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Project information

4x4 Scholarships for bright poor Kenyan children

Working with our friends & contacts in Kenya Kenyan Educational Support will identify (at least 4) bright but disadvantaged youngsters. We'll provide the high quality education, they would otherwise not receive. KES has a proven record of doing this with 100% of donations going direct to students.

January 2018 - July 2022

Charity information: Kenyan Educational Support

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  • Need


    There is no state subsidised (free) secondary education in Kenya. This means gifted and talented youngsters who are poor, or disadvantaged, are unable to progress after their successful primary education. As a result Kenya's local and national community is unable to harness the full impact of its brightest youngsters.


    KES wants pledges or donations to award (a minimum of 4) scholarships to carefully identified youngsters of high ability and motivation, whose parents, or guardians are unable to fund their education. We have a successful record of providing boarding school places, to such youngsters, at Bahati Division Academy in Nakuru, Kenya. In 2017 11 of our first scholars gained places at University in Kenya. We are a small, highly efficient charity trying to expand our reach and involve more donors.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To fund a minimum of 4 educational scholarships for 4 years of secondary education i.e. £8,640


    » Work with our friends and contacts in Nakuru to identify a minimum of 4 bright, disadvantaged Kenyan youngsters at the end of Primary Education.
    » Provide each identified scholar with 4 years of fully funded high quality boarding education at Bahati Division Academy, or similar school.

    What success will look like

    We will work, in close liaison with the school & sponsors, to support, motivate and encourage educational success. To include regular correspondence, report checks & visits.

  • Impact


    Based on our success with over 60 previous and current scholars we confidently predict KES Scholars will leave their secondary education, highly qualified for either University, or Higher Education entrance.

    Change will be brought about by KES scholars entering professional roles in Kenya, thereby enriching and enhancing the quality of the national workforce.

    KES will demonstrate both ongoing and summative success in Newsletters and our website


    We have a fully thought through Risk Assessment Policy & Strategy, the implications within are both evaluated and actioned on a regular basis. Risks include such things as: exchange rate fluctuation (we have a contingency fund); personnel change e.g. trustees and school staff (we self-monitor, evaluate and plan); sponsor/donor shortfall (we have a developing, successful marketing an fund raising programme.


    All donors receive personal emails, letters & The KES Newsletter from the Trustees, on a regular basis. In addition, sponsors of scholars, receive school reports and letters from scholars. Donors are welcome to visit Bahati Division Academy and Trustees visit on a regular (self-funded) basis.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,640

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,640 4 Scholarships 1 4 x 4 year boarding scholarship @ £45 per month.
  • Background


    The main location of the project will be Bahati Division Academy (BDA) in Nakuru Kenya. This is a successful Primary & Secondary Boarding School providing a high quality education. There are approximately 500 students, of which 65 are KES scholars. Nakuru town has some successful industry and commerce and is surrounded by many subsistence farmers and there are high rate of deprivation. KES scholars are bright students drawn from the poorer areas of disadvantage.


    The main beneficiaries of the project will be the individual students. However, experience suggests their success has a powerful impact on their close family, their wider local community and, we confidently expect their future impact will be on the Kenyan economy as a whole.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because we know the area, we know the school, its owner and have close links. Indeed, KES grew out of the friendship between our Founding Trustee and a student he sponsored through school and university. That student is now the owner of Bahati Division Academy who, together with KES Trustees, wishes to, as the school motto describes,

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    John Pearce

    Chairman of KES Trustees & BigGive Project Lead.

    Simon Brister

    Founding Trustee and Treasurer.

    Joseph Kiuna

    Owner of Bahati Division Academy and main link in Kenya