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Somali families support project

Support for families & women facing financial & hardships, struggling to improve life for themselves and their families. Young people access educational support, mentoring and advice on employment.
Provide live skills training for long term unemployed individuals to come off benefit and into work

12 months

Charity information: Ocean Somali Community Association

Ocean Somali Community Association
  • Need


    OSCA has been providing support services for Somali refugee families for the past 15 years, through our intervention work; The project aims to work with Somali refugees parents, who have are lacking parenting skills, lacking basic understanding of UK education system and can’t help their children. Somali parents are lacking the basic parent’s skills to be able to deal with stress, child protection, the ability to work with professionals and teenage issues in UK. We aim to improve life for famile


    BAME parents or families presenting very complex issues. The aim of ‘strengthening families, strengthening communities’ is to enable troubled Somali families in London to achieve a better quality of life by empowering parents. This course will cover core parenting skills, initial skills assessment, the building blocks for success; family and community violence; ethnic/cultural roots. Working closely with Social services in Newham & Tower Hamlets; as we have seen a large number of Somali parents

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase parental skills for Somali parents by gaining professional advice & attending 12wks course


    » offer 12weeks parental course & family planning, managing difficulties, accessing advice & Improve parents understand on social services/child protect

    What success will look like

    The impact will be to help vulnerable Somali parents enhance their relationships with their children and each other by building an effective strategy of parenting at home.

  • Impact


    Give parents suitable and alternative ways to deal with disruptive behavior. Setting & maintaining limits for behaviors will include problems encountered during bedtimes, eating, rivalry, aggression, tantrums, homework and social issues. Helping Parent’s manage children and their own emotions & seeing the positive effects of showing emotion. Give time to think about their own parenting style, consider how their own life & experiences on how they relate to their kids.tackle domestic violence


    To the project has no major risks. However, some risks include;
    - Lack of interest- We have large number of parents wanting to attend classes
    - Parents not engaging- Our qualified staff speak to the language and are trained to deal with any potential risks
    - Over demands- we will manage this by allowing up to 15 students per class.


    We will monitor project on regular basis, keep funders informed its impact for families. they will receive monthly reports and we will publicize the project to wider organisations including media and emails.
    We will invite our supporters to attend the celebration events and meet parents

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    Why Us?

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