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Womens Group

The young mothers support group meets on Monday and Friday between 12.00 and 2.30 during term time at Hillfields Community Hub. The group sessions are open to pregnant young women and young mother’s ages16 to 25 yrs.

December 2017 - December 2018

Charity information: Hillfields Young Mothers Group

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  • Need


    Statistics from Public Health England (2016) suggest that young mothers struggle with numeracy and literacy and many had truanted or were excluded from school when they became pregnant. Young mothers have a 65% chance of experiencing relationship breakdown in the first 3 years of their child's life with a 40% chance of experiencing domestic violence. These issues are the cause of low confidence and self esteem, isolation, poor physical, mental and emotional health and a poverty of expectation.


    Skilled staff undertake activities that directly address all aspects of education, health and wellbeing. Sessions include anger management, assertiveness, mindfulness, parenting workshops, as well as practical skills and courses, including crafts, DIY & cooking. All activities can be used to gain nationally recognised awards that are transferrable to the workplace. The overarching work of the group is to increase confidence, self-worth and improve life chances for themselves and their children

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Young mothers will be more engaged and informed in their health care and wellbeing


    » Workshops addressing physical health such as; healthy cooking on a budget, stress reduction, complimentary therapies, dance, Yoga and buggy walks.
    » Workshops addressing emotional wellbeing such as; ways to wellbeing, assertiveness, parenting courses and anger management workshops and mindfulness.
    » Workshops addressing mental wellbeing such as; mental health first aid, postnatal depression groups, mindfulness and confidence/self esteem building
    » Social wellbeing improved by providing a non judgemental space where young women meet and form a support network and links in their wider community

    What success will look like

    Tracking information collected 6 monthly and evaluation of each group session will record what ways young women demonstrate they are more engaged and informed in their healthcare

    Aim 2

    Young mothers will acquire skills and experiences transferrable to work education and the community


    » All group activities are opportunities to experience team work, using initiative, problem solving, and equal opportunity principles in a safe space
    » All learning can be used as evidence to gain a recognised Youth Achievement award from Bronze to Platinum (A level equivalent) and are peer reviewed
    » Beneficiaries are encouraged to facilitate some sessions with their peers with support from the group worker, to improve self esteem and confidence
    » the project is user led and all activities are designed in consultation with the women to ensure real engagement a sense of ownership and relevance

    What success will look like

    Tracking information collected 6 monthly and evaluation of each group session will record sessions they particularly engaged with, participation in accreditation and goals set

    Aim 3

    Pregnant young women and young mothers feel more confident and have a healthy self belief


    » The principles underpinning the work of the group are to empower, encourage and engage young women, not only in the group but the whole project
    » Confidence and self esteem are addressed directly through group sessions such as confidence building, assertiveness and anger management
    » All young women are encouraged to take an active role as a Trustee in the charity. Full tailored training and support is provided by staff
    » During group time women are encouraged to take risks and try out new things and when mistakes happen to view them as learning opportunities

    What success will look like

    Evaluation of each group session will record how women engaged with their peers and 6 monthly discussions will track levels of confidence and self esteem on a sliding scale

  • Impact


    The long term changes will show that physical, mental, emotional and social health will improve amongst young mothers and by extension their families and children. 90% of women will be in education, training, paid or unpaid employment on leaving the group and all the women who attend the project will have reported an increase of confidence and self belief by the time they leave.

    We will demonstrate these changes by continuing with continuing long term research that started in 2004.


    Risk - lack of funding for the staff that are the cornerstone of the group and core funding to support the group
    Addressed by – development of a robust funding strategy, good financial planning, staff have funding expertise

    Risk – loss of the building lease resulting in relocation of the project and far higher overheads
    Addressed by – Ensuring that the terms of the lease are adhered to, ensuring that groups subletting space are charged enough to cover overheads, working marketing strategy


    The 6 monthly tracking forms, session evaluations and anecdotal evidence will provide qualitative and quantitative data that we will form an annual report to the donors. The project will also provide evidence of the work that we have done with the women in the group and specific progress made

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,500 Qualified worker job share facilitating 80 sessions per year
      £5,000 Youth Worker Co facilitating and support for 80 sessions per year
      £1,500 group activities Accreditation costs, materials, consumables
  • Background


    HYMG is the only charity based in Hillfields, a red brick local authority estate in East Bristol. All homes fall the 20% most deprived areas in England on the indices of multiple deprivation (IMD) 30% of children are living in poverty (19% England average), 64.0% people live on a low income (20.1% England Average) and 37.2% of children in lone parent families (England average 27.3%). Facilities in Hillfields are sparse and there is an overall lack of resources and no history of regeneration


    The primary beneficiaries are pregnant young women and young mothers from Hillfields and surrounding areas aged 16 to 25. The project does work with women older than 25 under exceptional circumstances. The project also benefits the children of young mothers because if their mothers are healthier and have better long term outcomes, it follows that this will improve outcomes for their children. The project also benefits women over 25 who stay and volunteer and support younger women

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    HYMG has had 14 years experience of providing successful tailored services to meet the identified needs of young mothers in the community. The project is very skilled at attracting and supporting difficult to reach young women and their children, who would not otherwise engage with mainstream services for support. The project user led and this effective and sustained user involvement ensures that the needs of beneficiaries are firmly identified and services are well designed to meet those needs

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    Jan Ross

    Jan facilitates the group one day a week. She brings experience as a Registered General Nurse, psychotherapist and having been a young mother aged 15

    George Campbell-Touray

    George facilitates the group one day a week. She brings experience as a social worker (child & families), community mediator and young mother aged 16

    Fran Cottrell

    Youth Worker accreditation specialist. co-facilitates the group 2 sessions per week. Experience in working with young mothers for 16 years.