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Where Sunflowers Grow

Like sunlight is a core commodity for flowers; so too our 300 budding children need sunlight and summer fun to ensure a happy and healthy childhood which will invigorate them for a new school year and fill their energy reserves to tackle daily challanges confronted by poverty.

5 weeks during school summer holidays

Charity information: Blooming Blossoms Trust

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    1)Poverty and accommodation are key challenges for families where children have no access
    to safe outdoor play.Hackney and in particular our users`wards,lies in 20%most deprived
    areas in England(Knowing our Communities). Although there are camps available-their sponsored or cost reduced places are over subscribed.Our 300 users can not afford fees.
    40% of our users are learning disabled,although learning is not a dominent focus, many have trouble understanding instructions,focusing e.t.c activi


    Sunflowers offers a 5 week Summer Day Camp for over 300 disadvantaged children.It will also stimulate 45 local teenagers who can not afford to travel/attend sleep away camp.This will be thrilling chance for them to earn an income!
    We offer safe and supervised play space to an upwards of 300 disadvantaged children. It also offers a rich programme including trips,sports and creative skills building clubs.
    We focus on integrating disabled users into our program by supporting them accordingly.

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    Why Us?

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