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Project information

Roman Villa Clearing Nordic Redevelopment

Improve the facilities at our camping area in the woodland. Rebuild public compost toilet with disabled access, construct a new nordic style sauna/bath house powered by our own firewood. Buildings would be built by our students and timber extracted and milled from local woodlands.

two-three months

Charity information: Hill Holt Wood

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  • Need


    Currently the area has an old compost toilet and a limited shower system which does not meet our needs. This is limiting the quality of the camping experience we offer.

    People generally consider sustainable and eco facilities to be smelly and unpleasant.

    There is a growing disconnect between people and the environment.


    We aim to encourage more green time and less screen time and to do so we need to offer high quality outdoor experiences. The project will also help to educate the public that using sustainable/off grid facilities (such as composting loos) is not unpleasant.

    Imagine a tranquil woodland clearing with a wash/house and toilet block built by local students from local timber surrounded by groups of excited young people (scouts, schools etc.) camping and connecting again with the outdoors.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Construct a nordic washroom/sauna with compost loos


    » Fell and process local timber from our sustainable woodlands using low impact methods.
    » Our in-house design team design the building while our construction students earn their qualifications building it.

    What success will look like

    The building will reach completion. Construction learners will pass their qualifications. Camping visits arranged (currently there are NO such visits planned)

  • Impact


    Hill Holt Wood will again be able to offer a camping experience. This is a crucial and powerful way to engage young people with their environment and expose them to sustainable living. Currently there is no camping at our site due to the lack of facilities. The new facilities will enable this to happen.


    The project is very low risk. We have a very stable business set-up and a proven record of completing projects. We do not anticipate any material issues as we source the timber ourselves. We have the staff already onboard with the required skills. Our study programme already has construction learners booked for next academic year so there will be people to build the project.


    Hill Holt Wood are regular users of Twitter and Facebook, two very effective and popular methods of communicating our progress. Once finished we will produce a report on what we learned and how the project went. Donors will be offered a chance to book themselves to camp at the site.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £6,015

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      Amount Heading Description
      £580 Cauldron 80l sauna/washroom cauldron
      £455 Stove Stove for sauna/washroom
      £1,000 Chimney Steel chimney set
      £840 Sheath Heat protective sheath
      £3,140 Toilet Screws, fittings, accessories, urinals, boards, ramp
  • Background


    The clearing is in an ancient woodland on the A46 (a roman road) which leaves Lincoln (a roman settlement originally known as Lindum Collonia) south west. The Roman Villa clearing is named after the nearby site of a roman villa (the mosaic floor of which was found almost intact).


    The project will benefit disabled users of the wood, who for the first time will be able to camp. Scouts, cubs etc. School visits of all ages. Hill Holt Wood will also be able to offer camping to compliment our other revenue streams and therefore stack the benefits e.g weddings, conferences etc making our project more sustainable in the long term.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The location is within our woodland's boundary and can be built using our own sustainably sourced timber from woods we manage. Our learners (enrolled on the construction course) will build it (learning valuable skills along the way).

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Oliver Woodman

    Site Manager, responsible for the overall site and the events that happen within it. Oliver will be able to market the new facilities