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Fairbeats Holiday Music - Refugee Action Kingston

To provide three x 3-day holiday music clubs for children at Refugee Action Kingston. The children face profound challenges including destitution, homelessness and depression. Music gives them an escape, a way to express themselves without language barriers, and an opportunity to make friends.

July 2017 - March 2018

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  • Need


    Through consultation with families at Refugee Action Kingston we know that around 95% of children have little or no access to music opportunities and barriers and challenges prevent them from accessing music provision. When they are enabled to make music in a safe and supportive environment children become happier and more confident. Fairbeats often experiences children with challenging behaviour finding that music is the activity that they can engage with, keeps them focused and calm.


    Fairbeats Holiday Music provides children at Refugee Action Kingston with three opportunities during the course of one year to access music in an environment that meets their specific needs. The mother of a previous Fairbeats participant stated that "The flute makes him feel like he has something, something to grab hold of that keeps him going and makes him feel like he isn't wasting away. It makes him feel like he's worth something."

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To run three x 3-day courses in August 2017, October 2017, and February 2018.


    » Consultation with Refugee Action Kingston and its families about the courses, empowering participants to be part of shaping the project.
    » Promoting the course via Refugee Action Kingston to recruit 10-15 participants for each holiday course.
    » Recruiting 2 x music leaders and 1 x trainee to run the music workshops.
    » Planning and delivering a suitable programme of activity for each course taking into account the children's needs and interests.

    What success will look like

    - 3 courses delivered that are rated good or outstanding by staff and children
    - At least 15 participants completing each course
    - 1 new song/piece created during each course

    Aim 2

    To support participants to continue music beyond the course through ‘next step’ opportunities.


    » Identifying suitable ‘next step’ opportunities at local venues/organisations (opportunities might include concert tickets or 1-to-1 music lessons).
    » Completing an assessment of participants taking on next step opportunities to ensure their support needs are met.

    What success will look like

    - At least 5 participants in total progressing to next step opportunities
    - 2 partnerships with local venues/organisations providing next step opportunities

    Aim 3

    To increase the children’s levels of happiness and confidence during each course.


    » Giving children choice within the workshops so they feel empowered, listened to and valued.
    » Structuring courses to include a balanced and varied mix of activities, eg including warm-up games enabling the children to get to know one another.
    » Ensuring staff are equipped with effective behaviour management tools and methods, including having a reward system in place.
    » Meeting with Refugee Action Kingston before each project to discuss the circumstances and needs of the children enrolled.

    What success will look like

    - At least 80% of children report an increase in happiness and confidence
    - Anecdotal evidence from parents that their children's lives have been enriched through music

  • Impact


    The project will embed a culture of music making at Refugee Action Kingston and within the lives of the participants. They will have the support and confidence to pursue the opportunities available to them once the course ends. Fairbeats participants go on to do better at school and be happier at home as a result of learning music. The project will be part of Fairbeats ongoing work to profile and champion the powerful role music plays in the lives of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.


    Recruiting participants most in need of the opportunity - by working in partnership with a grassroots charity like Refugee Action Kingston we know that we are reaching those most in need and that we will reach recruitment targets.

    Providing an appropriate offer for vulnerable children - Fairbeats has spent 7 years creating and testing a model and approach that delivers tailored activity for its target group. Staff are trained each year in order to ensure they have the necessary skills.


    Donors will receive a report at the end of each course, including a summary of the activities, outcomes and impact, and a case study. Where possible recordings of the music will be shared. Donors will also be invited to attend performances given at the end of each course.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £450 Project management Fee for Project Manager to plan and coordinate all activity.
      £1,800 Music Leaders Fees for two Music Leaders to deliver the courses.
      £450 Music Leader Trainee Fee for one Music Leader Trainee to support the courses and receive training 'on the job'.
      £200 Equipment Purchasing instruments and resources.
      £300 Room hire Contribution to Refugee Action Kingston's room hire costs.
      £300 Food and travel Funds to cover food and travel costs for participants.
      £500 'Next steps' fund Bursary fund to support participants into 'next step' opportunities after the courses.
      £400 Overheads Overheads @ 10% of delivery costs.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    National Foundation for Youth Music £400 Guaranteed
    Refugee Action Kingston - in-kind support £1,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    In Kingston 26.9% of the borough’s population was born outside of the UK; 5,866 households have nobody with English as the main language. In 2015-16 Refugee Action Kingston worked with 3306 clients. Mental health illness is a serious concern and 50% experience social isolation. Income is low, many find it difficult to provide nutritious meals and food bank demand is increasing. Kingston has a relatively low level of arts organisations meaning it is more difficult to access music locally.


    The primary beneficiaries are children ages 5-13. Through sharing the music they learn with their families at home and at end-of-course performances, parents/carers and siblings benefit also. Staff and volunteers at Refugee Action Kingston benefit from learning about how to deliver music activities. Fairbeats staff, particularly the Trainee, develop new skills for leading music workshops with refugees and asylum seekers. The wider sector benefits from learning through Fairbeats case studies.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Fairbeats has delivered music projects since 2009 and has a strong track record of creating high quality projects that result in positive outcomes for children, and a well-developed delivery model. Our partnership with Refugee Action Kingston is well established and positive.

    Fairbeats is viewed as a leader in its field and is the only organisation specialising in providing music education and opportunities for primary school-aged refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in London.

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    Jennifer Raven

    Jennifer is Fairbeats Co-Founder and is an experienced manager. She will be responsible for project reporting and donor relations.

    Catherine Carter

    Catherine is Fairbeats Co-Founder and is an experienced manager and music leader. Catherine will be responsible for overall project delivery.

    Lydia Hepworth

    Lydia is one of Fairbeats' most experienced music leaders. Lydia will be responsible for planning and delivering high quality music courses.

    Jenny Arokiasamy

    Jenny is Coordinator at Refugee Action Kingston. She will be responsible for recruiting participants and liaising with their families.


Pays for four new ukuleles

"The flute makes him feel like he has something, something to grab hold of that keeps him going and makes him feel like he isn't wasting away. It makes him feel like he's worth something."

Parent of Fairbeats child Leone