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Project information

Legal support for vulnerable EU women

In the wake of Brexit, demand for our specialist services is higher than ever. We are finding that vulnerable EU women are amongst the most affected groups with little or no other means of support and we intend to meet this need to ensure that they receive fair access to justice.

Each of our projects runs from 3-5 years and adapts to on-going needs and priorities.

Charity information: Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (AIRE) Centre

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  • Need


    The project is trying to solve the lack of access to legal information for vulnerable European women who are experiencing rights denials linked to their immigration status.
    We aim to reduce the incidences of rights abuses through early intervention in their cases.
    We are also responding to an increasing demand to build the capacity of public services and voluntary groups to support these women in complex cases to fight rights abuses.


    Our project aims to respond to the problem with a multifaceted approach. The legal advice line is open five days a week and responds to calls from both individuals and practitioners.
    We provide specialised training and capacity building programmes, and our self-help education toolkits are designed to equip vulnerable women with information and guidance on their cases. When needed we can also provide legal representation.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Equipping women with the understanding and ability to resolve issues and access their rights before


    » Responding to queries through our existing advice line
    » Individual prison consultations and group advice surgeries
    » Deliver free, written legal advice on relevant European law issues.
    » Training and workshops directly with the vulnerable European female prisoners

    What success will look like

    Qualitative case studies and follow up feedback questionnaires to both the women and the practitioners that received advice and training.

    Aim 2

    Build the capacity of prison staff and organisations to identify and address vulnerability.


    » We will provide bespoke advice either through our advice line or fact sheets
    » We will deliver bespoke training sessions to NGO’s, prison staff, and other practitioners.

    What success will look like

    Track numbers and scope of training and following gain feedback on the training from trainees.

    Aim 3

    Raise awareness of the right abuses experienced by EEA national women in the UK.


    » Produce publications including blogs, journal contributions, and input to national and international new sources.
    » Fact Sheets in reader-friendly, non-legal, non-jargon text.
    » Sharing of information and case studies through our social media accounts and our website

    What success will look like

    Track contribution to platforms, nationally and internationally, on rights denials. Track dissemination of information tools provided for statutory and voluntary groups, and record

    Aim 4

    Legal representation when needed:


    » In instances where advice requests demand representation at domestic tribunals and hearings, this project will provide representation free of charge.

    What success will look like

    Track cases where The AIRE Centre has provided advice and/or representation and the outcomes (issues resolved/decisions reversed/successful appeals etc.)

  • Impact


    Reducing costly and lengthy appeals in the UK tribunals and courts, demonstrated by successful early intervention and reversal of decisions.
    Improving access to wider support services amongst vulnerable groups of EEA national women, including mental health, rehabilitation, welfare and housing.
    Improved wider understanding of the needs of vulnerable EEA national women in the UK.
    Training will strengthen the legal, advice, and NGO sector as a whole to better understand and implement European law.


    The AIRE Centre currently runs several successful projects with EEA national women. This funding will increase our capacity to provide our services, deliver urgent support and intervene early in complex cases.
    As a result, there is limited risk involved in the distribution of funds but the prospect of limited service provision and/or capacity to meet urgent needs in the absence of further funding.


    We will report to donors using a combination of methods. Updates shall be provided through social media content, website updates, newsletters, and our annual report.
    As with our other projects we can comply with the monitoring and evaluation criteria of donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £12,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,500 Capacity building Capacity building and information sessions to NGO, advocates and lawyers
      £1,500 Information sheets Information sheets on EU rights relating to vulnerable European women migrants
      £5,500 Advice Advice surgeries and written legal advice to EEA migrant women directly
      £1,500 Digital Reporting Collating experiences of the project, to promote policy makers to effect change
  • Background


    The AIRE Centre supports European migrants across the UK.
    Our offices are based in London and we accept referrals according to the merits of the case.
    We deliver outreach and training throughout the UK as needed.


    The individuals who will benefit from our project are vulnerable European women who have experienced exploitation and/or trauma as a direct result of their immigration status. This includes victims of human trafficking, forced servitude, sexual exploitation and domestic violence.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The AIRE Centre is a specialist legal charity, based in London, which provides free legal advice on human rights law and European Union law with the aim of improving access to justice amongst the most vulnerable migrant groups.
    We have been working in this sector for over twenty years and are the only dedicated source of legal support to vulnerable EEA migrants within our project areas.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mathew Evans

    Director of the AIRE centre, he undertakes strategic litigation in both the domestic UK and European Courts and provides support on the advice line

    Markella Papadouli

    Trafficking project manager, provides free legal advice and representation to trafficking victims and training.

    Saadiya Chaudary

    Coordinates the Centre’s Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Law Project and undertakes third-party interventions and litigation.

    Emma Lough

    A qualified lawyer and legal project manager of the EEA women in prison project, she also provides legal support on the advice lines.