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Project information

The Kabul Christmas Canine Compassion Project

There are many forgotten victims in Kabul - least of all the animals. Often abused, always struggling to survive. This Christmas we will be there for them; to introduce humane TNVR and animal welfare education to Kabul, to provide a clinic for injured or sick animals who desperately need our help.


Charity information: Nowzad Dogs

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  • Need


    On the streets of Kabul there are many mistreated animals, including dogs, cats and donkeys.
    Animal welfare has understandably never been a priority in Kabul and it shows.
    Packs of dogs roam the streets and raggedy cats are outside many shops, donkeys are worked until they can no longer stand.
    Kabul's lack of education in animal welfare is evident. Rabies is a huge concern for many and a humane method of controlling and vaccinating the stray dog population is desperately required.


    We are the only officially recognised animal welfare NGO in the whole of Afghanistan.
    We have a clinic facility with five fully qualified veterinarians - two of which are the first ever Afghan national female veterinarians in the whole of Afghanistan. From there we can carry out humane Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return projects, as well animal welfare education for the general public, including treatment of Donkeys. Our clinic is also able to care for sick or injured animals who need our help.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To bring compassion to the suffering and stray animals in war-torn Afghanistan this Christmas.


    » Medical assistance and help provided from the Nowzad clinic. Helping save the lives of animals whether they are off the streets of owned.
    » Educating the local people about animal welfare, promoting animals as domestic pets and teaching people to be kind, not cruel to animals.
    » Humane TNVR projects. The stray dog population is currently (and poorly) controlled through poisoning. We are starting a kind and effective project

    What success will look like

    By the amount of animals that pass through of clinic during the Christmas period as well as clinic reports and statistics on the number of animals treated.

  • Impact


    A place for all animals to be treated and receive desperately needed medical care, whether afghan owned or saved on the streets.
    The Nowzad clinic is the only Official Animal Welfare Organization in the whole of Afghanistan, but we desperately need funds to continue to operate and be there for the animals with no voice but our's.


    Operating in Afghanistan, a current war zone and one of the world's poorest counties in the world has many challenges, least of all security. However, we have implemented security procedures and precautions in place that have served us very well during the 7 years that we have had a presence in Afghanistan.


    Reporting will be at the donors discretion.
    Statistics, photos, case studies etc will be reported on a regular basis and any additional required information will be available upon request.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,494

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,600 Surgery Packs Surgery packs at a cost of 8 x £450
      £1,503 Suture Materials Suture material required for spaying/neutering and other medical requirements
      £2,929 Drugs, Vaccinations, Equipment Rabies vaccinations, antibiotics, dewormers, anaesthesia, humane capture equipment, cages etc
      £2,462 Veterinarian staff and Admin Two fully qualified veterinarians: £340 per month for 3 months. Administration costs £422
  • Background


    The location of the project is Kabul, Afghanistan as well as surrounding areas. Afghanistan is classified as a third world country and is one of the world's most poorest and dangerous countries.


    The animal population of Kabul will predominantly benefit from our project. The stray dogs, cats and mistreated donkeys.
    There will also be a huge benefit for the people of Afghanistan too. The reduction in stray dogs will reduce the threat of rabies which kills over 1000 documented people in the Kabul area alone per year. Education will also benefit the people of Kabul, reducing rabies and instances of injury from dog bites etc and will promote dogs and cats as domestic animals for households.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Nowzad is the ONLY recognised animal welfare organisation in the whole of Afghanistan. The ministry of Agriculture works closely with us and the municipality acknowledges our work as extremely important for not only the animals of Afghanistan, but the people too.
    We are well established, not only in the military and embassy communities but importantly, the Afghan communities who value our work and enjoy cooperating with our animal welfare endeavours.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Hannah Surowinski

    Project Manager. Managing the project in it's entirety - including direction, coordination, budget management and reporting.

    Najwa Naderi

    In-country supervisor. Management of veterinarian staff, administration and time scales, as well as reporting to the project manager.