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Hello Holidays

For many, anticipation is high.Alas, for our Sen users who are multiply disadvantaged,holidays are`holey days.`Lack of structure,social time,food and space cause our users to dread holidays. We launch:Hello Holiday playscheme,designed to offer a free&fun day camp integrating SEN &`regular`kids.

August 2018 - August 2018

Charity information: Blooming Blossoms Trust

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  • Need


    Children’s Needs Assessment for Hackney July 2017 reports that Hackney has a higher percentage of children with SEN and Disabilities(16.8%) than the London and England averages(14.5%)However, care is limited as Scope reports that `Only 10% of childminders offer services for disabled children.`In cases of poverty, even these minimal services are out of reach.Our user are desperate for quality entertainment,suitable for their SEN needs and chance to mix with mainstream kids their age.


    Our children find it difficult to access mainstream play-schemes, because of the nature of their learning disabilities.Hello Holiday is entirely geared to their needs:physical, emotional, recreational and developmental.
    Our play scheme will be free,ensuring that no child is excluded due to financial disadvantage.

    We allow other disadvantaged children to attend too,to give disabled children a chance to integrate with regular kids.
    We offer variety of trips,workshops,bouncy castle,art n crafts

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide a safe,relaxed and happy but stimulating environment for children with disabilities.


    » Offer a safe setting,in an Ofsted registered school, with highest safety controls and skills to look after disabled children.
    » Outdoor Fun: Trips,multi-sports, bike and scooter fun, gardening,picnics, variety of games, petting farm, bouncy castles.
    » Scrapbook decorating,glass painting, messy arts,messy play, Drama, Dance, Choir,circle groups, social skills groups
    » 1-1 occupational therapy and sensory integration therapy for children who need quiet time and receive therapy throughout year.

    What success will look like

    We will record attendance. We aim for a 92% attendance. Our users will also complete feedback forms according to their abilities. Similarly, photos of children engaged and happy.

    Aim 2

    Eliminate prejudice by integrating learning disabled kids and other kids, where both equally enjoy.


    » Each learning disabled child will be paired with mainstream child. Children will feel responsible and mature and take care of partner.
    » Offer a variety of activity where minimum academic skills are required so that atmosphere is non-competitive and children can equally enjoy.

    What success will look like

    Children will record their feelings about how accepted they feel on individual feedback forms designed according to users` abilities.

    Aim 3

    Children who are dependent on School breakfast club and lunch will access nutritious meals.


    » We offer option of coming 20 minutes earlier for a full breakfast and serve warm lunches including protein, veg and starch.

    What success will look like

    Children will pre-register for breakfast and sign in and out. Every child will be served lunch and rate it daily when they return lunch trays.

    Aim 4

    To provide activities which will build the confidence of children with learning disabilities.


    » Children who struggle academically will have opportunities to excel in sports,arts drama and dance.

    What success will look like

    Children who benefit from our therapy services throughout year will record their successes on regular charts, other children will record increased confidence on feedback form.

    Aim 5

    Children will have opportunities to meet friends from school and make new friends.


    » Children from variety of home backgrounds and over 5 local schools have registered.

    What success will look like

    Feedback forms, Friendship posters which we will work on together

  • Impact


    • Building confidence and self esteem. Every child has a talent. Our range of activities gives every kid a chance to shine, having tasted success, will encourage child to explore, try new things and try harder socially, academically and even with life skills. We use Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale to monitor progress.
    Improvements in social communication skills and and inclusiveness.
    Initially, we expect that children will stick together in cliques and not mingle,we will support integration.


    To mitigate health and safety risks we:
    Certify all staff and volunteers in First Aid.
    produce detailed risk assessments of all trips and accommodation.
    Ensure that staff are well versed in ;
    Safety Rules and Risk Assessments
    Safety Working Procedures and Policies
    Periodic Safety Memos and Notices
    Incident book.
    We also face a bad weather risk to our trips and out door activities. We prepare for this risk with a suitable contingency activity plan.


    We will offer to share our non confidential progress report, monitoring and evaluation on a consistent basis. Donors are welcome to visit our club when we are open to all children( and not just learning disabled users, due to confidentiality)
    Additionally we will utilize social media to report...

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £33,892

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,440 Project Management/overheads Salary for Project Manager, Admin costs and publicity
      £10,152 Play Workers 30 play-workers to support children with Behavioural disorders,phyiscal disabilities&non-English Spe
      £9,000 Meals Optional Breakfast and warm lunch for 200 kids
      £3,300 Entertainment /Activities Arts n Crafts,multi-sports,magic show,penguin show, petting farm,fair
      £3,200 Venue Hire,Insurance Rental of premises,Public Liability insurance
      £1,200 Transport Daily return transport for 16 Sen children. 2)Group transport to trip
      £3,100 Outing Broxbourne Zoo,swimming
      £500 Safegaurding,monitoring Safegaurding and inclusiveness training, Volunteer DBS checks,monitoring
  • Background


    We are based in North East London and in 20% most deprived areas in England (Knowing our Communities). There is regional need for recreational opportunities for disabled children; considering demographics and poverty level and Sen needs in the area.
    There are 6427 learning disabled children in Hackney`s schools(facts and figures,2016)
    Overcrowding affects 32% of households in Hackney;Links show that lack of space affects learning(Child poverty Needs Assessment `14 & Educational Outcomes `15


    Priority 1: 60%-Mostly local mainstream children living in Hackney,with mild to moderate learning disabilities.
    Priority 2:Children whose parents are working in holidays whose families are on means tested benefits.
    Disadvantaged children who live in overcrowded homes and dependent on school lunches and breakfast clubs.
    Children from fractured or single parented families.
    NEET volunteers will benefit from experience,networking and enhancing CV`S. Some will be recruited for our regular activities

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Blooming Blossoms Trust feels confident to deliver this project due to similar success: We have delivered a half term and Winter holidays play scheme, Host a homework club which helps over 40 children daily and an amazing occupational therapy center.
    User request and relationship.A steering group of users requested use to expand this project to cater to more need. We have rapport & trust with users.
    Staff expertise and credential
    Public support
    Organisation track record

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mr Mendy Weinstein

    Mr Weinstein is our project manager, As therapist, father and Sen Head he has a wealth of experience and patience for developmentally delayed kids.

    Ms Gelly Fried

    Gelly knows Disability;she is still beating her dyslexia and is determined to help kids fight it as well. She is our volunteer Co-ordinator


Will enable a learning disabled child to visit the zoo for the first time.

Blooming Blossoms Trust are not binded by protocols and policies like many other services. It is quite clear that they are here to help and they do everything in their power to help my Mazal. They even offered to hire an Arabic speaking play worker to support Mazal`s transition.

Youspha,Yemini, Yemen, Mother