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Rebuilding Lives of People with Pellet Injuries

A humanitarian aid programme helping people with pellet injuries in Kashmir to rebuild their lives by supporting them to access medical aid and rehabilitation services.

September 2016 - December 2020

Charity information: Kashmir Development Foundation

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  • Need


    The right to life, liberty, and security of person has been continuously violated in Jammu Kashmir for decades. Since July 8th, 2016,
    · Over 90 people have been blinded
    635 persons admitted to SMHS hospital with pellet injuries in their eyes,
    · 308 are less than 20-year-old.
    · 60 victims have been less than 15-year old.
    · Over 100 pellets injured victims were treated at SIMS, Srinagar (KMS, 7 Sep. 2016)
    The numbers of such victims are growing as the conflict intensify.


    We want people with pellet injuries to have the chance to rebuild their lives. By providing assistance with appropriate medical aid, rehabilitation services, and information about living with a pellet injury, and building voluntary and community support networks to help victims in the recovery. Increase community understanding of the needs of people living with a pellet injury and campaign nationally and internationally to end the use of pellet guns and other lethal weapons in Kashmir.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enabling access to medical aid


    » We will provide humanitarian aid and logistical support for the victims of pellet injuries to access medical aid within or outside of Jammu Kashmir.

    We will report on the total number of victims with pellet injuries supported as part of this project in accessing medical aid.

    Aim 2

    Rehabilitation Support for people living with pellet injuries.


    » Establishing community networks to support people with pellet injuries in their rehabilitation and indepenent living.

    We will report on the total number of beneficiaries receiving humanitarian aid and rehabilitation support.

    Aim 3

    Campaigning to end violations of human rights and use of pellet gun and lethal weapons in Kashmir.


    » Collecting data and dissemination of information to highlight the plight of the victims of pellet injuries and human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.
    » Building or supporting campaigns at the national and international level to end the use of pellet guns and human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir

    We will work in partnership with other humanitarian aid and civil society organisation to build a campaign to end human rights violations and use of pellet gun in Kashmir.

  • Impact


    Our long term goal is advancing awareness and respect for the right to life, liberty and security of persons at all times and end violations of the fundamental human rights in Jammu Kashmir.
    Furthermore, we will establish networks to enable delivery of Humanitarian aid in all the regions of Jammu Kashmir.


    The State authorities may hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid for the victims of human rights abuses in Kashmir. The access to medical aid and rehabilitation services may get delayed for pellet's victims due to a legal proceeding against them.

    We will work in partnership with public health service providers and local community networks to mitigate any obstacles and enable people living with pellet injuries to rebuild their lives.


    We regularly keep updated on the progress of our project activities and challenges to our donors by the publication of reports on the website and through social media.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £300,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £100,000 Medical Aid Emergency Medical aid for 200 victims of eyesight loss due to pellet injuries
      £150,000 Rehabilitation Support Rehabilitation support for 600 victims of pellet injuries
      £30,000 Community Support Networks Establishing local community support networks to help victims of pellet in rebuilding their lives
      £20,000 Campaigning Building campaign and administration
  • Background


    Indian administered Jammu Kashmir


    People living with pellet injuries and victims of human rights abuses in Jammu Kashmir.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) is a civil society development organisation working for community development and empowering the voices of the underrepresented people and communities to help create the conditions for a just, inclusive and sustainable society by supporting communities to engage in collective action for transformative change.
    We have the capacity and direct networks within affected populations to deliver this project

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    Haji M. Akram Sattar, Haji Abdul Hameed, Ch. Ishfaq, Sardar Aftab Khan, Sofi Yasin, Javed Akhtar, Haji M.Javed

    Chairman - KDF


£50 can help us in buying essential medicine for a pellet victim.

“We sacrificed our Eyesight and lives for your dignity and Freedom"

A Victim of pellet injuries in Kashmir, 2016)