Project information

OWLS Older Wiser Living Sociably

Supporting older people who live alone,a bespoke service Home visit's with an informal assessment of need. Providing them with the required support, out and about meeting new people, providing food and meals, making and attending appointments, , involvement in activities where they can share a skill

October 2016 - December 2018

Charity information: Anfield Breckside Community Council

Anfield Breckside Community Council
  • Need


    Reduce isolation, provide an opportunity for older people to spend less time alone. Ensure they make appointments (doc - hospital etc).
    We know older people have poor diets do not cook for themselves or have mobility problems we want to look to address this issue by providing them with a range of services, gentle exercise - lunches - art and craft - local history - cooking - skill sharing.


    - home visits/regular phone calls. pick us service to bring them to events, lunches outings etc.

    By providing a bespoke service we can look for individual needs and address them as above.

    Contact with others will help to stimulate the brain and keep them physically active. increase mobility and positive outlook by sharing their skills. Giving them a sense of worth

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Reduce isolation


    » Weekly Lunches
    » Gentle Excercise
    » Skill sharing through knowledge - local history, cooking, sewing , gardening.
    » Outings - visits to local events and parks

    What success will look like

    Through the number of engagement with individuals
    The number of visits and activities people are involved in.

    Aim 2

    Increase nutrition and healthy meals.


    » Provide hot meals regularly
    » Cooking sessions to enable them to bulk cook and freeze - share recipes and tips.
    » Grow your own - identify those will skills who can share with others through a growing food programme

    What success will look like

    we will undertake a baseline assessment of current nutrition and meals We will keep a record of the meals that are cooked and the benefits they bring.

    Aim 3

    Increase physical and mental wellbeing


    » All the activities we will undertake will help our 3 rd aim

    What success will look like

    Keeping people mobile and active through the various activities document those that attend and look at participation in general, we will adjust according to need

  • Impact


    Changes will in some cases be measurable by numbers attending and the impact it has on their wellbeing. Long term changes will be evident by the improvement and reduction in isolation
    We will ask 3 questions
    1 how often do you visit your doctor
    2 how many times during the week do you interact with others. i.e visit - family members etc
    3 is there an improvement in your physical and mental wellbeing.
    We will undertake regular evaluations through visual minutes a creative journey of improvement


    The risk is one of confidence and trust from Older People, as a community led organisation it will be local volunteers that will be undertaking the programme of work and will work to gain the trust through the residents groups who will identify the individual and will in most cases refer and do the introduction to the OWLS programme


    We will provide a creative and visual update. with personal cases and stories of peoples experiences.

    we will keep records of those attending and the monitoring of improvements the cost in terms of social value as well as monitory

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £23,900

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,300 Publicity information and evaluation
      £3,000 activity budget resources for activities
      £6,000 Food £250 per month x 24 months
      £2,000 volunteer expenses £5 per day for volunteer direct involvement
      £9,600 P/T co-ordinator 16 hours per week to oversee project
      £2,000 Travel trips outings / petrol etc
  • Background


    The programme will cover the geographical area of Anfield /Tuebrook.
    The area has been undergoing regeneration for the past 20 years. The area around the football stadium has seen many changes. demolition and new build has created uncertainty for older people and a breakdown in the neighbourhood. The displacement of people- a transient population in older housing and a older population who have fewer neighbours. Fewer shops and lack of amenities leave people isolated.


    Older people over 60 - will benefit from engagement in the programme, increase their social impact and increase physical and mental wellbeing.

    Less likely to attend doctors

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    ABCC have been a hub in the community for over 17 years. as a needs led organisation run by volunteers we have a good understanding of the area, people and places.

    Anfield has network of residents groups who have street representatives who know their own area and can identify issues and work with partners to address them. ABCC undertook a consultation programme through appreciative inquiry model and completed 600 conversations resulting in a community plan for sustainable programmes

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Co Ordinator

    They will be responsible for the development and delivery of the programme


    They will have direct involvement with the community and the older people, delivering the programmes and activities

    Residents Groups

    The groups will be involved in delivery of some activities. They will identify and refer older people to the programme and will market the scheme

    Partners - Doctors - Health Workers - CCG

    Linking into other programme /activities that have a direct benefit to those involved and signposting and working with us to develop initiatives