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The Friendly Trust - We Count

We Count will support vulnerable people in Wales to combat the devastating effects of financial abuse, debt and poverty. We particularly want to reach carers and older people with disabilities or disabling illnesses, such as dementia, improving their quality of life though better money management.

March 2017 - February 2018

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  • Need


    The wellbeing of older people is at risk due to the negative impact of financial abuse, poverty and debt. We have 65 older people on our waiting list. Many have additional needs caused by a disability. Some are carers, struggling to cope with a loved one’s failing capacity. Many are victims of financial abuse. Others have partners who have gone into residential care, leaving them to cope with a significant drop in household income. There is a lack of focused, specialised one to one support.


    We will run talks and groups to engage with older people, share skills and raise awareness of the services we offer. Where appropriate, each vulnerable individual will have a named Trust Officer supporting them to manage their money safely and effectively without fear of abuse. Our project will provide intensive support to manage debt, combat financial abuse, to budget, deal with failing capacity and help for carers.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide accessible, appropriate support with money matters to vulnerable older people.


    » Run five information events to raise awareness of the project and how it can transform peoples lives.
    » Provide one to one support for individuals, ensuring those most vulnerable have the resources and help needed to make life-improving changes.
    » Weekday drop in sessions to ensure support and advice is available when needed.

    What success will look like

    We will reach out to 120 older people in need of advice and support and provide longer-term, one to one support for at least 25 vulnerable individuals .

    Aim 2

    To reach vulnerable older people who are not currently accessing any support with money matters.


    » Run five information events, reaching approximately 120 older people, to raise awareness of our services and encourage people to access support.
    » Provide one to one support for older people, investing the time and care needed to enable them to fully engage with the project.
    » Accessible leaflets to be distributed to voluntary organizations, doctors surgeries and residential homes to raise awareness of the project
    » Provide weekday drop in sessions to ensure support and advice is available, in person or on the phone, whenever people are ready to engage.

    What success will look like

    We will circulate 3 accessible leaflets, run 5 events and reach at least 80 older people who have not been able to access appropriate support previously

    Aim 3

    To lower the incidence and risk of financial abuse amongst vulnerable older people.


    » Information events to raise awareness of what financial abuse is and what can be done to stop it
    » Produce an accessible guide to spotting and dealing with financial abuse which will also be available online
    » One to one support for the most vulnerable individuals, working alongside the police and social services to ensure they do not have to suffer abuse.
    » Weekday drop in sessions to ensure advice and support is available immediately to concerned individuals

    What success will look like

    We will show that 75 % of service users who had been financially abused or were at risk of abuse feel more secure and informed.

    Aim 4

    To ensure everyone is able to access their money and use it to live full and inclusive lives


    » Run five information events so older people are aware of their rights and how they can better manage their money.
    » Produce accessible leaflets to share information
    » Weekday drop in sessions to provide immediate support and advice.
    » One to one support, dealing with issues such as abuse, debt and mental capacity.

    What success will look like

    We will demonstrate that people who access support report a reduction in debt (if applicable) and for 70% to report improved well being.

  • Impact


    We believe those who access the project will report lessened anxiety around financial matters and a reduction in debt. We will reduce the incidents of financial abuse. Our support will enable vulnerable older people to remain part of their communities, enjoying fuller lives, feeling more secure and independent.
    We will demonstrate this by asking individuals how they feel throughout the project and analysing the results. We will also record any significant life changes.


    The greatest risk is that demand for services will exceed our current capacity. We continue to raise funds so that we can provide a service to the most vulnerable members of our community as quickly as possible.
    There is also the possibility that some individuals will need life long support and are committed to raising funds to ensure this can be provided.


    We will record how many people we work with, the support provided and the number of events we run. We will gather feedback from those who access our services and events.
    We will run updates on our funders' page on our website and share project news via social media, newsletters and local press.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £22,480 Salaries Cost of staff hours directly providing the service
      £1,550 Travel and Expenses Staff and Volunteers
      £1,550 Training Training for staff and volunteers to ensure best practice
      £2,700 Office Costs Contribution to core costs such as rent, insurances, phones, postage, stationary, utilities etc.
      £2,220 Talks, leaflets and Monitoring Community events , leaflets and monitoring to raise awareness, promote learning and share knowledge
  • Background


    We will be running the project in South East Wales. 25% of the Welsh population will be 65 or over by 2030 and Wales is one of the few parts of the UK where the proportion of people living in relative poverty is rising. Approximately 8880 older people in Wales will be victims of financial abuse each year. There is a desperate need for this support.
    We will cover areas of urban deprivation and rural isolation, taking the service into the communities where it is needed.


    The main beneficiaries will be vulnerable older people, particularly carers or those with a disability or disabling illness.
    However families, younger carers, professionals and other third sector organisations will also benefit as they will be able to access advice and signpost people for a service.
    The wider community will benefit as financial abuse and poverty decline and older people are able to take a more active role in their communities.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have worked with vulnerable members of our community for over 15 years, providing practical support to increase income, tackle debt, and provide solutions where capacity is failing. We have excellent networks of support, locally and nationally.
    Our work improves people’s lives. 75% of people who accessed a recent project reported lessened anxiety around money and 70% said they had less debt. As one service user said: “ My life has completely turned around, thanks to the Friendly Trust.”

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Alison - Co-Ordinator

    Alison will oversee the project. She will use her knowledge, experience and empathy to ensure the project reaches those most in need.

    Chris - Trust Officer

    Chris is a skilled Trust Officer who will work with each vulnerable individual to help them deal with the difficult issues they face.

    Shan-Service User Representative

    Shan is a service user and active member of our service user group She will ensure the project is service user led and that everyone’s voice is heard

    Claire – Chair Of Trustees

    Claire has supported The Friendly Trust for over a decade. She will provide guidance and support to ensure the project meets its goals.


£100 will provide a month of intensive , one to one support for a vulnerable older person

“I find Friendly Trust really helpful. They make sure all my bills etc. are paid on time. They also bring me my money every week.”

Elsie, Service User