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Mentoring For Young People

To support a Volunteer Mentoring programme at The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone, which will benefit some of the most vulnerable and disaffected young people in Wirral by tackling issues such as as bullying, self-esteem, self-harm and the effects of family breakdown.

January 2018 - February 2019

Charity information: The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone

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  • Need


    The Youth Zone was created as a direct response to the identified need in the borough for young people (aged 8-19 or up to 25 with a disability or additional needs), to have “somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to” . With over 6000 members already, the “someone to talk to” aspect of this is at the heart of our mentoring project, as it will provide dedicated mentors who can listen to and support young people with a variety of issues such as bullying, self-esteem and self-harm.


    Through consultation with our existing membership we have already identified 30 young people in immediate need of mentoring.
    Some of these young people have complex additional needs including autism and anxiety, and the current ratio of staff and volunteers to young people will not adequately meet their needs, as they require more one-to-one support in order to overcome these issues.
    The funding will enable us to provide a far more bespoke system of support for our most vulnerable members.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To create a bespoke mentoring programme that benefits young people who are most in need of it.


    » Recruitment of a Mentoring Co-ordinator
    » The Mentoring Co-ordinator will then recruit and train up to 25 Volunteer Mentors
    » The Mentoring Co-ordinator will then match the young people to the most appropriate Volunteer Mentor to meet their individual needs
    » The Volunteer Mentors will then work with up to 50 young people over a 12 month period to help them overcome a variety of issues

    We will monitor and evaluate the number of young people accessing the project, the nature of their issues, how they feel about their own development and their mentoring experience

    Aim 2

    To embed a culture of mentoring within The Hive


    » A range of quantitative & qualitative data will be captured in order to demonstrate the impact of the mentoring programme over a 12 month period
    » This data will then be used to secure further funding so that the Mentoring Programme is sustainable going forward

    By the 25 trained Volunteer Mentors wishing to continue their work at the Youth Zone beyond the initial 12 month period, and that there is further funding in place to enable this

  • Impact


    Our goal is for Mentees to become better placed to take control of their lives and achieve their potential, and we aim to achieve an 80% success rate across the following outcomes:
    • Increased confidence
    • Increased emotional skills and resilience
    • Improved social skills
    • Increased problem-solving skills
    • Reduce self-harming behaviour
    • Increase in school attendance and attainment
    • Improvements in behaviour both within &
    outside the Youth Zone


    The 2 main risks are a potential lack of volunteers who wish to do mentoring, and a potential lack of mentees:
    We have over 100 volunteers already working across a range of activities, 20 of whom wish to do mentoring, and we would recruit for the rest;
    Through consultation with our existing membership we have already identified 30 young people in immediate need of mentoring, and the rest would come through further consultation and referral.


    The on-going monitoring and evaluation process is based on an established and successful framework within the OnSide Youth Zones network, and this process will provide feedback and appropriate case studies at 6 month and 12 month intervals, which would be shared with donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £24,000 Salary Mentoring Co-ordinator
      £1,000 Sundries Training materials
  • Background


    With a population of c. 320,000, Wirral is a borough of significant contrasts, with some of the most affluent areas, interspersed with some of the most deprived in the country. Birkenhead, where the Youth Zone is located, ranks amongst the most deprived constituencies in the UK. Child poverty and unemployment are of considerable concern in the communities surrounding the Youth Zone. There are currently 45,000 young people aged 8 – 19 living in Wirral.


    The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone is open to all young people aged 8 – 19 (up to 25 with a disability or additional) across the borough. They will benefit from the support of Volunteer Mentors to access the full Youth Zone offer.
    Mentors will support members facing challenges (low attainment, skills, confidence, unemployment, no positive role models, anti-social/offending behaviour) to realise their full potential.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    In Birkenhead, where The Hive is located, the statistics for child poverty, unemployment and children-in-need, far exceed the national average -with over 700 young people living in care.
    The Hive was created in response to the identified need in the borough (Wirral’s Strategy for Children, Young People and Families 2016) for young people to have “somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to”. The project will tackle young people's issues such as bullying, self-esteem and self-harm.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Adam Mellor

    Head of Youth Work, who will line manage the Mentoring Co-ordinator and ensure that their role complements the existing Youth Work within The Hive.

    Sam Curley

    Volunteer & Training Manager - who will work closely with the Mentoring Co-ordinator to recruit and train appropriate volunteers.

“I think I've found my home away from home. The facilities are amazing and completely safe to use, the staff are very polite and engaging with you as shown by the fact that they actually play the games with you and the whole place will just simply wash your anxieties away”

Alex - age 15