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Holidays for adults with learning disabilities

Holidays ensure our members take part in new activities and stretch their own boundaries. While they are having a great time, it gives the carers a respite. The positive impact of the holidays means they are more self-confident and better equipped to deal with the challenges they face day to day.

June 2017 - October 2017

Charity information: Keynsham And District Mencap Society

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  • Need


    Reducing the inequalities adults with a learning disability face and provide the same opportunities as "non-disabled" people. Achieving wider integration into communities. Building confidence to live to their full potential.


    Providing these opportunities in a safe, secure and fully supported environment ensure people with learning disabilities are having the opportunity to experience these activities. Community outings will raise the profile of people with a learning disability and gain acceptance into communities.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Ensure adults with learning disability experience activities that they would not usually get to


    » Offer suitable activities/experiences with qualified workers

    What success will look like

    We can take photos, get verbal feedback from both members and volunteers

    Aim 2

    Provide essential respite to carers


    » Provide holidays that are suitable and fully supported

    What success will look like

    Verbal and written feedback from carers

    Aim 3

    Build confidence in the adults


    » Experience being away from home

    What success will look like

    Monitor how they are once they are back obtain feedback

  • Impact


    Residential holidays for our adult members have been an enormous benefit and now form part of our annual programme of activities. For some of our younger adults it is the first time they have stayed away from their families, this has been a successful exercise in helping them to move a step closer to more independence. These breaks are essential to our members and families as they provide so much in terms of improving self-esteem for the members and respite for the parents and carers.


    The destination needs to be accessible even before consideration. A complete risk assessment will be carried out on the accommodation and facilities on offer. We need to ensure we have the correct number of trained volunteers available. Therefore we carry out regular recruitment drives for volunteers.


    We provide monitoring and feedback forms where the members have give their own feedback. We can report on the experiences enjoyed whilst away and and activities undertaken after that have been achieved as a result of improved confidence.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500 Accommodation 5 x volunteers @£100 x
      £300 Food 5 x £60 each x
      £200 Transport 5 x Transport costs @ £40 each
  • Background


    We use holiday parks across the UK that cater for disabled people, in the past we have used Centre Parcs in Longleat, Bluestone in Pembrokeshire and Warmwell Holiday Park, Dorset.


    Not only is it invaluable to our 14 of our members who get to go. It also provides a much needed respite to carers from the demanding 24/7 care they are responsible for.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been organising these trips for some time, the operations manager has been with the society for 9 years and is very experienced and is supported by a large team of well-trained volunteers. The members know the volunteers well and feel comfortable with them and have been attending the Keynsham Mencap clubs on a weekly basis, since they were 18.

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    Laura Jeffries

    Operations and Activities manager - oversees the whole project, manages the team of 5 volunteers