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The Eastside Summer School

The Eastside Summer School will offer a transformative educational experience for children from low-income families across London. An intensive summer school programme will be delivered in partnership with Wymondham College. Activities will focus on arts, academic attainment and general wellbeing.

July 2017 - August 2017

Charity information: Eastside Young Leaders' Academy

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  • Need


    The Summer School represents the foundation of a long-term approach to promoting social mobility. It is well established that high-quality schooling is essential to giving young people the best start in life. Talented children from low income families are less hampered by their talents, and more by the restrictions they become accustomed to through their environment. EYLA believes passionately that with young people, 'what they see is what they'll be', and the summer school captures that.


    Through its Scholars programme, EYLA has developed a unique educational niche enabling young people from less well-off backgrounds to access some of the best independant and state boarding schools. We know that there are far more children capable of benefitting from that kind of experience than we are able to handle through the Scholars programme. The Summer School model provides a means of widening access, and creating an experience that will have lasting benefits for the participants.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Broaden educational & life aspirations for 100 young people from low income families across London


    » Deliver the summer school in partnership with Wymondham College state boarding school in Norfolk

    Minimum of 90% of participants complete two-week summer school; ongoing tracking to monitor subsequent performance in exams compared with predictions

    Aim 2

    Provide accelerated support for academic attainment for summer school participants


    » Provide teaching, coaching, and support in study skills, exam techniques, and motivation

    Benchmark testing at commencement and conclusion of summer school

    Aim 3

    Build self-regard & wellbeing through encouragement of healthy diet & exercise habits


    » Provision of healthy food or duration of summer school, accompanied by teaching and coaching; outdoor activities to build team spirit and motivation

    Continued engagement with participants and their families through EYLA programmes to facilitate periodic monitoring and feedback

  • Impact


    Our experience with similar programmes has produced beneficial changes including: better school reports; exceeding expectations of performance at exams; higher levels of participation in further & higher education by comparison with peers; and lower levels of progression into 'NEET' status. These changes will help to build a broader culture of expectation within the communities we work with, such that young people maintain higher levels of self-motivation and engagement with society


    Early departures from programme - this risk will be minimised through a simple pre-screening process to assess motivation and parental support

    Withdrawal due to 'culture shock' - again minimised through pre-screening, as well as through adequate levels of pastoral support through volunteer mentors

    Lack of engagement - minimised through design of engaging programme, support and challenge through volunteer mentors

    Safeguarding - pre-screening to assess vulnerability; clear procedures in place


    An end-of-project report will be provided and will be shared through EYLA's website and social media presence; a further impact report will be compiled to provide feedback on participant attainments in terms of exams and other periodic assessments

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £55,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Workshop leader costs Fees for three lead facilitators
      £5,000 Travel Transport costs for 100 young people
      £15,000 Accommodation Board & lodging for two weeks at Wymondham College
      £7,500 Food & refreshment Purchase & preparation of food for participants, leaders & mentors
      £7,500 Volunteer costs Fees & expenses for volunteer mentors
      £5,000 Materials Purchase/rental of materials & activities for two week summer school
  • Background


    The summer school will take place at Wymondham College in Norfolk. Wymondham support (through receiving students) the Eastside Scholars programme, and their involvement represents an extension of their work with EYLA. The hosting of the summer school in a very different environment from where the participants live (overwhelmingly east London, in areas of relatively high social and economic deprivation) is an integral part of the learning experience for the young people


    The young people will most directly benefit from the programme, through an experience which will reinforce their self-belief and motivation, and broaden their horizons at a key stage in their lives in a way which we believe will have lasting impact. Wymondham College will also benefit through a practical opportunity to extend their outreach into less well-off communities, giving their teaching staff the opportunity to engage with young people outside their usual sphere of engagement

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    EYLA has an unrivalled track record in raising the educational performance of young people at risk of falling out of mainstream schooling. Its traditional focus has been on young boys of African & Caribbean descent - more than 3000 have passed through EYLA's programmes over fifteen years. More recently, the Scholars programme has enabled life changing educational opportunities for more than 100 young people through brokerage of scholarships at leading boarding/independent schools

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    Ray Lewis

    Workshop designer & leader, CEO of EYLA

    Anne Collard

    Workshop leader & administrator, Project Manager at EYLA