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Alive and Active

This summer we will run a sports programme to provide 140 disadvantaged children and young people (C&YP), aged 11-14, with healthy, fun outlets and enable them to be active and happy over the holidays. Programme entails aerobics/ dancing sessions, and a 2-week trip focused on sport and activeness.

August 2017 - September 2017

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  • Need


    Inactivity, boredom and disadvantage that C&YP experience most starkly during holidays.
    Most users' parents earn low wages and have to work throughout the holidays. They cannot afford family trips/holiday activities.
    'Renting is more unaffordable in Hackney than majority of London boroughs (London’s Poverty Profile), thus many C&YP live without access to gardens, they don’t spend enough time outdoors and lack healthy, fun activities.


    The project will alleviate the deprivation C&YP experience starkly during summertime. They will be engaged and active throughout the holidays, starting with 2 weeks of enjoyable aerobics/dancing sessions and outdoor play, alongside professional sports instructors.
    Follow that, the 2-week holiday trip, will introduce them to the countryside/sea, where they will get in touch with nature, take part in sports and healthy outlets, and become encouraged to keep up the health and activeness back home.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Get C&YP out and about and involved in sports and activeness


    » Run eight sessions of aerobics, dance and outdoor play, focused on improving skills and fitness.
    » Daily on-ground sports activities at the summer holiday residential trips, including use of playing-fields and swimming pool.
    » Twice weekly outings to local beaches and parks, to get in touch with nature up close and enjoy free play.

    What success will look like

    Reports from the sports instructors at initial sessions and group leaders at the residential trip of C&YP's participation, activeness and sports development.

    Aim 2

    Give disadvantaged C&YP exciting opportunities to increase happiness and broaden horizons.


    » Outings to boating lake and cycling tracks.
    » Grand outing to gym and sports centre where they can put the skills they've learnt to use in a very exiting way.

    What success will look like

    Observe C&YP's excitement and happiness during outings and activities.
    Hear from C&YP about their experiences and any changes in outlook through questionnaries after the project.

  • Impact


    Through engaging with the natural world and healthy activities over the summer, C&YP will be encouraged to seek out the natural areas near their home, so they can keep getting out and take on a more active lifestyle in general.
    We will liaise with schools to see if/how C&YP are using break times to take-up healthy and active play. We will ask C&YP to complete a survey of what they do in their free time, before the project and 2 months after, to see the long term affects on their lifestyle.


    Safety, security, and health risks.
    To address the risks of C&YP’s safety being compromised during the project, we will ensure that all sports instructor and group leaders are DBS checked, will attend pre-project safeguarding training, and are familiar with our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.
    We will prepare and follow a comprehensive risk assessment for all aspects of health, injury and security that all staff/volunteers will be accustomed with and trained to adhere to.


    We will send an end-of-project report to donors and will include feedback from the C&YP themselves and photos of the activities they helped fund.
    We will also let donors know if there are any necessary changes to the programme.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Sports sessions 24 sports sessions (8 sessions each for 120 C&YP divided into 3 groups).
      £15,000 Countryside accommodation To sleep 135 (120 C&YP + 15 volunteers) for 2 weeks
      £3,900 Transport 3 coaches x £350 London-Venue =£1050,return £2100. 3 coaches x£100 for 3 outings=£300,return£600 x 3
      £600 Boating outing Rowing, kayaking, paddle-boating: £5 x 120 C&YP
      £360 Cycle track outing £3 per cycle hire x 120 C&YP
      £1,165 Sports centre hire Complete gym and workout facilities
      £8,775 Hot cooked suppers £3 x 135 (120 C&YP + 15 volunteers) x 13 nights = £5,265. Cook's salary £1,950. Disposables £1,560.
      £4,200 Additional food Sandwiches & snacks, £300 per day x 14 days

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Souter Chariablte Trust £5,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Highlights is based in the London borough of Hackney, an area long known for its high levels of deprivation. Statistics show (Hackney JSNA) that 'all of Hackney's wards are among the top 10% of most deprived wards, nationally'.
    London's Poverty Profile cites that 'unemployment (in Hackney) is above average for London', which means that many families find it hard to make ends meet and many C&YP are therefore deprived of the amenities of life.
    In this deprived area our work is very much needed.


    C&YP living in inner-city London, mostly the borough of Hackney, and some from nearby Haringey too.
    The project is geared to C&YP from these area aged 11-14, and living in financial want.
    As a result, (or otherwise) many of these C&YP often face challenges at school too e.g. learning difficulties, lack of social-skills. We will work with the local schools and welfare organisations to determine which C&YP are neediest and stand to benefit most from our summer programme.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As an organisation that has been working with local C&YP for 8+ years, we are well acquainted with their specific needs and with what works, where, when, and best for them.
    Our management committee and group leaders have amassed invaluable experience over the years, as well as the organisational know-how to plan and manage projects successfully.

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    Leah Monheit

    Leah will plan the plan the project through to its completion, making arrangements/bookings. A meticulous organiser with advanced technical skills.

    Tziporah Gluck

    Senior staff member who will accompany the organisation on the residential trip, offering leadership, guidance, support and a responsible presence.