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Ending Morning Child Hunger in the Classroom

Magic Breakfast provides healthy breakfasts to 480 schools where children arrive too hungry to learn. We have a waiting list of over 350 schools, with help from Big Give we could reach 6 new schools, to give a nutritious breakfast to an extra 300 hungry children each day.

March 2017 - July 2018

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  • Need


    There are at least 500,000 children who arrive at school too hungry or malnourished to learn, right here in the UK. Magic Breakfast works with food industry partners and Government to provide a healthy school breakfast to 23,500 of those children. In all of those schools, teachers have to bring in food in order to teach. The most important lessons are taught in the morning, so we want to ensure each vulnerable school child has a healthy school breakfast as fuel for learning.


    For £6,000 per school per year, we can provide a healthy school breakfast to at least 50 children every school day, plus provide expert support to school leaders to end morning child hunger in their classroom for good. In existing partner schools we have improved child attendance, concentration, behaviour and attainment - the model works. There are multiple benefits in terms of anti obesity, parent engagement and work access too. We want each child to make the most of their morning lessons

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide healthy breakfasts to children in 6 Magic Breakfast waiting list schools


    » Visit, assess the school and commence food deliveries and our wrap around support

    We will agree a starting school hunger baseline and develop a range of breakfast provision options to ensure no child is hungry. Most importantly - deliver healthy breakfasts!

    Aim 2

    To support the school community to embed school breakfast as part of the school day


    » To develop a shared school /Magic Breakfast plan to end child hunger in each school - based on our existing programme in 480 schools

    We will use the Magic Breakfast model to help the school overcome barriers to reaching every at risk child e.g. providing food in the classroom, booster classes.

    Aim 3

    To use the 6 new Big Give supported schools to make the case for wider school breakfast support


    » To create a media plan with school based events, parent assemblies to gain press coverage

    We will create positive school breakfast stories in local press and other media, as well as raising the profile of Big Give in the process. Social media is also part of the push.

  • Impact


    Our support makes sure that each child is well nourished, and therefore has a better chance to learn. Teachers report positive changes to child attendance, punctuality, concentration and behaviour in existing Magic Breakfast partner schools. We will demonstrate this through our measuring and monitoring report which looks at a range of outcomes. We feel that access to education is the best way to support future life chances - the long term impact is improved child health and education outcomes.


    Key risks we have identified include

    - Lack of school support for the most ambitious breakfast provision
    - Lack of school finances to ensure best support for breakfast club

    We have successful school interventions developed across 480 partners, so we deal with these risks by helping the school leaders see outcomes in other schools. For example, helping the school understand/end daily loss of teaching time through child hunger, as the teacher takes time out to offer food to hungry children.


    We will provide a range of reporting methods, visits to our breakfast clubs, school own reports and our own evaluation based on a range of methods. We will report back at child and school level, to show how the support makes a measurable difference.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £40,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £36,000 School breakfast provision Setting up Magic Breakfast support in 6 waiting list schools
      £4,000 Making the case for change Press, pr and events to highlight the issue and solution with Big Give support
  • Background


    The project will be for schools in the North West of England, where we have a significant increase in waiting list schools.
    This will be drawn from a waiting list which includes primary, secondary, SEN and Pupil Referral Unit. The goal is to develop a geographically close knit group of schools to ensure maximum school peer to peer learning.


    A minimum of 50 children in each of the schools will receive a healthy Magic Breakfast each school day. In addition to making sure an additional 300 children are given a nutritious breakfast, parents will benefit from having extra food support as well as an extra opportunity to access work and study where the breakfast provision is before school starts. The whole school community benefits from improved child attendance, punctuality, concentration and behaviour. This case study may help.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Magic Breakfast is the leading school breakfast provider with a track record of 15 years. The Government chose Magic Breakfast to lead it's first ever school breakfast provision programme in 2015, Magic Breakfast winning a public tender to develop 184 new school programmes across the country.

    Magic Breakfast also has invested in a model to optimise breakfast club support, so that each school really does end child hunger as a barrier to learning.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Alex Cunningham

    Alex is the General Manager and keeps an overview of our operations, finance, data and supply chain.

    Rachael Anderson

    Rachael heads up our School Partnership Team, education professionals with experience of delivering the Magic Breakfast programme nationally

    Tom Halliley

    Tom will lead on our donor reporting as our key account manager. Tom will manage the end to end process of donor support and reporting.

    Carmel McConnell

    As founder and CEO, I will be personally involved in this, to ensure schools are given support and donors kept regularly informed about progress

A recent study by Cardiff University established a positive link between a good breakfast and pupil attainment. It found that the chance of achieving an above-average educational performance was up to twice as high for pupils who have a healthy breakfast.

Yvonne Roberts, journalist The Observer