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Fun 4 Everyone

Fun 4 Everyone campaigns for social acceptance,anti-bullying and friendship for children that are socially isolated/bullied due to poverty.This program is a two pronged approach of providing social and recreational outlet to children and simultaneously promoting good social value,acceptance for all

12 month

Charity information: Drama Expressions For Children

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  • Need


    Poverty and poor accommodation are key challenges; where children have no access to safe play space.Over 63% of deprived families are effected by overcrowding. This limits them from bringing friends over and other social experiences. Space constraints triggers rivalry and tension. Parents can not afford extra childcare,trips,clubs which leaves children stifled,lonely & tense.

    They need activities to release surplus energy, space to play and friends for company. And a sense of belonging


    Drama Expressions will initiate a friendship project which will give children an outlet, with safe and productive entertainment. The weekly Saturday-Club will provide fun hands-on activities and games. The last half hour of each session will be spent planning our annual showcase performance which will actually demonstrate the material covered. Users will learn new skills (like drama, music and singing )and blossom. We will also treat them to several major trips as a reward for their effort.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Young people will have a safe place to enjoy exciting activities, and a fun, jammed packed program


    » At the weekly Saturday-Club, we will provide a stimulating and fun program. This will include hands-on activities and games, indoor and outdoor.
    » We will provide refreshments and light snacks, to excite our users.
    » We will provide several exotic and exciting trips during the year, where disadvantaged children will enjoy equal opportunities to mainstream kids.

    What success will look like

    The children will fill feedback forms and volunteer to participate in exit interviews on how they enjoyed these exciting experiences, instead of sweating in their stifling homes.

    Aim 2

    We will initiate a friendship project which will unite poor, socially isolated children.


    » We will present workshops by renowned educators.We will focus on bullying and kindness.
    » We will use the young people's topics for weekly workershops. We will put the learning into action, where they will practice it and be rewarded.
    » According to the theme, our adult leaders, will prepare hands on activities to preach to our users in an exciting manner.
    » Finally, our users will perform a theater style performance, which will convey their message. They will also incorporate the message, during preps.

    What success will look like

    We will observe and report about social atmosphere of project. We will report bullying incidents and compare it to our users`schools rates.

    Aim 3

    Young people gain skills and confidence. Perform a show performance, conveying the message gained.


    » Firstly, the young people will plan a showcase performance. They will bring forward ideas , according to the knowledge that they gained.
    » Project manager will work out the plan of the show, and recruit volunteers. The users will choose which production to join, according to abilities.
    » The volunteer leaders will teach our users skills such as singing, music, drama and dancing. They will rehearse their productions and have fun.
    » The users will perform a professional theater style show for the wider community. They will glow with the opportunity to perform their talent.

    What success will look like

    Success will be a fantastic performance which demonstrate skills and confidence developed via preparation for show. We will show videos/ photos.

  • Impact


    This will promote better relationships between children.We aim for a reduction in reported bullying incidents and improved acceptance.Our performance will grant children who struggle academically, a chance to shine and generally messages of appreciating all children . The exotic trips will bring smiles to impoverished children.It will productively stimulate users during unstructured time.It will give them the tools to be self-confident,independent and self-resilient, albeit financial struggles.


    Key risks include health and safety risks. We have a safeguarding officer and also take risk assessments to check for harmful exposure. Risk of lack off staff and volunteers-we have a database of able and interested staff. We signed a contract for our premises to prevent last minute cancellations. We have also considered technical risks to our performance-spare mics and a technical expert on site. Well attended performance - we will have a range of adverts.


    Funders of our projects will receive a bi-annual update, as well as newsletters. We will provide any grant monitoring required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Premises Hire Hire for club for 52 weeks, rehearsals and Walthamstow Hall.
      £3,130 Wages Project Manager, staff, musician, composer, coacher
      £1,850 Advert and Printing Advertise Project, Printing tickets and information
      £7,980 Trips and Activities 3 Major trips, carnival, stationary, games, laptop rental
      £5,397 Refreshments For weekly club, for trips and for show
      £6,193 Technical Tech crew,mikes, studio, soundtracks
      £1,950 Costumes and Scenery Scenery, material, makeup, accessories, props
      £3,500 Transport 200 users to trips and to showcase venue

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    CST security event funding £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Saturday club and rehearals for the performance will take place in Satmar Nursery, Cazenove Road. We will rent this large building with many classrooms, which suits our need. The actual performance will take place in Walthamstow Forest Hall. The hall can fit a large audience, which we expect. They also have a fabulous technical crew who will ensure the professionalism of the production. It also has great transport routes which will enable our audience to have easy access.


    Our direct users are 200 children living in London who are affected by poverty. They are mostly affected by low self-esteem and social exclusion.The children will gain from being in a safe structured environment during their spare time. They will enjoy activities, trips , make new friends and learn new skills. Our adolescent volunteers will simultaneously benefit from skill, experience and social time acquired.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Drama Expressions is running its 15th showcase for the community .To date we have impacted the lives of 3000 children by recognizing the value, potential &talent in each child and helping them to know it too. Our staffs are past users, and Hackney residents who are first hand familiar with users' poverty and social exclusion challenges. We also ran weekly clubs for four years and we are now combining two projects. Our staffs are all skilled, competent and experienced.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Shiendy Brander

    She is a professional actress who has worked for us, for 15 years. She always managed to coach the young actors, into doing a professional job.

    Suri Friedman

    She is involved in technically planning and arranging the project. This involves lecturers, premises, staff and hiring equipment for activities.

    Mati Schlesinger

    She is our staff/volunteers officer. She recruits staff/ volunteers. She works out their jobs, overlooks their progress and ensures their success.

    Esther Frankel

    She is our finance officer and ensures that income and expenditure are all under control.

I have a new student. She no longer stutters and her hunched back is gone. Thank you for giving her a role in the performance. It did her a world of good.