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Sea`ing Sunshine

Children fighting cancer and other terminal illnesses, and their families are caught in a web of fear, social isolation and pain. Sea`ing Sunshine aims to alleivate their challanges by bringing this group together to strenghten each other and enjoy fun and carefree times too. Like regular kids.

February 2018 - February 2019

Charity information: One Heart - Lev Echod

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  • Need


    One in three of us will have cancer. Cancer has no pity on kids. It steals their childhood. We work with 85 sick kids and their siblings and constantly hear from them that they feel so alone. Often all they see is needles, doctors in white and confusing charts.Siblings sacrifice their parents and are watched by babysitters and eat tinned or bought food for weeks on end.They fear that their sibling may die or that their parents don`t care about them. Family trips and fun is a thing of the past.


    Sea`ing Sunshine is a respite program aimed at alleivating the emotional stresses of Cancer.
    Everychild deserves a childhood. Sea`ing Sunshine will bring 85 affected kids together to strenghten each other and have safe fun,just like regular kids.
    This project entails;
    Sunday Sunshine; A fun Sunday club for siblings of sick children and for sick kids not in hospital. Program includes trips, entertainment, arts n crafts.
    Annual retreat for ill children and siblings.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    No child should have no one to talk to about cancer and related stress-eliminate social isolation.


    » All children will be paired with an older` SIBLING`( cancer recover/family member-MENTOR)who will offer individual attention and listening ear
    » Group activities on Sunday and Holidays in an accepting environment where they won`t be ashamed of bald head... and can keep up with activity pace.

    What success will look like

    Mentor will record time, key activities and non confidential topics shared with mentored on a diary.
    Children`s answers on questionnaires

    Aim 2

    All children should have something fun to look forwards to.


    » A super exciting holiday program and Sunday entertainment to compensate for their excruciating pain and a chance to enjoy a carefree childhood

    What success will look like

    Photos, user feedback, questionnaires, exit interviews

    Aim 3

    Siblings should have proper supervised care in a fun setting whilst parents are in hospital.


    » Fun entertainment in a safe setting at our Sunday Club and Holiday Retreat ensurses that siblings are well cared for while parents are in hospital.

    What success will look like

    Register information, User feedback in a variety of forms including optional comments, questionnaires and feedback forms.

    Aim 4

    Children combatting cancer should have a chance to enjoy little things in life too-like all kids.


    » Jewellry making Face painting nausea ,Chemo, needles...

    What success will look like

    Photos, and users feedback in methods mentioned above.

  • Impact


    Social support, has been identified as key resource that can buffer the impact of Cancer. `Big Sibling` help patients cope with diagnosis ,give hope , foster a sense of belonging and improve mood and also can provide acceptance by others in similar situation. These will help users battle emotional trauma associated with healing and can even boost healing for patients and siblings. Similarly, having fun gives kids break from trouble-promotes emotional wellbeing and lets kids be kids.


    Due to sensitive and precarious nature of Cancer there is a risk that participants may require medical care. To mitigate this risk we have a qualified medical team who will administer medicine and other treatment and be there in case of emergencies. Of course all volunteers undergo an Enhanced DBS check. All volunteers are trained in and closely follow our Safeguarding Children policy and Lost Child Procedure. We also take enough medical staff and supplies to cover every eventuality.


    We will file quarterly reports on our services to donors so that the work they fund is clear and transparent. Our board meet on monthly basis and minutes can be shared too.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £75,040

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      Amount Heading Description
      £40,000 Annual Retreat A 10 day retreat for disabled kids and their siblings. Accomadation,food,medical care,staff,programs
      £4,800 Transport Transport for siblings and medically equipped and comfotable transport for ill children.
      £6,000 Project Manager £10p/h to pay project manager for overseeing and delivering Sunday Club and Annual Retreat
      £2,000 Volunteer Training Mentoring,First aid and child protection advanced course for volunteers
      £5,440 Arts n Crafts Arts n crafts material for Sunday Club and Retreat
      £11,000 Trips Quarterly trips for Sunday club and daily trip at annual retreat for users and siblings
      £800 souvenirs Souvenirs for children and volunteers@£1 each
      £5,000 Entertainmen Concert,acrobats,recycling demo,singers,jewellry design,and other programs voted by users

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Mr E Gross £4,100 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Our Sunday Clubs will be based in Hackney, and area indentified as 11th most deprived borough by indicies of multiple deprivation. Our retreat will take place in Bournmouth. Bournmouth offers an optimal healing environment as its located in a scenic area at sea.


    Our services are open to child patients and their siblings with all forms of cancer from diagnosis, through medical treatment and once treatment has ended. 80% of our clients are from BME groups, and 74% are recipientsof means tested benefits. users are aged 5-16,and from both genders. We operate in North London but our users come from across London.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    One Heart-Lev Echod is a small grassroots organisation and has a reputation as a friend of sick children. We have beautiful rapport with users All our projects evolve from feedback and input from users,local people and organisations. Our pilot project for Sunday Club met rewarding results and participants formed a steering commitee who work with adults to design and deliver services. Our leadership have outstanding experience with children and disease.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Malky Sprung

    Project Manager. A wealth of expertise in supporting ill and disabled children through her connections with hospitals,other charities and welfare.