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Project information

School-Home Support - The SHS Welfare Fund

To give children and families living in extreme poverty a helping hand this Christmas and to improve their chances in education.

September 2018 - August 2019

Charity information: School-Home Support (SHS)

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  • Need


    Today, almost four million children live in poverty in the UK. This number is increasing, and the gap between rich and poor households is wider in the UK than in other developed countries. For many of the children and families this poverty can stand in the way of education. Parents often face the difficult decision of whether to pay for a school uniform or put food on the table for their child. By missing vital education, too many children are finding themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty.


    School-Home Support works with families and children facing severe disadvantage to ensure that children have the support they need to be in school, ready to learn. The SHS Welfare Fund gives the poorest families we work with a helping hand in times of desperate need by providing them with everyday items that many of us take for granted - such as school uniform or a bed to sleep in. By overcoming these barriers to education, children are given the opportunity to escape poverty in the long-term.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To meet the practical needs of children and families in desperate need.


    » The SHS Welfare Fund provides essential items to families who cannot afford them such as school uniform, clothes and emergency food.
    » SHS Practitioners will apply to the Welfare Fund on behalf of children and families in cases of severe poverty.
    » Their applications will then be assessed by Managers of Services. If approved, SHS will purchase the items needed for the family.

    What success will look like

    All funds raised will be used to provide practical support to around 250 families and we will use case studies to show the practical benefit provided by the SHS Welfare Fund.

    Aim 2

    To improve life chances for disadvantaged children and families.


    » The SHS Welfare Fund also opens the door for our practitioners to work with the most disadvantaged families.
    » SHS Practitioners provide practical and emotional support to children and families facing multiple complex issues.

    What success will look like

    We will track school attendance and achievement of the children we work with.

  • Impact


    Providing support to families through the SHS Welfare Fund is often the first step in the journey to turn a child’s life around. Our practitioners continue to work with the family to overcome the issues which are preventing children from attending school. There's a proven link between education and future life chances, with children who miss school more likely to end up unemployed or in prison. SHS support gives children the chance to break the cycle of poverty, school absence and unemployment.


    Being unable to provide to support to every family that needs it - Managers keep a close eye on the Welfare Fund expenditure to ensure it’s being spent where it is most needed.
    Funds being misused - To ensure funds are not misused our practitioners work closely with families, often over several months, and have a clear understanding of the family’s needs. All applications are assessed by managers to ensure there is a genuine need and the funds used will have a significant positive impact.


    We will provide a report to donors on how donations to the Welfare Fund have been spent and the difference it has made. We would also love to keep our supporters up-to-date with our work through our monthly newsletter which contains case studies and updates about School-Home Support’s work.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,600 Beds and bedding For around 40 children and families
      £3,200 Clothes and school uniform For around 50 children and families
      £1,200 Emergency food/ school meals For around 40 children and families
      £3,000 Extra-curricular activities For around 100 children
      £2,100 Furniture For around 20 families
      £3,500 White goods (eg fridge, cooker) for 30 families
      £2,400 Support with school travel For around 70 children
  • Background


    Currently, our work is focused across London, the south-east, and Bradford. All the schools and areas we work in have high levels of poverty. In London, 6 of the 13 boroughs in which we work are among the 20 local authority districts in England with the highest level of income deprivation affecting children, according to the government’s 2015 Indices of Multiple Deprivation. This includes Tower Hamlets where 39.3% of children live in income-deprived households, the highest percentage in England


    Children and families living in extreme poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    SHS has been working with disadvantaged children and families for over thirty years. Our highly-trained and specialist practitioners have a range of skills and experience in working with families and children in a range of settings, and know what it takes to support families to turn their lives around. Last year, of the families we worked with: 73% of persistent absentees improved their attendance, and 82% of pupils identified as having behavioural problems improved their behaviour.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    SHS Practitioners

    Our experienced and specialised SHS practitioners work on the frontline to provide targeted support to disadvantaged children and families.


Could pay for a bed for a child who is currently sleeping on the sofa or floor.

Thank you Katia for helping us get food and a place to rest our heads. Without you we will be sleeping on the streets and no money to buy something to eat.

Danielle, aged 8 (a child supported by the SHS Welfare Fund)