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Project information

Families Reunited

The ‘Families Reunited’ project offers the opportunity for homeless, vulnerable adults to rekindle relationships with their family. Many have endured estranged relationships as a consequence of previous chaotic lifestyles. This project aims to bring families back together.

6 months.

Charity information: Hope Housing Training and Support

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  • Need


    According to our records, approximately one third of our clients have suffered neglected relationships with their loved ones. As a charity we have noticed the positive correlation between client rehabilitation and ties with family members, especially their children. Clients have a higher degree of purpose and personal motivation when they are working towards bettering themselves for the sake of becoming a better parent, brother, sister, son or daughter.


    The ‘Families Reunited’ Project will see groups of six clients invited to weekly group meetings coordinated by two experienced and trained hosts. These sessions will focus on helping people with the development of correspondence and meaningful relationships.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Improved family relations and better self esteem giving clients better chances in life.


    » Encourage clients to share relationship issues and focus on promoting: communication, understanding, responsibility, problem solving and compassion.
    » Provision of mediation services where clients feel it necessary.
    » Help with travel costs where family members live outside of Bournemouth
    » Facilitate the process in overcoming barriers when clients have restricted access in terms of seeing their children.

    What success will look like

    We will monitor which particular family member clients wish to rekindle a positive relationship with. Success will be determined on whether this has been achieved through feedback.

  • Impact


    We believe that clients will achieve long term benefits from this project. Securing meaningful relationships with loved ones will be the very much needed stability clients need. We have seen through other examples, when clients have secured improved relationships, they are more encouraged to develop security in other areas. We will be able to demonstrate longer term outcomes through remaining in contact with each of clients and asking them to provide updates.


    Most of our clients are at risk of relapsing which would seriously jeopardise the success of the project. Hope Housing has several measures in place to help mitigate this risk. We offer clients the opportunity to engage in support and counselling as well as other therapeutic interventions. In addition we drug test clients so as to deter substance misuse. Clients are aware that positive drug tests could result in them losing their accommodation. Please note we only evict those as a last resort.


    We will create stories for each of the clients which participate in the project. The stories will paint a picture of their struggles, with a clear initial aim of what they seek to achieve through participating with the course. We look forward to describing how relationships and lives have improved.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £3,076

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      Amount Heading Description
      £780 Travel costs Some clients relatives live outside the local area.
      £300 Laptop Required for skype, emails and social media.
      £700 Stationary and Ink Required for course materials.
      £360 Refreshments and overheads. Refreshments @ £260; Overheads @ £100
      £936 Trainer costs 144 hours @ £6.50 p/h
  • Background


    Bournemouth suffers significant inequality of wealth and deprivation. According to Government statistics, the Indices of Multiple Deprivation, area 282 – Boscombe, where the majority of our clients are sourced, ranks 113th (out of 32,482 areas). This is the most deprived area within the South West and within the 0.4% most deprived areas in England.


    The majority of our clients come to us with a complex range of issues. Most of our clients come from very socially deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds, many have had very challenging and abusive childhoods and various other issues (including estrangement from family and friends, mental and physical health issues and the reluctance to seek support for these) contribute to significantly prevent them from leading productive and independent lives.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have helped the vulnerable, through offering accommodation and various support interventions, since 2009. Since our inception we have supported some 700 clients, all with varying backgrounds and multi faceted complex needs. We like to believe that we have learnt the determinants of what conditions help clients lead more successful lives. All our projects are therefore designed around our learnt experiences helping to provide clients with their skills and self esteem to help their lives.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Lisa E.

    Lisa will be delivering the project. She has a vast experience in helping clients deal with emotional well being as well as relationship building.