Project information

Inspiration Works

Off the Record plan to open a multi-purpose building in central Bristol providing a variety of different services for young people, all free of charge. These include:
- Art therapy.
- Specialist youth work catering to, for example, the LGBTQ and BME communities.
- Training events.


Charity information

Off the Record (Bristol)

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  • Need


    For young people in Bristol:
    • Approximately 1 in 10 (8,000) at any one time need help for problems with their emotional health.
    • In Bristol, over 400 young people were admitted to hospital as a result of self-harm – a significantly higher number than the English average.
    • More generally, a national ‘YouGov’ survey found 1 in 5 young people reported having suffered depression and, significantly, 1 in 3 had considered suicide.


    Inspiration Works was designed by a number of specialist therapists and youth workers to cater for young people's needs in Bristol around mental health provision.

    The building has been redesigned to fit its multi-purpose use supporting a number of different projects including:
    -Art Therapy.
    -And, Freedom.

    The project will continue OTR's objective of providing free mental health care to young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support young people with mental health problems.


    » Art Therapy - free art therapy sessions, both group and 1-1, for young people three days per week.
    » Zazi - inner city youth targeting young people from the BME community.
    » Freedom - supporting work with LGBTQ young people. Providing 1-1 and group therapy but also campaigning around LGBTQ issues.

    We will use our monitoring system to record and track young people accessing our service and how they progress towards improved mental health.

  • Impact


    Inspiration Works aims to a long-term mental health support centre offering refuge for young people to access services free of charge. Our aim is that the various different projects operating out of Inspiration Works will provide long-term mental health to young people.

    We will demonstrate this through our long-term outcome measures that track young people and their progress through our various services.


    Service uptake is one risk. We plan to advertise Inspiration Work's services extensively ensuring high uptake of the various projects.

    Another risk is long-term funding. We plan to ensure Inspiration Works is not solely funded through one source but multiple over many years. For example, Zazi receives funding from a number of different Trusts and Foundations.


    We can send regular emails updating donors on the progress of the project and how they can remain involved. Furthermore we would welcome any donor to the project an opportunity to visit the centre and view for themselves how their money is being used.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,000 Arts materials A variety of different artistic materials for the art therapy
      £10,000 Other projects Costs of running other projects from Inspiration Works
  • Background


    Inspiration Works is located in Old Market, on Pennywell Road. It is central and easily accessible via multiple bus routes, also being near Temple Meads station.

    Old Market is a culturally and ethnically diverse area with young people from a variety of different backgrounds able to access the centre.


    Young people aged 11 - 25 years old who access the services and projects we run from the centre.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Off the Record were established in 1965 to support young people in the local area. Since then we have built a reputation as a well respected and accessed mental health organisation, specialising in supporting young people.

    We have an in-depth knowledge of the local needs and difficulties faced by young people and have highly experienced and qualified staff and volunteers to conduct these services.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Simon Newitt

    Simon is Chief Executive of Off the Record. He will oversee Inspiration Works, having assisted in its development and implementation.

    Tyna Evans

    Tyna is an Art Therapist and will be leading on all art therapy provided at the space. She has also been instrumental in designing the project.

    Henry Poultney

    Henry leads Freedom and is a strong advocate and campaigner around LGBTQ rights.

    Karen Black

    Karen is a senior manager at Off the Record and line manages a number of key staff members involved in the project.