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Drama makes me Calmer

A drama therapy Summer Camp will help 116 socially isolated children; with a history of petty crime, school absenteeism, disobedience and behavioural and emotional difficulties triggered by the tensions of poverty.Our idea is to give them respite from the stresses and a chance to express themselves

August 2017 - August 2017

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  • Need


    Our drama therapy camps aims to bring relief and calm,teach coping skills and self expression to 116 children grappling with homes which are broken and stressed due to extreme financial conditions- In cases where the children`s environmental challenges have a history of adversely affected their behavior and emotions;behaviorally and socially.
    Our users have demonstrated anti-social and behavioral problem similar to diagnosable disorders yet Counselors has rooted it to advanced poverty.


    We will take the children to the refreshing environment in British countryside(Uttoxeter as elected by users) Far away from their school and home stresses. Here they will be able to diffuse their anger ,their anxiety and overwhelming responsibilities. They will also find solace from other kids,teens and volunteers who are experiencing similar ordeals.
    Aside for standard trips and programs which are luxuries and rare opportunities for our users, we will focus on Drama as a therapeutic outlet.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    A 2 week camp-rare opportunity to kids who will otherwise stay in city with no safe entertainment


    » We will take 116 children a 2 week retreat in the British Countryside where we will offer trips,sports, talent, skills clubs and healthy meals

    We will produce photos and videos of our retreat and ask children to fill feedback forms. We work with users who have never traveled to camp or with their families on holidays.

    Aim 2

    Support children to de-stress and diffuse emotional blockages in an optimal healing environment .


    » The environment will be conducive to help our users diffuse tension and anger.Our trips will supplement this effect-rock climbing,horse riding...
    » Daily Drama Therapy sessions and rehearsals for a grand performance produced by users
    » Provide free opportunities for children to meet with therapists and mentors confidentially and in a stigma free environment.
    » Teach coping skills to children who face regular challenges which can effect them emotionally as well as empower kids with crises management skills-

    Our children and our therapist will fill before and after forms about their emotional health. We will work with our users` teachers and parents to evaluate behavior improvement.

    Aim 3

    Ensure that 116 disadvantaged don`t miss out on a free meal when school is out-they will receive 3!


    » Offer 3 balanced nutritious meals as well as fun healthy snacks to kids who depend on their free school meal and are left hungry on holidays.

    We will provide 3 meals daily and can demonstrate menus,receipts and pics of users enjoying meals as well as users` comments regarding meals on feedback forms.

    Aim 4

    Uncover and hone skills and talents which will boost children`s self esteem and confidence


    » Drama sessions as a therapeutic outlet and to uncover talents. Users will feel proud and fulfilled;performing improves confidence and self-esteem.
    » Daily sports sessions including,swimming,netball,cycling... enables children to be valued for abilities whilst not being judged for academic failure.
    » We empower users with leadership and teamwork skills whilst working on their production.
    » We empower users with practical skills such as sticking to budget for their performance,problem solving, creating costumes,props ,music for show.

    We can produce video and pics of our performance and drama sessions. Demonstrate users Swimming Success certificates. As well as share users feedback about how their success feels

    Aim 5

    To give children on the social fringes a new chance to build healthy and lasting relationships


    » We provide an opportunity for socially isolated youth to mingle together in an accepting and non-prejudiced environment.
    » We pair children with Big Brother/Sister volunteers- past users who has experienced similar challenges and have overcome them.

    69% of our users wrote on application form that they have no good friends. We will observe our users social success throughout project and ask them to reevaluate this at camp end.

  • Impact


    Being able to express oneself helps children to manage their emotions and develop resilience, sense of self, nurturing their mental health and well being.These skills are deciding factors in creating a healthy childhood and smooth transitioning into adulthood particularly in the face of disadvantage.Drama makes me Calmer ` helps children develop the tool of self-expression, via drama therapy in a relaxed environment.
    Finally,fun,friends-basically a happy childhood is a rule for future succes


    We have evaluated challenges to project and drew a risk assessment. We have identified health, financial and project risks and planned necessary precautions/ contingency options

    Health & safety: As a preliminary measure all our staff are DBS Checked and first aid certified and familiar with our health and safety policies. Safeguarding officers will ensure above. We have therapists on site.

    We are aware actively fund-raise and cautiously budget
    Contingency activities for bad weather.


    We will produce monitoring reports for ourselves and for donors.
    Donors, if they desire will receive updates, reports,pictures via social media, email or post.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £70,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £5,000 transport For journey and trips,special van for disabled user
      £25,000 Accomadation accomadation for two weeks
      £8,000 Food 3 meals daily and snack
      £10,000 Therapists fees drama therapist, music therapist psychotherapist
      £8,000 Outdoor Trip fees Trips to fruit picking, horse-riding, speed-boating
      £7,000 performance stage hire, materials, lighting, sound, props, drama coaches
      £2,000 admin and safety Project Manager and Admin
      £5,000 publicity and printing publicity, insurance, materials (paperware, arts n crafts)
  • Background


    Our summer camp will be located in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. A scenic rural market down which lends a refreshing ambiance to our users.
    Our service users are of the poorest members in BAME communities in London’s most deprived boroughs of Hackney and Haringey. According to the SAOs, Hackney was the eleventh most deprived local authority overall in England in the 2015 Index of Multiple Deprivation. Hackney and Haringey are both busy city areas and are not safe for kids to freely play alone.


    We work with 116 primary school age children ages at social fringes who have a history of
    bullying, being bullied and those who have consistent records of school
    turbulence, absentism, expulsion, detention and other classroom consequences in addition to
    children from unhealthy or dysfunctional/single parent led homes.
    Aside for the above challenges, all our users grapple with extreme financial conditions and are
    eligible for free school meals.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Experience is our advantage as we delivered similar projects such as, performance and holidays club. With hindsight we reviewed all previous monitoring and evaluations and engage potential users for their input. This project is an innovation to previous project yet all encompassing and addressing specific need of kids affected emotionally by stresses.

    We have wonderful rapport with targeted users who feel comfortable,valued and safe at our projects.
    We have bronze and silver youth quality mark

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    Mrs M Taub

    1-1 therapist available to talk to users an on site as a precaution.

    Mrs T Friedman

    Music therapist

    Mr Lipa Fuchs

    Youth worker with 15 years experience working with children on social fringes