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Solar power for emergency care in W. Africa

We are looking to provide solar power to our critical care areas (pathology lab/operating theatres/intensive care) in order to overcome the current lottery whereby the speed and quality of care is unavoidably affected by the availability (or otherwise) of electricity. Safe, reliable power is vital

March 2017 - June 2017

Charity information: Bansang Hospital Appeal

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  • Need


    The Bansang region suffers from unreliable and very limited supplies of mains power. That shortage means our incredible healthcare professionals often find themselves unable to diagnose an illness or virus because the pathology lab has no power for their machines...or in worst case scenarios, they cannot provide emergency care for critically injured people because there are no power for the machines in the emergency theatre. This healthcare lottery has a devastating impact on morale and outcomes


    We already have significant expertise in delivery solar power to the Children's Ward (a system installed by local experts, and which has provided continuous power for a number of years now via the reserve battery system).
    We have learnt significantly from the process of adding solar power to the Children's Ward, and are now absolutely confident that the roll out of solar power to emergency care departments will provide safe, reliable, 24 hour power on a sustainable basis for many years to come.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Remove the current lottery whereby the time of day can affect a patients survival chances


    » Install a solar power system modelled on the one we already have on the Children's Ward that will provide power for all our emergency care departments

    What success will look like

    The benefits of having 24 hour power in critical care are self-evident. We have already seen the mortality improvements from providing such a system to the Children's Ward.

  • Impact


    Bansang Hospital has never had 24 hour power in its emergency care departments. There are too many times where diagnosis of treatment is delayed because the staff are waiting for generators to be switched on (or in the worst case scenario, trying to operate under torchlight without oxygen concentrators or any other powered equipment).
    Having 24 hour power in the Children's Ward has already improved mortality rates there. We expect the same will absolutely happen in emergency care.


    All of the risks associated with solar power in the region have already been assessed via our Children's Ward solar power system (where we have learnt from a number of prior mistakes - relating to the hostility of the environment, and the effect it has on equipment).
    Our maintenance team is well versed in maintaning our solar power systems, and our staff know exactly how to prolong the life of the batteries.


    Via our ongoing bi-annual newsletters and continuous news updates via our website and Facebook (as well as via the talks given to donor organisations by Anita, our charity founder)

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £25,000

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      £25,000 Solar Power System (Fitted in all emergency care areas of the hospital)
  • Background


    Bansang Hospital is located in an acutely poor region of The Gambia, West Africa. The country is stable and peaceful, with the government providing full support for the appeal's work since 1992. The environment is acutely challenging; with intense heat throughout the year, and a myriad of local natural and environmental factors that make it a very challenging place to live and work. The hospital is nevertheless an absolutely vital bulwark against the worst effects of acute poverty.


    Bansang Hospital is depended upon by almost 600,000 people. It is THE place where people come to when most acutely in need. At such times, a fully functioning emergency care system with 24 hour power will ensure that we can help reduce the needless mortality that is so often attributable to the lack of electricity.
    If you value emergency care, and believe everyone has a right to it, then this project has the potential to benefit everyone in Bansang Hospital's huge catchment area.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been the lead (and often only) charity helping Bansang Hospital since 1992. Almost every improvement that has happened in Bansang since that time has been at our behest, or via the help of charities and contacts that would not have known about the hospital without Anita's intervention.

    The British government have turned to the BHA in the past for our unparalleled expertise in a number of areas. Our achievements have also been recognised by The Queen amongst many others.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anita Smith MBE

    Founder and director of the Bansang Hospital Appeal.

    Malcolm Robertson (LED Solutions)

    Based in the Gambia and using a Gambian workforce, they provide extremely robust solar power systems and unflinching support for all our projects.

    Maintenance Team

    Our team will be further trained alongside LED Solutions to ensure that we can sustainably maintain the solar power system into the future

    Bansang Hospital Management Team

    It is important to note that this project is fully supported by the BH management team. This is one of the critical areas they previously identified.