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Environmental education: for conservation and hope

A Rocha’s global environmental education (EE) activities are equipping and empowering children and communities with skills and understanding to live sustainably with the natural world. A Rocha International provides capacity building and resources in order to maximize the impact of this work.

January 2018 - December 2018

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  • Need


    Since humans began farming the land more than 10,000 years ago, our activities have been impacting the planet. Whether out of ignorance, apathy, greed or desperation, we continue to pollute the air, overfish the seas and destroy the forests, driving species to the brink of extinction. But at A Rocha we believe there is hope because we’re learning to look at the world with new eyes: seeing the world not as a bottomless pool of resources, but as a precious gift to take care of and use wisely.


    We believe that getting people to engage directly with the world around them is fundamental to environmental conservation - whether that’s rockpooling with Kenyan students or planting trees with Syrian refugees. With projects in 20 different countries, each one designed to meet local needs, the contexts and range of A Rocha’s EE activities can be highly diverse. A Rocha International gives training and provides opportunities for sharing best practice and lessons learned among EE practitioners.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Representatives of 6 A Rocha Organizations resourced through a 4-day regional EE workshop in Kenya.


    » Provide a forum for participants from Africa and Lebanon to share stories, best practice and expertise on topics including the SDGs.
    » Provide opportunities for collaborative review, as well as training and support in monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.
    » Facilitate participation in hands-on conservation activities such as microplastics surveys, as well as advice for addressing unsustainable practices.
    » Enable participants to visit a rural Kenyan school to experience A Rocha EE activities in action.

    What success will look like

    EE practitioners from 6 A Rocha Organizations in Africa and Lebanon equipped and resourced, and reaching 7,000 people through their EE activities.

    Aim 2

    40 Kenyan school teachers equipped and resourced through two one-day EE workshops.


    » Build the capacity of teachers in rural Kenyan schools to promote environmental awareness and stewardship through their EE activities.
    » Introduce innovative and informative teaching methods that inspire and equip Kenyan school children to protect their environment.
    » Resource teachers with skills for conservation action that can be passed on to the students in their schools.

    What success will look like

    40 Kenyan school teachers informed and equipped to provide higher quality EE that makes a difference to 2000 school children and their families.

    Aim 3

    A Rocha’s global environmental education activities coordinated and supported.


    » Provide project management training and support to guide the development of A Rocha’s global environmental education activities.
    » Develop environmental education materials and resources that can be shared and used across A Rocha’s global projects.
    » Ensure best practice is used across A Rocha’s environmental education activities through monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning.

    What success will look like

    A suite of metrics recording key environmental education activities across all of A Rocha’s National Organizations and demonstrating a growth and strengthening of projects.

  • Impact


    The project will promote awareness amongst children and community members of the importance of caring for the environment and inspire practical conservation action such as creating tree nurseries in Kenya. Capacity for EE will be strengthened and A Rocha Organizations equipped with materials and resources to deliver high quality EE.

    As well as monitoring participant numbers, we will demonstrate success through stories of people whose ways of thinking and actions have been shaped by this work.


    A key risk for the workshops would be the logistics of gathering participants together and political instability affecting travel. Risk assessments and contingency plans will be generated to mitigate possible effects of these.

    Although capacity and resources may limit the activities of some of A Rocha’s smaller National Organizations, ARI’s Environmental Education Coordinator is helping to maximize the impact of their work through training, sharing best practice and learning from one another.


    Donors will be invited to receive ongoing project updates through our newsletters and publications. A report will also be provided to the Big Give to give an update on the progress and impact of the project.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £49,300

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,200 Preparation of workshops Preparing content and material for A Rocha Organizations and Kenyan teachers
      £8,000 Delivery of workshops Staff time for delivering workshops
      £9,900 Workshop for A Rocha EE staff Travel and accommodation for A Rocha EE workshop facilitators and participants
      £3,200 Workshop for Kenyan teachers Travel and meal costs for 40 teachers
      £7,000 Teaching resources Providing EE resources for Kenyan teachers and their students
      £11,000 Staff support Providing support for A Rocha's global EE activities
  • Background


    A Rocha has EE projects across six continents. Working with schools and Christian groups, all address local conservation priorities in a culturally appropriate way. The workshops for school teachers and A Rocha staff from Africa and Lebanon will take place in Watamu, on Kenya’s Coast. Many of the local schools are rural, with large class sizes and situated in communities with high levels of poverty.


    The workshops in Kenya will benefit school teachers, students and their families as well as A Rocha staff from Africa and Lebanon, who will take what they have learned and apply it to communities and projects in which they work. These support people like Lydia Kayaa who, thanks to A Rocha Kenya’s ASSETS programme, was able to go to the best girl’s secondary school in the region.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    A Rocha works through grassroots communities to accomplish its work and achieve lasting change in addressing conservation issues. With strong links already established with schools and Christian groups, particularly those close to our field study centres and research sites, our EE activities provide a means of spreading the conservation message.

    The EE workshop for A Rocha staff will build on the success and lessons learned of a European workshop at Les Courmettes in France.

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    Sarah French – Director Of Operations, A Rocha International

    Sarah helps A Rocha Organizations develop and flourish. She will deliver training and expertise on workshop content e.g. the SDGs, vision and impact.

    Angela McKay – Environmental Education Coordinator, A Rocha International

    As a former teacher, Angela provides training and support to maximize the impact of A Rocha’s EE activities and make them approachable to children.