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Recovery Dynamics (R) 2016-2017

Recovery Dynamics will support people with addiction in Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling providing non-medical Recovery Dynamics (R) Treatment programme and Aftercare support. This will help people to understand the problem of addiction find solutions & learn recovery and survival tools to rehabilitate.

August 2016 - March 2017

Charity information: Serenity House Bristol Alcoholism Recovery Service

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  • Need


    The traditional use of heroin and crack cocaine in Bristol is still high, but the growing concern is in the increasing use of legal highs. When these legal highs become illegal new formulas become available until they are declared illegal. This cycle cannot be broken until the people with addiction receive proper recovery treatment and rehabilitation support. Recovery Dynamics® will provide addiction recovery treatment to these people giving them a second chance in life.


    The Project will give the beneficiaries full Twelve Steps Recovery Dynamics (R) Programme focusing on two major outcomes:
    1. "Understanding the problem" helps participants understand the physical and emotional causes and effects of addiction and
    2. "Gaining a solution" addresses fears, harmful behaviours and insecurities to give participants the power to overcome addiction. The project will help participants to start a new life and re-unite with family & friends, refrain from re-offense.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support people to recover from their addiction.


    » Twelve weeks recovery dynamics training programme with group sessions and one to one counseling.
    » Rehabilitation activities of training on new skills, creative writing, arts & crafts, bicycle repairing, keep fit activities, choir etc.

    What success will look like

    By monitoring the beneficiaries progress and their successful completion of Recovery Dynamics (R) training programme.

    Aim 2

    Help beneficiaries reunite with family and friends


    » One to one counseling to help people find solutions that would help them to re-unite with family
    » Open day session on the problem of addictions and its solutions for the family and friends of project beneficiaries sharing success stories.

    What success will look like

    Beneficiaries following the completion of their treatment complete an exit form where they are asked the question about re-uniting with family. 95% responds positively.

    Aim 3

    Reducing relapse and re-offense


    » Provide group and one to one support through the Recovery Dynamics (R) training programme and rehabilitation activities
    » Introduce beneficiaries to their local fellowship programme ensuring their attendance at fellowship meetings least two days a week.

    What success will look like

    Beneficiaries have a total of 46 weeks contact time with Serenity House and are also welcome to volunteer for the organisation after that. This motivates them for a better life.

  • Impact


    Serenity House aims to ensure the complete recovery of its beneficiary. The charity believes that success of addiction recovery depends on a robust recovery treatment programme and rehabilitation activities as well as fellowship support. With 46 weeks treatment contact time and ongoing relationship with beneficiaries helps Serenity House to demonstrate the change it makes.
    Serenity House creates volunteering & peer support opportunities for beneficiaries that also ensures their sobriety.


    If they beneficiaries fail to turn up at the training programme frequently there would be a risk of relapse. Working closely with he referral agencies, health worker, Supported housing officer, Serenity House ensures that the beneficiaries do not miss their training sessions.


    The Donors will receive an email with the news of the progress of the Project and the success stories of recovery of our beneficiaries. The donors will also be made welcome to come and have lunch with our beneficiaries and speak to them to understand their progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,632

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,660 Training sessions 12 weeks (300 hours) group and one to one training
      £1,200 rehabilitation training 60 hours rehabilitation training
      £672 lunch beneficiaries ae given one balnced meal a day
      £2,100 overheads this is rent, rates and cleaning, training handbook, stationary, phone
  • Background


    We deliver our Project in Bristol, the most poplar City to live in the South of England. The survey conducted by Bristol City Council on Drugs abuse in 2014 identified that despite the existing treatment services the addiction in Cannabis went up from 53% to 61% in two years. The survey also identified the use of other Drugs such as Ecstasy increased to 49%, Nitrous Oxide 39% and Cocaine 39%. 90% of the project beneficiaries are offenders of ex-offenders with no financial support.


    People with addiction in Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling will benefit directly from our project. The families of the project beneficiaries and the NHS, Local Government and Statutory services will also indirectly benefit from the project. The successful recovery of our beneficiaries will also reduce pressure on Police and Prison services.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Serenity House has been successfully supported people with addiction since 2004. We have supported 1,600 people into recovery and many of our clients have moved on to positive outcomes. Serenity House has successfully delivered two projects funded by Reaching Communities of Big Lottery Fund. We have excellent reputation of our services at Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council. 76% of our clients completed their treatment successfully last year.

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    Peter Heneghan

    Executive Programme Director. Peter has been managing the successful delivery of Recovery Dynamics Programmer ensuring the success of the treatment.

    Fahmida Begum

    Project Manager. Fahmida is an experienced project manager who will ensure all key project indicators are delivered within budget supporting the team.