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46th Summer Project

To provide families on very low income with days away from their Council Estate environment. The families catered for represent a wide cultural variety of people of faiths. This is essential to the purpose to the project which is to build community cohesion.

August 2017 - August 2017

Charity information: Neighbours In Poplar

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  • Need


    The project is trying to solve the inequalities which exist within the area of E14 (London Borough of Tower Hamlets). From our work in local schools we are aware of the huge poverty which exists with many families. This precludes any possibility of having a holiday away. There is high unemployment in this area (Poplar is 6th highest in unemployment in Tower Hamlets). The project provides days away at minimal cost for struggling families. Experience has shown that this is most appreciated.


    Our project provides days away at the seaside and elsewhere for a fraction of the cost of public transport. It also provides very cheap days at local venues for children, we are very close to Canary Wharf, the O2 and the Olympic Park. In addition, we hope to provide 7 Fun Days on Estates where we will provide art, drama and other activities. Bringing people together, across the divides of culture, language, faith and age is so important in an area where hate-crime has been common.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Our main aim is to nurture and create community cohesion.


    » Day Trips for families: depending on our funding we will have as many trips as possible. These are essential to quality of life during the summer.
    » Estate based activities: We run a Fun Day on each of the Estates in our area encouraging residents of all ages to come together and have fun.
    » Poplar's Got Talent: This is very important in raising young peoples self-confidence as many are talented but have never had the opportunity to shine
    » Sports and other activities: We have the use of a Leisure Centre which offers two football pitches. A tournament will be the high point of the summer

    What success will look like

    Based on last years evaluation, it would seem that we have the right menu of activities and trips and met majority of the needs expressed. A report will be generated at the end.

  • Impact


    The long-term changes will include greater harmony within the community, fewer race related crimes, the growth of local community activities. For example, greater interest in ESOL, Sewing, Gardening and Keep Fit activities for men and women. Several of the Estates have begun local classes and sessions and we want to encourage the growth of these locally. We hope that bringing people together will help promote the advantages of seeking training and up skilling in the search for employment.


    The risks would include not having enough trained and vetted volunteers to staff the project. To avoid this we will begin recruiting and training volunteers in May. Supervision will be provided by experienced Neighbours In Poplar staff. Funding shortage is another risk which would minimise our activities, however, we will be fundraising in as many ways as possible between now and August. Obviously, the extent of our project will depend on our funds.


    We will keep photographic evidence, registers and questionnaires also testimonials from participants. All of this will be gathered in a report which will be available online for donor to see.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £14,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,120 Art & Drama 7 Workshops
      £2,500 Co-ordination Total Programme
      £7,300 Coach Hire 17 Day Trips
      £400 Volunteer Exp. Total Programme
      £2,100 Estate Fun Day Bouncy Castle etc.
      £580 Hall Hire Sound Equipment for Poplar's Got Talent
  • Background


    Neighbours In Poplar have worked in Poplar since 1969. During this time demographics of the area have changed dramatically. The docks which provided employment for 100s of families have closed and have been replaced by the affluence of Canary Wharf. The disparity between the Wharf and the local community is very evident.

    Poplar has a very high population of under 15s, 67% of residents are from BME backgrounds with 41% coming from Bangladesh. Unemployment is 15.7%, the London figure is 8.9%


    19% of the wards working age population is classified as long term unemployed compared to the Borough average of 13.5%. The families who will benefit most from this project are those on low income and from crowded homes. Many of the families we work with are living in overcrowded flats with few local facilities. Few have gardens and many of the young people congregate on stairwells and shop corners with no where else to go. The project trips excludes all families who have holidays booked.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Staff and volunteers who make up Neighbours In Poplar all live locally and represent the cultural diversity of the area. Many have happy memories of coming themselves on trips when their families could not afford any kind of holiday. They can remember long August Days with nothing to do and nowhere to go and ending up in trouble with Police and Local Authorities. We have been providing some kind of programme over each summer since 1970, accommodating the changed demographics of the area.

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    Amrana Begum

    Amrana will recruit and train the volunteers. She works in a local comprehensive school and has extensive experience in this field.

    Alkhad Ali

    Sports Manager in the Workhouse Leisure Centre. He has held this post for over 5 years and knows local young people very well.

    Muna Ali

    Muna will co-ordinate and plan the Estate Fun Days. She works in a local school and known many of the BME families very well.

    Sister Christine Frost

    She will co-ordinate the entire project, which she has done for the last 45 years. She lives and works in the area and is well known.

"This project is a lifeline for myself and my family"

Shaheda Begum