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Project information

Building Futures

Ambition’s aim is to ensure all young people can access effective youth services. We will increase the scale, reach & quality of grassroots youth organisations working in disadvantaged communities across the UK, improving local youth offers where statutory services are reducing but need is growing.

January 2018 - December 2018

Charity information: Ambition

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  • Need


    Britain has the 2nd lowest social mobility of developed nations, resulting in a growing gap between disadvantaged young people and their more affluent peers, yet 90% of councils have cut their youth services (<£103m). This has increased pressure on VCS organisations to meet young people’s needs, but without the expertise to clearly demonstrate impact and effectiveness, small and medium size organisations are struggling to secure funding to deliver services to improve young people’s life chances.


    We will provide tailored support to Ambition’s network of 150+ youth organisations, including quality assurance, strategic support, funding opportunities, accredited training and innovative programmes. We will increase the knowledge, confidence and organisational competence of grassroots organisations, enabling them to diversify their funding and continue delivering high-quality local services that improve young people’s educational attainment, employability, health and wellbeing.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Capture data & harness insight of local services, improving impact measurement, reporting & advocacy


    » Carry out an in-depth audit of member’s work to capture data and harness the insight of local provision.
    » Develop an online tool for members to dynamically review data and train members to effectively employ data for funding applications and impact reports
    » Using the expertise of our partners, analyse & review data, presenting findings to appropriate agencies & officers to support advocacy & campaigning

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated through annual reports, collating data from externally-accredited measurement tools, Ambition’s CRM, & our partnership with the Centre for Youth Impact

    Aim 2

    Build member’s confidence, capacity & resilience, diversifying funding & increasing sustainability.


    » Facilitate 4 CPD opportunities based on need to develop skills and knowledge across a range of topics in line with the changing youth sector.
    » Coordinate 4 networking events per year, bringing together members from likeminded organisations to build confidence, sharing best practice & learning
    » Using our expertise, we will assist members to negotiate with commissioners and social investors to secure local contracts.
    » Facilitate a quality assurance & strategic-diagnostic programme to identify strengths & weaknesses, prioritising actions that support sustainability

    What success will look like

    We will track the impact of our services on members by analysing their increased capacity, resilience and ability to evidence impact.

    Aim 3

    Secure funds for local delivery & support members to explore innovative, sustainable income sources.


    » Bring our members together to review and design needs-led services and programmes, maximising effectiveness on behalf of young people.
    » Up-scaling local programmes to a national platform to raise profile and open potential funding opportunities.
    » Share and promote local funding opportunities to our members via news bulletins, social media and online platforms.

    What success will look like

    We will report on funding secured for grassroots delivery and track the intervention effects on young people.

  • Impact


    Grassroots organisations will improve the quality of delivery to young people & increase sustainability, growing confidence & competence to respond to ongoing challenges. Supporting 3+ organisations to negotiate &secure social investment/PbR contracts, we will improve local youth offers, increase learning across the sector & strengthen the commissioning case for contracting smaller VCS organisations. We will capture & report data, demonstrating impact on organisations, young people & the sector.


    1: More members request support than Ambition has the capacity for. We build partnerships with national agencies and broker relationships, sharing effective practice and resources.

    2: Breach of data protection. We identify and comply with data protection laws/regulations that apply to our activities.

    3: Members are not able to deliver the activities linked to our resources and programmes. We have rigorous monitoring arrangements in place that complement our relationships to mitigate this risk


    Donors will receive quarterly newsletters, updating them on the success and growth of identified members. We will publish case studies and produce an end of project evaluation, demonstrating impact on young people and organisations, showing learning and how we will improve services as a result.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £100,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £23,000 Building community &competence Regular youth sector networking, engagement and policy events to develop organisational competence
      £15,120 Data & insight Audit of member’s work & support to improve impact measurement, reporting & funding applications
      £15,120 Programme development Review and design services, upscaling programmes & securing funding for grassroots delivery
      £15,120 Improving quality Facilitate quality assurance and strategic-diagnostic programme to support long term sustainability
      £31,640 Sustainability & funding Assisting members to negotiate with commissioners & social investors to secure local contracts
  • Background


    Ambition provides high quality local support to young people (under 25) in communities across the UK. Based in Vauxhall, London, we are in an ideal location for advocacy work and to build relationships with national charities, agencies and government departments.
    Through this project, we will work with grassroots organisations in disadvantaged and deprived communities across the UK that support young people facing multiple barriers.


    This project will benefit Ambition’s network of 150+ youth sector members who have an established and trusted presence in communities across the UK. 87% are defined as small or medium size organisations, who now more than ever require infrastructure support (NAVCA, 2016).
    This work will support over 2.2 million young people, targeting those affected by disadvantaged (low socio-economic status, at risk of NEET, low self-confidence/self-esteem, bullying, mental health and behavioural issues).

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ambition is the largest network of grassroots organisations working with young people in the UK. As the leading experts in youth services, our work in mental and physical health, employability, education and personal development has helped thousands of young people, every year, to overcome the challenges created by poverty and inequality.
    Ambition has been increasing the scale, reach and quality of youth services for over 90 years, ensuring they are accessible to all young people.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Emma Revie

    As CEO, Emma will oversee the project based on her 20 years’ experience of supporting vulnerable young people and the communities in which they live.

    Ambition Staff Team

    Member organisations will be supported by Ambition’s staff team of 11, who have a collective 85+ years’ experience in the youth and community sector.