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We empower learning disabled children from disadvantaged backgrounds to beat financial,social & academic barriers so that they have every chance to function at school and at home.We offer occupational therapy,speech and language support and other holistic and conventional support. Cause KidsCan.

January 2018 - January 2019

Charity information: Blooming Blossoms Trust

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  • Need


    Children struggling are often tutored in SEN rooms. This is a solution when a child requires individual attention or quiet space to succeed, for many, the problem is more complex. Children may lack ability to process information coherently; concentrate; or challenged by sensory issues. This means that generic tutoring will be largely ineffective. Teachers & educaters recommend Occupational Therapy. Albeit our users are facing strained budgets and the £45-£200 per therapy session is not feasible


    We have chosen to help our struggling children with OT as this intervention contributes to users’ acquisition of key skills, which are vital not only for their academic abilities in the present, but are essential in helping children anticipate an independent, successful future. Following instructions, concentration,structured thinking, fine/gross motor skills, functional literacy and numeracy – these are all skills needed to function, at home and at work.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To grant SEN CHILDREN access to supplementary learning so can function at school and at home.


    » We offer the use of our equipped OT and sensory haven where children can gather in a safe environment, play and experiment whilst honing life skills

    Each child will be evaluated. Therapy targets will be drawn with child`s stakeholders.Observations,feedback, teachers and therapist reports will be target indicators of success.

    Aim 2

    Eliminate prejudices in mainstream classrooms and in social settings to learning disabled children.


    » We partner with participating schools and invite kids to use our fun premises during free hours.We run activates on differentiation and acceptance.

    Disabled children will be invited to share feelings about how accepted and respect they feel. We will conduct surveys in school to measure reduction of bullying.

    Aim 3

    To support parents to navigate educational services and guidance to help them help their kid.


    » Lighthouse empowers and supports parents at monthly support groups with special educational guest speakers. Lighthouse confidential hotline support

    Willing hotline users will be interviewed via recorded phone call. Otherwise parents feedback are welcomed at our open feedback event and on our feedback forms.

  • Impact


    Children, particularly SEN children will have better chances in life as they will master key life and learning skills. In this respect they will enjoy equal chances to reach the peak of their potential regardless of poverty and learning disabilities. This can not be measured against other children as we respect that each child is unique! However our observations and reports of each child`s progress will signal success.
    Linked,is that child's success breeds good moods, self-esteem and motivation


    There is a risk that learning disabled children will be reluctant to utilize our therapy and homework support due to stigma involved; to circumvent this risk we are opening our facilities for public play during free hours so that this room should not be associated with learning disability. Wee have also planned an awareness campaign educating local children to be more accepting.


    We will offer to share our non confidential progress report, monitoring and evaluation on a consistent basis. Donors are welcome to visit our club when we are open to all children( and not just learning disabled users, due to confidentiality)
    Additionally we will utilize social media to report...

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £69,700

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      Amount Heading Description
      £16,000 Therapists fees 2 Therapists, 8 hrs weekly each
      £6,000 Therapy Assistant training Monthly Training,OT and SLT therapist assistant course,ongoing support
      £18,000 Learning Assessments intial individual evaluations of childs needs and targets,followed by monthly monitoring.
      £8,000 refreshments and trips Fruits,snacks incentives and quarterly trips
      £12,000 management and admin Project Manager,Saftey Officer,Insurence premium, admin costs
      £5,000 Sensory Corner Kit + SLT games Sensory Corner Kit and SLT Language tools to help kids communicate
      £800 Over heads Utility bill and small repairs
      £3,900 Parent guidence Hotline,counselling,

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    DM Thomas Foundation For Young People £1,200 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We are based in North East London and in 20% most deprived areas in England (Knowing our Communities). There is regional need for homework support for learning disabled children ; considering demographics,poverty and low skill level in the area. There are 6427 learning disabled children in Hackney`s schools(facts and figures,2016)
    Overcrowding affects 32% of households in Hackney; links show that lack of space affects learning(Child poverty Needs Assessment `14 & Educational Outcomes `15)


    Mostly local mainstream children with mild to moderate learning disabilities and special needs children of both genders who are also experiencing poverty or family dysfunction and thus can not afford to self-fund the additional support they desperately require.
    During free hours when facility is not used for therapy all children -general public will be welcome to utilized our supervised and equipped facilities.
    NEET therapy volunteers will benefit from relationships and training which we offer.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Blooming Blossoms Trust feels confident to and deliver this project due to :
    similar success: We have piloted a therapy and homework club with 18 developmentally and learning disabled children.100% of users mastered key life skills such as self care, numeracy and literacy.
    User request and relationship.A steering group of users requested use to expand this project to cater to more need. We have rapport & trust with users.
    Staff expertise and credential
    Public support
    Organisation track record

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    Mr Mendy Weinstein

    Mr Weinstein is our project manager, As therapist, father and Sen Head he has a wealth of experience and patience for developmentally delayed kids.

    Ms Gelly Fried

    Gelly knows Disability;she is still beating her dyslexia and is determined to help kids fight it as well. She is an author and heads volunteers


Will help a dyslexic child read and spell basic text

Like a therapist and surgeon have letters before their name so do I. I`m ADHD Simon and I`m proud! Blooming Blossoms helps me tap into my strengths. They teach me to use my energies to make and not break.