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Project information

Promoting Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education Project will enable children with a hearing impairment to attend mainstream government primary schools in their local community. It will involve families and communities in all stages of the project and will ensure schools have trained staff and suitable teaching materials.

September 2016 - June 2021

Charity information: Nicky's Foundation

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  • Need


    In Cameroon, many people believe that disability is a curse from God and that a person with a disability is punished for his/her wicked acts and so there is no need to be concerned about them. These negatives attitudes are further intensified when persons with disabilities are segregated from their counterparts during studies. Both groups never learn to interact and appreciate each other which often leads to children with disabilities developing low self esteem and under achieving academically


    The project will enable learners with hearing impairment to attend mainstream government primary schools in their communities since it will provide suitably trained teachers and a learning environment and access to the general curriculum for all learners. Training for teaching and support staff will be provided on an ongoing basis and educational materials will be available for the learners. Children with hearing impairment will learn side by side their peers, sharing the same classroom.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    For 10 students to attend the Inclusive Project year on year for 5 years


    » There is an ongoing sensitisation campaign in the area served by the project. This campaign is distributing information to all communities

    What success will look like

    Number of children registered with the project

    Aim 2

    To change the perception within communities that children with disabilities have 'no worth'


    » Educative talks promoting the rights of persons living with disabilities are included as part of the sensitisation campaign
    » Stakeholders such as traditional leaders; teachers; parents and other students are included in shaping the project
    » Training in sign language and communication is delivered to all teachers in the Inclusive School; and to parents; students & members of the community

    What success will look like

    Undertaking semi structured interviews to gather views relating to persons with disabilities. This activity will happen before the commencement of the project and after

    Aim 3

    For students with a hearing impairment to graduate through primary into secondary education


    » Create a resource room for students joining the project where they can be taught sign language and become proficient in signing in class 1
    » Sign language interpreters will work alongside teaching staff in the classroom to ensure lessons are clearly communicated and children are supported

    What success will look like

    No of children graduating from each year group as compared to the number of children registered at the start of the school year

  • Impact


    - perception of students both with and without hearing impairment promoting an inclusive society.
    Gather views of students through focus groups, interviews
    - Improved self esteem; social acceptance; overall educational performance; skill development; career opportunities for children with a hearing impairment
    Numbers of children registered; graduating, employed as compared to before project commenced
    - Growing up within their community and with their family


    1.If key stakeholders do not cooperate then the project will fail
    Mitigated by including all stakeholders in the development phase to ensure 'buy-in'
    2. If key partners fail to contribute to the project then the project may fail
    Mitigated by development of Memorandum of Understanding and sign up to ensure roles and responsibilities are clear
    3. If insufficient funds are raised the project might fail
    Mitigated by starting with small numbers of students to ensure funding can be found to support


    An annual evaluation will be carried out and report submitted to all key stakeholders including donors.
    Updates will be provided via the website and other social media platforms

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,500 Transport Costs/lodgings Assisting some families to transport their child to school and to attend meetings
      £2,000 Transport Nicky's Foundation volunteers may be required to provide home visits to engage with families
  • Background


    Government Primary School Banya is located in Mamfe, Manyu Division in South West Cameroon. Mamfe is a small town in a rural location which has only been connected via tar road within the last 5 years. There are minimal health and educational resources available to children living with disabilities in Mamfe and the surrounding area


    Children with a hearing impairment living in Manyu Division will be the primary beneficiaries.
    Secondary beneficiaries will be the families and the wider communities as these children will be educated and able to aspire to professional careers in the future

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Director, Regional Coordinator and Divisional Coordinator of Nicky's Foundation are very familiar with the needs of the population as they form the team delivering sensitisation to the people of Manyu Division.
    It is from the intelligence gained from the sensitisation campaign that this desperate need has been identified and they are committed to improving educational opportunities for these children

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    Thomson Ntuba Ntuba

    Project Manager. Chief of Social Centre, Mamfe (Ministry of Social Affairs) & Regional Coordinator of Nicky's Foundation. Key coordinator of project

    Nicky Smith

    Sponsor and Director of Nicky's Foundation. Dividing her time in half between living in Mamfe and living in UK provides leadership for project

    Glory Agho

    Director , Empowerment and Inclusive Development, Baptist Health Convention. Experienced in the field and key partner and sponsor to the project

    Hansel Ndengu

    Divisional Coordinator Nicky's Foundation. Ministry of Social Affairs Staff at Social Centre Mamfe. working directly to engage with families


Will sponsor a child with a hearing impairment to attend school alongside their peers for one year