue in recent years as we have grown and are able to leverage our existing Networks in other regions for introductions.


    At the end of the year i.e. Jan 2019, we will produce a report containing impact data and case studies to highlight the specific outcomes as a result of the project. We will outline how the money was spent, what challenges we faced and an overview of our key achievements.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,400 Training and Support Source, train and support girls and mentors, includes travel costs
      £600 Printing Printed materials for Programme
      £2,500 Workshops and Events Each girl attends at least two workshops and or events over the year, includes travel costs
      £750 Monitoring and Evaluation Staff time dedicated to monitoring and evaluation methogs
      £750 Ambassador Network Event held at end of Programme to celebration completion and welcome girls to the Ambassador Network
  • Background


    The Girls' Network work with 14-19 year old girls from the least advantaged communities across England, as identified by IDACI scores and % of girls on free school meals. We continue to support the girls once they enter our Ambassador Programme.
    This project will be used to fund places in London where school budgets have been particularly hard hit by budget cuts and formula changes.


    1. Directly, the 30 girls being mentored and wider cohorts of girls also invited to workshops etc.
    2. Via peer effects, wider cohorts of girls within the schools we work in. As one teacher said, “The Girls’ Network has an impact on our school because now we have girls who are ambassadors. This has a huge impact on their leadership skills within school. Our girls who are involved in the programme are mentoring younger students”
    3. Mentors and volunteers report personal and professional benefits

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have delivered and honed this programme for 4 years. In 2016 alone we helped 698 girls and nearly 1500 professional women volunteered over 9,500 hours of their time. We have won multiple awards from across the business and charity sector. And the programme works with our impact data collection showing strong improvements in key skills and breadth of professional networks.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Natalia Rosetti

    Network Manager for London running the core Programme; sources, trains and supports girls, mentors and other volunteers throughout the year.

    Langley King

    Ambassador Network Manager - organises, facilitates and monitors key events and work experience opportunities for the Ambassador Network

    Victoria Pind

    Head of Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships - will help source mentors and volunteers through key corporate partners. Will produce donor report

    Charly Young

    The Girls' Network CEO. Charly will oversee the project. Has successfully managed numerous projects of similar nature.